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  1. Might just be a coincidence but all the youth team pictures have now been updated.
  2. Haven't heard anything, some of those that have never watched a youth game in their puff tell us everything is great because a couple of players have played 3rd division football. SIX of Killie's team yesterday have played in the SPL, more of a concern is how Mark O'Hara, Mark Taylor and Chris Johnston have developed since Sinky decided they weren't good enough. A good pic of the three stooges on the official site http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/galleries/item/2773-youth-cup-gallery Where as they are quick to promote themselves on the back of a win or when a player is called up for international duty, there is no surprise that none of them have any comment to make about yesterday's game.
  3. Report on today's youth cup shocker and an u14 win http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2012/11/25/youths-outplayed/
  4. Update on this weeked's youth games http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2012/11/18/youth-update-7/
  5. 14′s Breakdown Caley Report on today's U14's game. http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2012/11/11/14s-breakdown-caley/ In the games in Inverness the scores were U17 Inverness CT 1 Rangers 0 U15 Inverness CT 2 Rangers 4
  6. If the Trust is involved I'll give it a miss.
  7. Report from tonight's Glasgow Cup Game http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2012/11/08/17s-make-it-three-from-three/
  8. Most people probably think it is trivial, I think it indicates a slip in standards. The "Academy" section on the official website is so out of date. In the U17 team picture which is out of date, ELEVEN of the 17 players have left the club. Other team pics are out of date too, how hard can it be to update the team pics each season.
  9. 15′s Edge Out Aberdeen Reported on today's game http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2012/11/04/15s-edge-out-aberdeen/
  10. Ryan came through the younger teams, travels up from Stranraer four times a week, which is a massive commitment for him and his family. He looks a real goalscorer and has found the net on a regular basis through the age groups.
  11. Easy Win For 16′s Report on tonight's game http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2012/10/30/easy-win-for-16s/
  12. If the Trust is involved I'll give it a miss
  13. "Heard anything of the new kid in town, Mather? " Just the same as whats been reported on message boards, I heard a while ago he was having meetings with Sinky. Who I am sure would be telling him everything is going fantasticly well and he is running a slick operation and providing value for money. Recently there has been a few trialists from The Manchester Football Academy, and one of them a striker Travis Gregory signed this week. My gut feeling is that Mather may have links to them, I haven't heard anything just putting two and two together and probably getting five.
  14. "Any of them looking ready for promotion to first team squad?" It was a pretty young team, with 12 of the 16 man squad under 18 its probably a wee bit too early for most of them. There are some excellent players in this group and I believe quite a few of them will play in the first team at some stage. At this stage Luca Gaparotto continues to look the part and Callum Gallagher's goalscoring can't be ignored, so they would be most likely in my opinion. This time next year I would expect a few others pushing for a chance.
  15. Youths Safely Through Report on today's youth cup game http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2012/10/21/youths-safely-through/
  16. 17's Coast To Glasgow Cup Win Report from tonight's game http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2012/10/10/17s-coast-to-glasgow-win/
  17. Comfortable Win For 15′s http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2012/10/09/comfortable-win-for-15s/
  18. An under 18 side draw at Kelty http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2012/10/07/stefan-winiarski-testimonal/
  19. Excellent, got a real chance. An attacking midfielder that can see a pass that others don't, a real creator. Still under 17 so this season may be a wee bit early for him. When Rangers were looking at Andy Little he played for Ballinmallard against Rangers at Murray Park in the afternoon, he then played as a trialist for Rangers against Queens Park at Lesser Hampden at night. I believe with Barrie McKay something showed up with his hip, but don't know the full story
  20. If you are talking about the next couple of seasons then that would probably mean 1995 ans 1996's. Some others have stalled due to injury and may catch up. Others could develop a wee bit later like Alan Hutton did, he was never picked for any youth squads. If I had to pick a few from each year this is who I would pick at present 1995's - Luca Gasparotto (CB), Stuart Urquhart (CB), Andy Murdoch (CM), Charlie Telfer (AM), Darren Ramsay (CM). 1996's - Ryan Sinnamon (RB), Tom Walsh (AM), Danny Stoney (AM/ST) 1998's - Robbie McCrorie (GK), Ross Lyon (RB/CM), Josh Jeffries (AM) 1999's - Centre back Aidan Wilson looks a standout
  21. Tried to give a definitive list since Murray Park opened, I no doubt have missed some body. http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2012/10/03/2672/
  22. Report on today's U15's and 17's games http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2012/09/30/2666/
  23. A significant statement from McCoist ''We watched the reserves against East Fife & thought Fraser Aird was outstanding. He earned a place.'' Both parts were true, they did watch him and he was outstanding. What I would be interested to know is how many times the first team coaches have actually seen him play. In my opinion the two outstanding players on a consistent basis in the games I've watched this season have been Luca Gasparotto and Callum Gallgher and 1st team recognition can't be far away. "you have to wonder why mckay was picked ahead of aird to make his first team bow" Anybody that watched the youth last season would have seen McKay was one of the few highlights and would have been ahead of Aird who is a year younger in football terms. Aird came into the youth team in second half of the season and did okay, but did not perform at the same level as McKay. "it took only a matter of minutes to see aird is a much better player than mckay." I have watched both for over a year and would find it hard to say who would be the better player long term, you are not comparing like for like as they have different qualities. At the moment I would have McKay just ahead, perhaps just due to exposure to a higher level of football for longer. McKay played the whole season at 19's while Aird was playing predominately at 17's.
  24. I'm just a fan and noticed there was little coverage of the youth teams on the official website so started the blog. I go back a long time, before we hand an "official" youth team and threw a team together to play in the youth cup and saw them lose to Clydebank and Queen's Park at Ibrox. Before Murray Park opened I watched teams that included Alan McGregor, Bob Malcolm play at Maryhill Juniors ground on Sundays, then to the Science Park with the likes of Steven Hughes and Chris Burke and now to our current setup. Where I think we should be getting better value for money. Sinky. Tommy Wilson, Kirky, Craig Mulholland, how much on wages per annum ?
  25. Nobody likes seeing these youngsters break into the first team more than me, our situation has meant that they are more opportunities and they have come earlier. Lewis McLeod was always going to make the break through it was just a matter of when, Robbie Crawford was a favourite of mine but I was beginning to think it wasn't going to.happen for him. Barrie McKay and Fraser Aird have been a bonus, having come to the club later at U18 and u17 respectively. The good news is there are quite a few in the 16-19 bracket that could also make the step up in the next couple of seasons. Most have been at the club since a very young age, a few like Luca Gasparotto have come in at older youth ages (he came at U17) and a couple of Sinky purchases could be a success too, Stuart Urquhart, Jordan Wilson , Greg Pascazio for example. Not all good news though, I just heard he has released another player he "bought" last summer which now makes it ELEVEN players he has purchased then released in 20 months without them making the youth team. If any of us were making so many expensive mistakes we wouldn't be in a job. The standard and style of play of the 15's and 16's leaves a lot to be desired. Under his tenure Rangers seem to be really good up to U12's, the first season under his guidance U13, they are still usually one of the better teams if not the best, over the next 2-3 years things seem to deteriorate and we have the situation where few are making the International squads, and other clubs have overtaken us.
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