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  1. There isn't harder working player than Callum, he really does put in a shift. This season he added goals to his game, he wasn't prolific in his previous two seasons. Sinky told him he was being released at the end of 2010/11 season, then after he came on as a sub in that season's Glasgow Cup Final he changed his mind. If Callum keeps performing the way he has been first team recognition can't ne far away. On a different note just heard Sinky released another player he "purchased" a year ago, another that cost around £1000 per month while at Rangers, then deemed not good enough to earn a youth contract. I'll go into more details on the player once I confirm his release. He can still put a spin on those making the first team, although they were either there before him or in the case of McKay and Aird signed at U17 AND u18.
  2. Its a fear that he can put a spin on it, but if we can't play youngsters at the level we are at then we are in big trouble. McLeod and Crawford were there before Sinclair, he landed lucky with McKay and Aird. There are a lot of good prospects at 16 and 17 most were there before Sinclair. It's 14's 15's and 16's that are the real concern and what he will do to the younger age groups when he gets a hold of them, Sunday 21st October is when we are due to play Celtic which should be a measure of where we are with them. Tonight Scotland u16's play Poland, Rangers have ONE in the squad, Celtic have SEVEN and Kilmarnock THREE. The young players promoted have done well and I think we will see a few more. But it has to be put into perspective, we are playing in the third divison. The Queen's Park team that beat Elgin 4-0 on Saturday had youngsters of a similar profile. Andy Robertson an 1994 same as Barry McKay, Owen Ronald an 1993 same as Robbie Crawford and Lawrence Shankland (who Sinky didn't fancy, he has scored 5 goals so far this season) is an 1995 same as Fraser Aird.
  3. This week's Youth results. Sunday U13 Motherwell 0 Rangers 9 U14 Motherwell 3 Rangers 2 U15 Rangers 4 Motherwell 1 U20 Rangers 3 Dumbarton 0 Monday U16 Rangers 3 Motherwell 2 I was hoping to get to the U15 & U16 games but work commitments meant I didn't make it. I did get to first half of U20 game before heading to Ibrox.
  4. Development Teams Meet Accies U14 Rangers 7 Accies 2 U15 Accies 2 Rangers 2 (last minute equaliser) U17 Accies 3 Rangers 4 (2 goals in last ten minutes) Apologies I arrived at what I thought was the kick-off, not realising Danny Stoney put Rangers ahead after 30 seconds. http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2012/09/16/development-teams-meet-accies/ With JS, TW and BK on the touchline how much does that cost a year in wages, are we getting value ?
  5. The four players with Scotland 17's are all excellent prospects, Danny Stoney, Liam Kelly, Ryan Sinnamon and Tom Walsh. Could it be a coincidence that they were all at the club Sinky.
  6. Report on tonights game Late Leveller For 16′s http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2012/09/10/late-leveller-for-16s/ A goal 2 minutes from time prevents another loss to Hibs
  7. Total control from U13 up,I was told he picks every team which I found hard to believe but apparently is true. Coaches seem to most concerned about keeping their jobs. Eddie May is still there but seems pretty subdued. Its been confirmed.Ryan Smith bought from Queen's Park a year ago has been released and joined Hamilton Accies. With the development compensation fees of £5,000 per season how much did that cost ? £1000+ per month ?
  8. 15's lose to Hibs Report from today's game http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2012/09/09/15s-lose-to-hibs/ Watching Sinclair's teams is becoming a chore Just got the other scores from today U14 Hibs 4 Rangers 0 !! U13 Hibs 4 Rangers 5
  9. 15's lose to Hibs Report from today's game http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2012/09/09/15s-lose-to-hibs/ Watching Sinclair's teams is becoming a chore
  10. Under 20′s Win Report on today's game http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2012/09/04/under-20s-win/
  11. Next in line to Matty Clarke would be Jordan Wilson (Tommy Wilson's nephew) who is a year younger. I know a lot don't agree with me but I think he is a decent player. Matty would be the only real option for promotion at the moment, more like someone would be played out of position.
  12. Matty Clarke now seems to have settled at left back and could certainly come in at the level we are playing at. Jamie Mills is quick but so is Usain Bolt, he is okay but personally I thought Ross Kellock was the better player, he has been released and signed for St.Mirren.
  13. Got injured pre-season so hasn't featured so far, not sure how far away from fitness he is. A note of greater concern, just heard U15's lost 3-0 today to feckin DUNFERMLINE !! How long can this go on.
  14. Just heard one of Sinclair's "buys" from last summer has been released. If this is true its a feckin'joke, he basically paid a rental fee for an under 15 player for a season. This can't go on. Dumbarton game scheduled for Sunday 23rd September.
  15. 16′s Earn Draw At Kilmarnock Report on tonight's game http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2012/08/27/16s-earn-draw-at-kilmarnock/ Just heard two of Sinky's "buys" that he released, Ross Kellock and Robert McLardie along with Callum Shippcott who was released have all signed for St.Mirren. I think Ross Kellock is decent, I'll watch how he progresses.
  16. Rangers 2 St.Johnstone 1, goals from Callum Gallagher and Andy Murdoch. No further details as I was at Berwick
  17. Under 16′s Lose To Motherwell Report on tonight's game Dire, goes a bit of the way explaining why Celtic have 9 in Scotland squad and we have 1. I can only hope someone in power is watching us deteriate under current Head Of Youth. http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2012/08/20/under-16s-lose-to-motherwell/
  18. They were highlights of what was a poor U19's side. McKay only arrived as a trialist this time last year having failed a medical at Killie, he came through their youth teams not ours. He was given a 6 month contract which was later extended to two years, so at the moment he is under contract till the end of this season. McLeod was always one to watch and has been at Rangers since a young age ( so Sinclair never signed him either), promotion probably has come a season early for McLeod due to our circumstances Yesterday's games were poor, we fall further behind Celtic every week Sinclair is there. Scotland U16's have 9 Celtic players and 2 on standby, only our U15 goalkeeper is included. The under 15's trials were the other week we had 5 players at them, Celtic had 15 !! Celtic are current chasing 2 of the 5 players we had at the trials in recent weeks another two players he paid money for have bee released at 16. Ross Kellock bought from Queen's Park, to be fair he is a better left-back than the one Sinclair gave a contract in my opinion. Robert McLardie bought from St.Mirren not surprised he was pretty poor. My worry is some other players will get promoted to 1st team as we are in division 3 and he will be able to spin it as a success. Celtic and Hearts are miles ahead of us at youth level. 15's were no better than Dundee Utd yesterday and 17's were out played but scraped a win. U12 squad of 2008 went to Italy, four of them are now at Celtic, and only 5 are still at Rangers.
  19. Youths Dundee United Double Header Report on today's youth games. Not inspiring viewing I have to say http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2012/08/18/dundee-united-double-header/
  20. A Rangers youth side beat what I was told was a very young Queen Of The South team 7-0 yesterday. Couldn't get away from work:( Rangers Team:- Blair Currie, Ryan Sinnamon, Matty Clarke, Luca Gasparotto, Greg Pascazio, Andy Murdoch, Jamie Burrows, Gregor Fotheringham, Callum Gallagher, Tom Walsh, Jordan Wilson Subs:- Liam Kelly, Dylan Dykes, Jamie Mills, Gloady Ntumba, Kris Gibson Scorers were Fotheringham, Gallagher (3), Walsh, Wilson and Clarke
  21. Just noticed this, below is the Rangers under 12 squad that went to Italy in 2008. Max Currie, Connor Gaffney, Ross Lyon, Rory Currie, Scott Lochead, Jordan Scott, Sam Leddington, Craig Burke, Michael Mossie, Sean McLeod, Malcolm McDonald, Ross McNeil, Joe Thompson, Connor Murray, Callum Shippcott, Hussain Kaware, Adam Wilson, Darren Whyte, Greg Kiltie, Greg Taylor Connor Gaffney, Rory Currie, Scott Lochhead and Joe Thompson are now at Celtic, you have to ask why ? And only 5 maybe 6 are still at Rangers. "Remember Rangers had 5/6 playing in the team, only Ness came through" Danny Wilson, John Fleck and Gregg Wylde played in the same victory shield team as Jamie Ness. Along with Grant Adam, Steven Forbes and Archie Campbell.
  22. Just checked the current Scotland 19's squad, Sinclair released two of them one now at Kilmarnock and one at Dundee United. There are another two who I think were also at Rangers, but not 100% sure on them will try and get it confirmed. I was correct with one who is now at St.Mirren, wrong with the other. But can confirm TWO have just be released he paid a fee for.
  23. Scotland under 16's squad has just been announced for a tournament in Russia, this is the squad that will be taking part in the Victory Shield games broadcast on sky. Celtic have NINE in the squad and two on standby, Kilmarnock have four. Only Rangers player included is our U15's keeper. Meanwhile I heard last night another of Sinky's "Purchases" has left, bought as a 14yo and released at 16yo. This category is now into double figures for the past year.
  24. 16′s Win Over Queen’s Park Report from tonight's game http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2012/08/13/16s-win-over-queens-park/
  25. Rangers Hit Eight In Hawick Report on today's game http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2012/08/12/rangers-hit-eight-in-hawick/
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