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  1. Jamie has done really well and has recently broke into the U19's, scoring in their last two games. Last night's game was a game of few chances so not much opportunity for strikers to shine. A great run along the byline from Jamie led to the penalty. Despite the first impressions given to him by the club being not very professional ( he was asked to stay for a further week's trial as "Head of Youth" was still on holiday") he evetually signed and has looked the part and made great progress. Now I don't know what is worse, the fact that the head of youth was still on holiday or that there was nobody else deemed competent enough to make a decision in his absence.
  2. Glasgow Cup Win Over Celtic Report from tonights Glasgow Cup game http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2012/02/21/glasgow-cup-win-over-celtic/
  3. Report here http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2012/02/21/glasgow-cup-win-over-celtic/
  4. They have been average at best, and on a significant wage for youth players, plus a house I believe. The other two imports from the EPL, Jack Werndley and Nicolaj Kohlert have gone. Now going with younger players, four U17's played yesterday ( Stuart Urquhart, Darren Ramsay, Fraser Aird and Jamie Burrows, Luca Gaparrotto has also played but is injured). I said we should have done this from the start of the season. Its imperative we keep the youths intact especially the U17's and the very young age groups, If not we will lose them to other clubs and will have to start from scratch someday.
  5. Youths Beat Pars Report from this morning's youth game http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2012/02/18/youths-beat-pars/
  6. Second Half Display Secures Win Over Hearts Report from today's 17's game http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2012/02/12/second-half-display-secures-win-over-hearts/
  7. There is still a "Reserve" game most weeks, but the club has decided we are not allowed in
  8. Would know more if they actually allowed you in to watch, I remember when your season ticket included reserve games
  9. The short answer is NO. 19's have been poor this season, main striker is Callum Gallagher who still has another year at U19's. A real hard working player, nothing is a lost cause and can never be faulted for effort, not a prolific goalscorer. The fact is, he was told he was being released last season, came on as a sub in Glasgow Cup Final and Sinclair changed his mind and gave him another year. That probably tells you more about Sinclair than it does about Callum, I would expect him to get a contract for next season but with Sinclair nothing would surprise me. Support striker is Barrie McKay, who is proably more suited playing wide than as a main striker. He was released by Kilmarnock after something showed up in his medical when he was about to go pro. Rangers gave him a six month contract at the start of this season, he has subsequently been given a futher 18 months. Like Callum he has another year at 19's, I have been impressed with Barrie, skilful and can take players on, but nowhere near ready for 1st team and as I said not really a striker. The others are under 17's players. So Kane Hemmings (I like Kane but he has had 4 knee operations in a year), and Andy Little (who is supposed to be a defender these days) is it. Rhys McCabe played as an emergency striker for the youths in the past but is a midfielder.
  10. http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2012/01/31/17s-hammer-jags-in-glasgow-cup/
  11. 17′s Hammer Jags In Glasgow Cup Report on tonight's game now published http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2012/01/31/17s-hammer-jags-in-glasgow-cup/
  12. 17's Take On Crusaders Report on today's game now posted http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2012/01/29/17staken-on-crusdaers/
  13. Espling is a strange one, he only ever played in Friendlies and usually against poor quality opposition. He always seemed to score but did little else. Disappeared off the radar and wasn't sure if he was injured or just out of favour. No great loss in my opinion. Nicolaj Kohlert has also left, having see his games when he he was up on trial I was surprised we took him on from Liverpool. I said all this was doing was taking up a place that could see a younger player progress (Darren Ramsay for example). This was probably costing more in wages than most youth players so not surprised to see him go but shocked we took him on in the first place. Norwegian twins have been no better than average and are on decent money plus the rental of a house I believe, they signed two year contracts so we are stuck with them for another year. I don't believe they would have got a second year on this season's displays. One or two other we have "bought" have been told they can leave, I know producing players is not an exact science but I would expect any player we paid out a fee on would at least progress to the youth team. Fees were spent on Espling, Darren McGill and George Scott and none of them made it to the U19's, and a couple of others are set to follow. I think we have the right to expect Mr Sinclair to use his budget better, or bring in someone who will.
  14. We might have a better idea if anyone was actually allowed in. We will have to wait until a game is arranged is some far flung place before we are allowed to see the fringe players. I remember when your season ticket got you into reserve games. Since the start of this season all bounce games involving fringe players, wether there are trialists playing or not, have been deemed closed doors, not even parents of the players are allowed in. I tend not to go to many of these games but a handful of others ( and players parents) do. Considering I could watch these players at Corby, Fleetwood, New St.Mirren Park and Hamburg I think it is pretty pathetic.
  15. Not a lot happening with the youths, a wee update on Turkey trip and a couple of players that have moved on. http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2012/01/09/youth-update-4/
  16. Sam started last season well but then broke his collar bone, and done it again after starting back training. A hernia operation meant he missed the start of this season and struggled to make an impact in the youth team. His father and grandfather travelled up from Manchester on a regular basis to watch him play even in friendlies. I hope Sam can kick on at Doncaster and make a career in the game.
  17. A wee article about two players not normally associated with Rangers. http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2011/12/15/he-played-wae-rangers/
  18. This week's youth football fix was U14's against St.Mirren report here http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2011/12/11/14s-edge-out-saints/
  19. 17′s Held By Falkirk Report from today's game http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2011/12/04/17s-held-by-falkirk/
  20. Pretty much been injured most of his Rangers career. He looked the part when he first came and played in the youth cup final, has been injured pretty much since, played 2 pre-season games last season and went off injured in both then didn't appear again until april. His contract was up in the summer and was given a 6 month deal to prove his fitness, that is why his contract is up for renewal. Hopefully he can get his career back on track from here.
  21. Youths Lose At Hibs Report on today's game http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2011/11/26/youths-lose-at-hibs/
  22. 17′s Win Against Hampden Youngsters Report from tonight's development game http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2011/11/21/17s-win-against-hampden-youngsters/
  23. Clyde also liked the report too http://www.clydefc.co.uk/youth/news/
  24. Development Teams Round Up Report on a couple of age groups games today http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2011/11/20/development-teams-round-up-5/
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