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  1. Now a report on the Official site for the Glasgow cup game. I think I know where they got this from http://www.rangers.co.uk/articles/20100414/17s-reach-glasgow-cup-final_2255459_2024579
  2. Gers Ease In To Glasgow Cup Final Report on 17's game now posted http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/
  3. Nine Man Youths Held Report on youth game now posted http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/
  4. Rangers 15's won a tornament in Italy at the weekend. Brief details along with the 19's disappointing result at link below. http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2010/04/ I hope to get details of the squad that took part.
  5. Youths Make It Four In A Row Report on today's game now posted http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/
  6. Report on this morning's game now posted http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/
  7. Report on this morning's game now posted First Half Double Secures Points http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/
  8. Edinburgh City Visit Murray Park. Report on tonight's 17's game now posted http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/
  9. Latest results and table here http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/league-table/
  10. Youths Can’t Break Deadlock Report on today's game now posted http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/
  11. The Under 19's progressed to the semi finals of the Youth Cup with a 2-0 victory over Hearts at Tynecastle on Sunday. The goals came from Kane Hemmings and Kamil Wiktorski, obviously I at was at Ibrox so only brief details on the blog.
  12. You have to remember we already have four under 19's in Fleck, Wilson, Ness and Wylde involved with the first team on a regular basis. So it might be a bit much to expect a few more at the moment. In my opinion the most consistent performers so far this season have been Chris Scott, Kamil Wiktorski, Kyle Hutton and Kane Hemmings.
  13. All Square At Murray Park Report on today's Game now posted http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/
  14. I'll be renewing mine just as I have done for the last 30 years.
  15. I'm not, but nice to know the blog is widely read
  16. Just read the "Official" match report for the St.Johnstone game on the website, I get the feeling I read it somewhere before.
  17. 17’s Fightback Overcomes Hibs http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/
  18. Youths Hit Saints For Six Report on today's game now posted http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/
  19. He has played 21 games for Oldham Athletic this season and he has still to find the net. Oldham Atletic are 21st in League One.
  20. Brief update now on the blog, getting details hasn't been easy http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/
  21. Youths had another 3-3 draw today. At the moment I don't have any details of lineup and scorers or even who they played.
  22. All Square With Russians Youths draw 3-3 with Lokomotive Moscow in Turkey http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/
  23. A wee feature on our South African trialists now posted. Was it really more than 20 years ago !!! http://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/
  24. I'll try and do a wee post on the blog about him in the next month or so similar to the Fetai & Djeziri post
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