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  1. deal to be done by tomorrow and a press conferance at 10 oclock
  2. about the tax situation what else did traynor go on about whyte
  3. the record will make for interesting reading tomorrow
  4. youre right frankie we are after messi robinho lucio maicon and tevez :fish:
  5. i think walter wouldnt mind selling mcgregor either because he knows he can get good money for him and plus we have alexander as a good back up so walter could get cerny from hamilton or ruddy from everton
  6. just a rumour but walter is after driver and goodwillie driver for 2.5 million plus velicka and goodwillie for 1.5 million
  7. i think king and his group will now bid for the club after reading what the rst and king said today.
  8. as i have said before we will only be sold when we do shit on the park when we keep winning titles cups and play in europe the fans will be happy
  9. haha no i mean interms of having a bad season ie 2003/2004 2005/2006 or 2006/2007
  10. we will only get change when we do shit on the park
  11. i have just spoke to ewen cameron and he is saying that the ellis deal is dead and murray will still be owner for this season but it will be his last
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