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  1. Why are so many names blocked out, redacted is the term I believe.
  2. More than a third of the member clubs did not vote in favour of the SPFL. They clearly have questions to answer. They will only be kidding themselves if they try to ignore this. This is not good result for them . Onwards and upwards and Follow Follow.
  3. Appointing Hearts and Hamilton to lead up the reconstruction debate shows one thing and one thing only. It has been a total stitch up and they don't care who sees it.
  4. One thing I have noticed is that Dundee FC refer to the SPFL as "The Centre". Have they never read John Le Carre?
  5. Interesting statement from Edinburgh City FC. I had to go on to their website to read it.
  6. After this statement today from Ibrox the stakes have risen considerably. Here's hoping that we have found them out.
  7. I would reckon that for many of their season ticket holders the entry into a ballot for tickets to Ibrox is a major incentive to renew their tickets. They are obviously experiencing a drop in demand for season tickets following the reduced allocation.
  8. This is now way past vindictive and I ,for one, can't think who's behind this. Time now to mobilise the Blue Pound. No tickets should be taken for the first round of away games next season and none offered to visiting SPL teams. We can sell out the ground, can they sell out their grounds?
  9. I would refer folk to the " Premier Sh*ts" cartoon in the current edition of Private Eye. He is not bigger than the club!
  10. Has there been any reaction from PFA Scotland regarding yesterday's disorder at Hampden? Several Rangers players and presumably PFA members were placed at risk and failed to receive the level of protection that they would have expected to have been provided by the authorities. I would certainly have expected some sort of comment from them.
  11. Ashley behaves the way he does because he is a bully.
  12. Obviously thinks that there is no case to answer. I and others think differently.
  13. Interesting and potentially a useful tool to employ as part of the club's thinking.
  14. The last sentence is worth thinking about. Lots of hard work ahead. Hopfully we can make some genuine progress now.
  15. Just spotted on twitter that the Herald is advertising for a Chief Football writer. The job description can be seen at http://www.holdthefrontpage.co.uk. Hope Spiers doesn't apply.
  16. The guy is an A-Hole and an attention seeker. Best ignored completely.
  17. Unfortunately that doesn't mean that they won't change the date. Hope they don't dare change it.
  18. More today from www.shareprophets.com. leaked emails where the conversation leads to a request for someone with experience of previous "heists". Make your own mind up.
  19. Just how would this nonsense alter the balance of shareholding between the board supporters and the (hopefully) anti board majority? lazy journalism at best.
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