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  1. Had a brilliant time, got to see and do everything as some of you will have seen with the facebook photos.
  2. We decided to book tussauds, if there isn't a queue for paying at the door juffery then you can refund me! Booked a hop on hop off bus tour for friday. Anywhere that we should get off apart from the obvious choices?
  3. She will be lucky if she gets it with the amount of things to be seen and done.
  4. Going to do the Wembley tour, always wanted to visit the new stadium. Looks fantastic. I have a voucher for that & Tussauds 2 for 1 but need to arrive with the voucher and pay. Might just pay the both this now so we are guaranteed booked and no queues. Gentle? What's the fun in that
  5. I'm not that into music. Going to see wicked on the Thursday, might go to another show. Trying to think what else we can do at night. Thought you were meaning that Gav, no chance!! Not for another good few years! Remember i'm still a young pup! Honestly i bet it's nice but no way i could pay that for some scran!
  6. We are staying in the travel lodge at Waterloo Food, probably something that sells a bit of everything, indian or italian. Buckingham palace tour is now finished, finished last week i think Frankie is the eye is booked but nice try Gav congrats? Money is not a problem, plenty of budget there.
  7. Guys, going to London with the girlfriend Thursday to Sunday this weekend. Can anyone recommend a bus tour to do? Loads of them and they all vary in price. Looking for one that will take us round all the sights as obviously we can stop off and see them all. Anyone know of any nice restaurants near the Apollo victoria theatre? So far the plan is. Thursday night - theatre Friday - sightseeing ( need something to do at night? possibly another theatre show?) Saturday - wembley, shopping ( while i constantly check the Rangers score ), london eye at night Sunday - Tussauds before the train home in the afternoon What should i be expecting to pay for meals and drinks? My first visit and i can't wait.
  8. Aye i realised that when struggling to login. Thanks mate, hope all is well. Spent most of my teenage years on here!
  9. For the automated email. No longer a teenager, downhill now!
  10. Adam & Bannon in the centre were brilliant, really enjoyed watching them play. First time i have seen Bannon and he impressed me. Wilson also done really well. Mackie is a poor mans Kenny Miller
  11. Just posting incase anyone who does care, who doesn't want to go to areas that they will be at etc as there could be trouble
  12. Update Coaches picking up and dropping off fans in Merchant City, haven't heard where they are picking the tickets up from though.
  13. Levien has already defeated the Czechs at Hampden. Lithuania away i think we put in a good performance and should take care of them at home Two home games in a row to come, win them and we will be full of confidence going to Lichtenstein.
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