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  1. June in Scotland is like southern England in February !
  2. Very disappointing We have now collated the responses from supporters to the request from the Union Bears for a singing section in the Copland Rear. Whilst there was substantial support for the Club to consider ways in which the atmosphere in the stadium could be improved, there was insufficient support to justify the displacement of a large number of supporters from their existing seats to alternative areas of the stadium. It has been decided therefore not to move the Union Bears from the Broomloan Road stand this season and there will be no need for any supporters in the Cop
  3. In terms of a goalkeeper I would recommend Southend's Daniel Bentley.
  4. 'At the weekend' is what I've read. http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/9503-full-commitment-required MARK WARBURTON is continuing preparations for the new season as he prepares to welcome his squad back for pre-season training this weekend. The Gers boss was speaking to the media as the club awarded 100-year-old fan John Connelly a season ticket. Warburton confirmed that plans are afoot for the four weeks before competitive action kicks in and that he hopes to attract additions to his squad to the club. He said: “A pre-season plan means many things, it’s about
  5. If any agents or players want to 'play games' with us then we should tell them where to go - whoever they are.
  6. He would have seen the bears in action. He was an unused sub when we played Derby last summer.
  7. I hate the ST culture. It kills the spontaneous atmosphere when people are in the same seat year after year. Let UB's go where they want.
  8. I reckon we will have 90% of our new players in place by 2nd week in July (most will already be lined up) and we will then have a few pre-season games to blend them in. This is not McCoist - Warburton will have proper plans in place for recruitment and timelines to work to. I'm not concerned at all.
  9. It would be money well spent and appreciated by all of us who would like the option to stand at Ibrox. I'd like to think the club would see it as a good investment in order to provide the fans with an enhanced matchday experience - which has been sadly lacking for years. The fans are the life blood of the club. I feel investment would be well served.
  10. I really hope this is on the agenda for us. I don't like copying what the other lot do, but on this one we definietly need to get the standing areas granted and into our stadium at earliest opportunity.
  11. This is good news that the club realise they need to genuinely do something about the atmosphere. Apart from the great noise and colour that UB's bring, the rest of the stadium is like a morgue. It's shameful. With Rangers fans on the board etc. hopefully the matchday experience - which has been dire - will be lifted by helping out a group of guys who want to actually have a good time at the football and create a noise to support the team. Reading what many of our fans think, it's as if they'd like to see singing at football matches banned !!
  12. UB's deserve a prominent position in the stadium. Copland Front would be my ideal choice. In the future I'd love to see the whole of the Copland Front being used as a 'singing section' - and having it as a standing area. That's my hope anyway. Ideally we should see 'safe standing areas' introduced into parts of the stadium, but until that time UB's deserve a decent location. They are the only group trying to inject an atmosphere on matchdays so should have a focal point. If people aren't happy then the best thing to do is to actually sing and make a noise to support the team in
  13. McCall's handling of the situation was terrible. Threw the lad under a bus. The big guy was provoked and reacted whilst several other Motherwell players took turns to attack him. Mohsni is no Saint but he has been harshly dealt with whilst others have got away with their actions.
  14. I know what you're saying and you make fair points. When it is obvious to a blind man what the weaknesses are, the coaches should be working on the players to improve some of the basic skills. If this means extra training then so be it. There has just been no intelligence in the dugout or on the pitch for years. Thankfully W&W are intelligent guys - let's just pray they can get a bit more out the existing lot.
  15. Agree 100% mate. Like the vast majority of our players he doesn't play with any real intelligence. Combined with poor technique, it's a recipe for disaster and that's why we've seen so many dire performances from so many of our players over the past few years. And the shocking thing is that none of the 'managers' or 'coaches' have appeared to have developed the players to improve where it is obvious where their weaknesses are. That's inexcuseable.
  16. He just doesn't do it for me. Very one dimensional. Run straight up the line, head down, lump the ball into the ball and hope for the best. Quite cumbersome on the ball at times, with not the best of touches. His fitness has been shocking for past 18 months or so. I've met hoim a few times and he is a decent guy - but performance wise and what we should be looking for, I'm just not convinced by him at all. Wouldn't be running to the Erskine Bridge if he was to leave. If he does stay, he really has to work on his technique, fitness and overall work rate. I'd be expecting to see a b
  17. With all due respect mate - what is he 'class' at ?? Distribution Fitness Link up play Delivery Awareness Touch Composure All rate very, very poorly in my eyes.
  18. I'm hoping Warburton is in the maket for a left back to replace Wallace - one that can actually deliver a decent ball and one that can actually link up properly with the players around him.
  19. We know a song about that, don't we ?!
  20. I think Warburton could be the manager to get the bst from Templeton. I still maintain there is a player in there. He's been stop start during his time with us. Mabe one last chance will unleash the best from the lad. The manager will decide - and that's fine by me.
  21. I trust Warburton on this and also Weir would not go for any donkeys as defenders. Seems Birmingham fans were very impressed by him for second half of last season.
  22. In cup competitions anything can happen if a team gets on a run. See Bradford in English league cup final as a recent example. Smith Bored Europe - and us - to death on his way there and barely tried it win it when we got there.
  23. I'm saying that Fergie was not perfect and made some mistakes. As far as Smith is concerned I've never really rated him particulalry high.
  24. Smith was Fergie's mate. Ferguson also recommended Moyes for the Man Utd job. Ask Everton fans what they thought of Smith and you'll get a realistic answer about his 'talents'
  25. Let's not kid ourselves on that Walter Smith is some sort of football genuis. In a league that ranks outside onf the top 20 in Europe Smith won some trophies in a two team league. And during much of his time he had more money to spend than all the other clubs combined. Put in perspective, it's not a genuinely great story to write home and get excited about. His brand of 'football' was utterly miserable to watch most of the time. As for effectively appointing McCoist as manger - well that says it all.
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