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  1. I know most bears have no time for Naismith(who really knows why ?) but I'll tell you he is exactly what

    Is missing in our team right now.hes the heart and soul of a dreadful Everton team,that without him

    Would be destined to the Championship.

    Whether you like him or not,there is no denying that he is a terrific wee player.

  2. Once the good guys get control I'd like to see them return to the Yellow/Red/Blue club tie's that Gough was wearing yesterday at the press conference.


    I'd resign the current one to history and let it never be worn at the club again. Too many rats have graced it and for me it's now stained.






    Yellow/red/blue ugly looking rag,not representative of the club.

    I have a tie and dress scarf from the sixties,Royal blue with the club crest on them.

    They still look beautiful today,that's what we should be going back to.

  3. Luke Shanley ‏@LukeShanley 5m5 minutes ago

    Rangers caretaker manager Kenny McDowall tells the media all 5 Newcastle loan players must play every game if fit.


    Raman Bhardwaj ‏@STVRaman 5m5 minutes ago

    That instruction has come from Derek Llambias and Sandy Easdale. Kenny McDowall confirmed he had no say in the signings

    He sounds happy enough with the decision,and let's face it,he's woeful at team selection.so onwards and upwards.:rfcbouncy:

  4. My Twitter TL is arguing about which international team he turned down first, whether he's a rebel, which position he plays and whether he's coming to Ibrox or not!


    All I know is that he's a decent NI player.


    Rumours now saying he's not coming,I think I'll wait now until it's confirmed.

  5. Aye, I was there in 2003 visiting friends in Calgary then did a round trip round the Rockies (Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, Edmonton) for a week afterwards. Great times!


    Had a great stay in the Fantasyland Hotel in Edmonton one night - great hotel (and shopping centre!)...

    Gee's you've been around then. Banff,I could live there 12 months of the year,just love it.

    They have just opened up a new addition to the water park at West Edmonton Mall,some Tsunami wave thing.

    I guess you surf on it.not for me though.

    Maybe we can have a couple of beer together,if you ever hit Edmonton again.

  6. An early start - enjoy!


    The Drum and Monkey in Calgary will be packed too I'm sure!


    Aye,I've got some friends down there,and they come out in numbers,probably full house Sunday.

    Have you had the pleasure of visiting the Drum and Monkey Frankie?

  7. It may be big time in Canada but it most definitely IS mickey mouse.


    Doing it incorrectly in one place doesn't mean you should repeat the mistake elsewhere.

    You honestly think football in Scotland isn't Mickey Mouse?

    Once in blue moon the Scottish league tables are featured in sport sections in our news papers.

    A few years back it was covered right there beside the EPL.

    I've even seen the league of Ireland listed,while no mention from Scotland.

  8. Regardless of who anyone supports in theboardroom battle the SFA ruling about dual ownership is laughable and would never stand up in a court of law in a million years. I suspects Ashley's lawyers may well have told Rhegan's SFA just that. Thereare numerous example of dual(and more ownership) throughout Europe


    In the eight team CFL(Canadian football league) the same man owns two of the teams.BC Lions and Toronto Argonauts.

    The league has no problems with this.

  9. A SCOTS MP is to raise questions in the Commons about whether Mike Ashley is a fit and proper person to run Rangers and other clubs after he was accused of deplorable behaviour over his treatment of workers at his collapsed clothing firm.



    Central Ayrshire MP Brian Donohoe says he will use parliamentary privilege to question the credentials of the billionaire Newcastle United owner to run top flight sides.


    Business Minister Fergus Ewing has already expressed "extreme concern and disappointment" at the conduct of Mr Ashley's Sports Direct, which owns USC, after it went into administration this month with the loss of 88 jobs in Dundonald, South Ayrshire.




    Brian fecken Donohoe,the name says it all for me.

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