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  1. Absolutely,if he were a tenth as good at managing,as he is in front of a camera,we probably would still have(not forgetting the ten point deduction) retained our championship this year.
  2. Slightly object ? Somebody wants to gag him.We all love him and all that,but he's way too eager to get in front of the microphone,and TV cameras.He's got to learn how to pick his interview spots a lot better.I mean crying his heart out to Chic Young and the BBC. Almost threw up listening to that one.
  3. I was kind of thinking along the same lines as yourself,but if the SPL follow suit and hit us with point deductions for three years, then I'm pretty sure we are well and truly fecked.
  4. Zappa, I'm sitting on my deck having a cold one right now,enjoying the moment. Please don't spoil it for me.Happiest i've been in a long time. Everything will work it's self out given time, wait and see.
  5. The first bit of good news we have had in weeks,but as always negativity rears it's ugly head.
  6. Ha! just waiting for someone to come up with that one.
  7. Hi! guys,I just thought I'd give you a quick introduction. I'm "the wasp" and I am a Canadian Bear.Born and bread in Glasgow,but spent the last thirty odd years here in Alberta.I hope we can have some good banter,and share a few laughs.I'm off to watch Blackburn kick the crap out off ManU,now (hopefully) So I'll catch you all later.
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