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  1. Aye I can smell you from here, only joking pal.
  2. Well I must disagree with you all,I give a big thumbs up to our future owner.
  3. Let's just accept it,no one else(besides the yank) has actually offered to put money down. Like it or not Ashley wants to own our club,and what Ashley wants,Ashley gets. As for Dodgy,and the three Bears,all they are doing is bringing our club to its knees. If we want to be a force in world football again it's going to take money,lots of money, Something the Mickey Mouse characters don't have enough of.
  4. That was part of my reasoning also.:laugh:
  5. Mohsni slow?I must have missed that game. Careless at times,yes.
  6. No,he could probably find that much down the back of his couch.
  7. Deep down there's a pretty good footballer there.if he could "screw the bobbin" I wouldn't mind seeing what he Could do in mid-field,or even up front. For the scum game we are going to need some bite,so if not him maybe McCulloch has to move up there. what we have in mid-field right now will be totally over run.
  8. There again,he'd probably be an improvement over the last three years.
  9. How the fuck did we win that? A dynasty I tell ya. Go Hawks Go.
  10. Another weird decision,why the feck wouldn't they allow the kid to go and play for his country? It's not as if he is irreplaceable,and wouldn't do the young guy any harm getting away for a while From the mad house that is Ibrox.
  11. Probably just put in there to wind up Ashley's financies before take over.
  12. Maybe good news if he is serious about our future.
  13. Don't forget Easdale,he's a Rangers man too.
  14. Like it or not,Brown is an excellent player,probably the best in Scotland. As much as I liked Thomson signing with us,we should have went the extra wee bit And signed a franchise player,which Brown certainly is.
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