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  1. Not overly confident Craig,just absolutely sure. Watched every Super Bowl since the mid 70's Hawks and Pats Super Bowl will be the best every imho. Canny wait.Dynasty I tell ya. Go Hawks.
  2. After yesterday's Seahawks destruction of Arizona,all we have to do now is defeat Rams next Sunday(at home). And it's home field all the way to the Super Bowl. GO HAWKS!
  3. I am simply wishing him all the best.knowing he can't do any worse than the previous excuse for a manager.
  4. Half time in the NFL, checking in with you guys to find that my prayers have been answered.praise the lord. Goodbye wage thief,you absolutely won't be missed. 100% behind McDowall until the end of the season,hoping he can get the results we need for promotion, And he Gets to keep the job. Good luck Kenny,hoping he hasn't diminished your abilities,like he has our playing staff. Onwards and upwards happy days are here again.:celebrate:
  5. I never was a Boyd fan but,look what Mccoist had playing around him,compared to what Boyd had. Scoring against the scum is what gives Mccoist the edge. Goals per game average,Boyd all the way,check it out.
  6. A better finisher? McCoist. .600 goals per game. Boyd. .895 goals per game Go figure Craigy:hm:
  7. Okay Zappa,i hear you. Question,can I use the word ****?
  8. We have to try and get over what he accomplished back then Slinger,as great as it was. What he is doing to the club today is what we have got to focus on. He has single handedly split our fan base,where there is so much hate,that I doubt it can never be repaired. Would love to see us all get back together again behind a decent manager.
  9. What was crap Zappa,the wage thief,or sooper salary? And let's not be hypocritical here, You called him a manager,I find that crap.
  10. the wasp

    Who then?

    Hopefully the wage thief is gone tomorrow,and it doesn't really matter(short term)who takes over. Just about anyone with half a football brain could do better than what's there now.
  11. Seahawks win their last two. Colts win in Dallas Sunday, Green Bay beat Detroit last regular season game,and it's Seahawks v New England Super Bowl Feb.1st. 2015. can't wait.:celebrate:
  12. Two years ago? think back to his apprenticeship Slinger.He should never,ever have been hired. Walter lost a lot of my respect,when he endorsed McSalary for the job.
  13. What dont you understand Ser? much easier than trying to understand anything McSalary tries to achieve.:fish:
  14. Oh! Yes we do,Arizona to go the rest of the way with third string quarter back.Seahawks to win NFC west,and have home Advantage throughout the playoffs.a dynasty I tell ya.:celebrate:
  15. I love the NFL, been a Seahawk fan from day one(1976) "Zorn to Largent" days. Tipped them to win it all last year(before the season started)and tipped them to win it again this year,and may go for them again next season(we are talking dynasty here guys).Faltered a bit there,but back on song.Big game tonight in St.Louis,can't wait,hope the Rams can take the Cardinals ,and we destroy the Niners on Sunday. "GO HAWKS"
  16. Surely the fans (the compos mentis ones that is) could help the board make the appropriate decision.
  17. Our club is on a trip to extinction under this moron,when does our waring fan groups unite,and demand his firing? he is killing us,and this is an actual fact.
  18. For me,over the last 10-15 years easily my favorite player,teriffic wee player. I still can't get my head around him actually doing something to intentionally hurt the club.Same goes for Davis and McGregor. But Whittaker I couldn't give a shit about. I'm still hoping that one day that the truth will come out,and maybe clear these three.
  19. I give a shit about the Oilers Barca,I've been waiting 40 years for the Leafs to get it right.
  20. Confused here,Armistice day was 1918, not 1914. so we are celebrating the start of the war ?
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