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  1. I was just wondering,would we be any worse playing without a manager? If I remember correctly didn't a managerless Stirling Albion beat McCoists a couple of seasons back?:fish:
  2. Hey! Hildy screw you, I probably spend more money on my club in a year,than most supposed Bears typing into Rangers sites(you know the ones always asking for free screaning of games) ever do. Me and my fellow north American Bears spend a minimum $300 a year alone,just to receive RTV.
  3. CL football on TV an excuse for watching Rangers??? wtf are you implying here Ian? Rangers are no longer who they used to be eh!? Did we actually die in 2012? forget about who is trying to run our club right now,we really need all your bums in the seats at Ibrox,otherwise we are toast,and that is a fact.
  4. Typical of someone who will be voting YES tomorrow.
  5. For all you guys who refuse to support your club,shame on you all. Watching the game over here with a few of my Canadian friends, So this is the mighty Rangers you're always braging about asks one buddy. I'm lost for words,and I am truely embarrassed.(okay we won tonight) but the stadium is practically empty,with no atmosphere. On our recent north American tour,we had sell out crowds,and way more atmosphere(noise buzzing for 90 mins.) I'm not sure what's holding you guys back from picking up your season tickets, but I am sure that you are killing our club.as I said before,SHAME ON YOU A
  6. A half million seems pretty ridiculous,but right now I would take the money and move on.Steven Smith is actually way better defending,and twice as good at dead ball situations,Lee has really lost his game under McSalary anyway.
  7. Kenny is listed on the team sheets as striker,but hes everywhere on the park,once the whistle blows. Jig may not be everyones choice(myself included)but to be honest,I doff my cap to the big guy the last few years,we probably wouldn't be challenging for the top tier right now,if he hadn't stayed.
  8. Absolutely correct sir,Ralphie was actually the player I was thinking of while typing in my response to SBS Too bad Dennis Law was around back then,or Ralphie would have had maybe 20-30 more caps.Great,totally under rated player.
  9. Watched the Falkirk v Rangers game a couple weeks back,and thought he was the best player on the park.
  10. None to great effect? you jest sir. I dont know how old you are SBS,I would imagine not too old. I'm sure older Bears would agree that Miller would have been an excellent fetch and carry inside forward in the old 2-3-5 formation. Watched many a Whitecap games and he done just that. As someone else already said,no need breaking up Boyd and Clarck,just let Kenny float around behind them,and goals are guaranteed.
  11. I wouldn't say Naismith has improved,I would say he is being (like him or hate him)the excellent wee player he always has been.
  12. We are actually very lucky to have him.Miller like the much maligned McCulloch can Play just about anywhere on the park,and be very effective. for anyone to think he is only a striker,obviously hasn't paid a lot of attention to Kenny's football carreer.
  13. Aye! hurry back John Daly.
  14. I could have worded that better.I quite admire the jews. my point was a jew being a rat to his own kind.
  15. George soros is also a jew,which makes him even more despicable.
  16. George soros ,a slug of the highest order.As a youth he donned the nazi uniform and pointed out jews in his native Hungary.Today a multi-millionaire and as far left as you can go,would be more suited on the east end of Glasgow.
  17. What is this thing cricket you talk of,is it a sport?
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