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  1. I absolutely hate draws,ties.Soccer and Ice hockey are about the only two team sports(i think) where it happens.It can happen in the NFL but its extremely rare. Maybe it's one of the reasons I love baseball so much they just play,and play until there's a winner. "GO JAYS GO":celebrate2:
  2. I believe there is such a rule in the book.I've been watching the game for 50 odd years and can't remember it ever being implemented. Another thing,what did you guys think of the ref marching off 10 yards and spraying the line down? I've been watching it for afew years in the MLS and it works really well.no encroachment,resulting in far better efforts on goal.
  3. When everyone is back we get in each others way,way too often,and give up a fair amount of free headers.McCoist has to revisit this tactic,cos it is as big a disaster as the four,five guys around the ball taking a free kick.
  4. Or FIFA simply legislate, use of hands is an absolute no-no.AUTOMATIC RED. grabbing the shirt would dissappear overnight.
  5. The whole rule book needs to be drasticlaly overhauled.The two most obvious ones for me are the annoying off-side calls,and the most annoying of them all,holding on to an opponents shirt should be an automatic red card.It is now an every day practice to grab a shirt,and should be totally banned from the game.
  6. For god sake man,give credit where it is due.Vanguard Bears lead the way as usual.
  7. Hope this is not insulting,and is not a breach of rules,I would just like to say that our present manager is an utter disaster.
  8. Would that be the late great Holyrood teacher? I was always more a Montford man myself.
  9. Aye! dont be suprised, $60 pre pay, $85 walk in.
  10. Yeah! looks like the time difference threw me Zappa. Everything okay now.We lucked out also, just managed to buy a couple of "meet and greet" tickets At the very hotel we are at.
  11. My tickets say monday 21st. Rangers T.V. says Tuesday 22nd. If Rangers TV is right I will be half way back to Edmonton when the game kicks off. totally pissed off.
  12. What type of mid-fielder is he slinger?Right now we have no bite in the middle of the park,win very few 50/50 balls,and I have this eerie feeling that McSalary is contemplating throwing his buddy Jig back in there this comming season.
  13. Rangers have a history of short goalies,(McCloy the exception) George Niven the first I had the pleasure of watching. McGregor,as good as a shot-stopper as he is,was a bit of a nightmare himself with high balls into the box.
  14. Watched a few reserve games last season(Hi-lights Rangers tv)and thought Sinnamon was the most consistant for them.I was very impressed,and if he is a natural right back,even better.
  15. I really think the French top oozes class,easily the best for me.
  16. England really are woeful,most overrated nation in professional sports.The reason they keep getting to the world cup,and the Euros IMO, is that they always get the easiest of draws to qualify. On the other hand,as bad as Scotland have been over the last decade or so,they always have had the most difficult qualifying section to go through. Anyway as much as The tartan army,and The flower of Scotland make me cringe,I believe we finally have the right manager in place to take us to the 2016 Euros. Laugh if you like,but I am pretty confident we will make it.
  17. Wach his eyes,deliberate elbow.If that had been a Coratian it would have been red for sure. Host nation must stay in the tournament at all costs is the unwritten rule. Looked like the keeper may have jumped into Olic, 50-50 ball terrible call.
  18. Typical Brazil,they just have to fall down,and a free kick is a given. Why doesn't Neymar get a straight red?(deliberate elbow) Why does the ref deem Olic(i think it was him) fouled the brazilian keeper? Never a penalty,and Coatian keeper was dreadful.
  19. I always find him to be a fine upstandig fellow.
  20. I still have a sneaky feeling that Daly will be Center back this coming season,and if we are going to bring back Miller or Boyd surely Miller is still the better all round player.
  21. Well with Ottawa being a first year team,this should be a safe fixture (even Edmonton beat them) but with McSalary in charge, who knows?
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