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  1. Will do Slinger,and who know's I may even catch the game on the 23rd.Fingers crossed it's somewhere in BC.
  2. Believe me Franky,we don't want to be matched up against the Whitecaps,they would tear us apart.MLS way superior league to the SPFL now. As luck would have it,my wife and I will be in Victoria the week of the game,so put me down for, I will definately be there.My first live Rangers game since the 1973 Scottish cup final.(3-2 over the scum)
  3. No! but they do have a better all-round game to watch,and not forgetting that Portland vSeattle is like a local derby,with sixty thousand maniac fans.
  4. To be honest the MLS is a far superior league to the SPFL, and I will argue with you all day on that one.
  5. Change the record? change the manager, way more appropriate.
  6. Good Idea Slinger,I personally never fancied Bell (hate it when a keeper can't command his box) Always loved Gordon (should have signed him years ago). If he is fit and ready to go,and the money is right,then I say go for it.
  7. It probably will be very tight Zapa,but a few P45's and a couple of quality additions, and we would win it easily.Of course all bets are off if we have the same mismanagement problem. In fact I predict right now,that we will remain in the Championship after next season,if McCoist is still in charge.
  8. Hey Berliner! get real with Your defending McSalary crusade. I like Bearger have followed the club since the late 50's.and can (without any doubt) tell anyone who cares to listen,that McSalary is EASILY (by a country mile)the most useless manager that ever set foot into Ibrox Park.
  9. Well done the Swifts.The U20's are keeping my faith in Rangers alive,(Gallagher has been ready for weeks Mr.McCoist) and your pal Durie looks like he could do your job standing on his head(and at one tenth of the cost) Neat looking little park eh?
  10. So king dosen't have the money to defend himself?
  11. Give the board the 120 days they asked forAndy, then maybe even I will join you in crucifying them.Until then let's just wait and hope.
  12. I wonder who typed that statement for him? Guff's reputation would suggest that payment is likely to be involved.
  13. I'm most certainly on the boards side here,as King has (in the past) been found to be a compulsive liar.
  14. Not only does he not have the qualities to take us forward,he is so bad managing our club,we have actually got worse while he has been calling the shots.
  15. The odd good thing? I'd say Vanguard Bears lead the way most of the time,maybe others should follow,rather than holding personal grudges.
  16. Black for sure would be a huge loss,but Law has been crap for most of the season,no great loss in my opinion.
  17. Tomorow's game live on GOL TV 6.45 Alberta time.
  18. At last someone else Remembers the late 50's. Scott,Simpson,Murray,Baird and wee Johnny Hubbard was the forward line when I was introduced(at a very young age)to the love of my life. Unfortunately that was the same front five at my first old firm game,1957 league cup final. Back to wee Johnny,he was a teriffic wee winger,and penalty conversions second to none. On Rangers tv last night, the commentary team mentioned that Johnny never misses a game.
  19. The worst part about the damage he's doing.is that he has created huge conflict between the fans,and while he remains, there seems no way to reunite our support.Sad,sad,situation.
  20. Spurs never allowed him to play his marauding ,swashbuckling type game.Their loss. Would take him back to Ibrox in a flash(if we could afford him)
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