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  1. We have been so average since March, in the league . We have won 9, drawn 8 and lost 5. scoring 31 and conceding 30. Signings have added nothing , really frustrating to watch.
  2. Frustrated by our performance. Defence looked poor, losing 2 goals from set pieces. The first goal was just letting Stokes almost walk the ball into the net. Maybe we were rusty but the players should have seen the goal of ending the season on a high but they failed. Simply put we have been very average since the Celtic game. Improvements must be made. I don't like that Warburton is chasing midfielders that of defenders that have been linked is worrying. Oh, there will be an 18 month period whether to put any sanctions on them, after taking 8 months to come to that conclusion.
  3. The form since the 2nd half against Falkirk onwards, except the Celtic match has been concerning. We need somebody like different e.g. Waghorn when available.
  4. Too many goals lost in the last 2 matches. Falkirk had a last minute penalty and they missed it as well for 2-2
  5. Whilst I understand McGregor didn't fit into Warburton's system. McGregor himself probably wanted to play football, I don't like the amount of depth we have if any sort of injury crisis was to happen same upfront, midfield I think we have covered.
  6. Oh well he will enjoy that bench.
  7. The thing is McDowall isn't inspiring anybody. What he has been saying in the media as well is defeatist/excuse based. However he seems to not want to be in the job but would prefer to pick up a wage, which is annoying. His record for a Rangers manager is terrible, but the players are probably ignoring him but they did that with McCoist.
  8. No can't see Ally bringing us back to the top. However nobody is going to sack him as that will add fuel to the fire with the board. Ally wont resign as he seems stubborn and we have been getting results in the league,so he could get away with that. The cup record he has is a shambles.
  9. metlika

    Who ?

    Ally is good when selling the club in a spokesperson capacity, however if he were to leave it depends who is there if he wants to stick around after leaving. Most people would not stick around if they got sacked etc
  10. metlika

    Who ?

    If we were to get someone else in then they must have no or very little connections to the club as they will bring in fresh ideas. However nothing will change, Ally wont resign and the board wont sack him unless there is not promotion and if that happens it would be a catastrophic error if we didn't get promoted.
  11. Awful cup record how many rounds have we won under mccoist, 3?
  12. Chuffed for Murray gets that pressure off him but everybody will be expecting him to win more. I saw that it was the rugby world cup in 2003.
  13. Feel this is an awful decision but as the Stirling Albion chairman said he may have had no choice but to vote yes. Bullying at the highest order feel very disappointed and greed rules the day but what do you expect they are all short sighted chairmen.
  14. It would be good to see us actually go for it and play 2 up top, especially since there is nothing to lose, like there ever was....
  15. The whole situation is just very draining and making me lose a lot of passion for football overall, not just today but past year and a bit. It also doesn't help that the people who are in charge of our game are still there when they have been inept.
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