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  1. You should have asked him how can he afford to shop in Sainsbury's?? Surely his BBC salary would be more suited to Aldi??
  2. People need to realise it is 2019 not 2009 - £7m in not a lot of money for a player who is highly rated down south. I also like to think the board are structuring the deal in a way that does not financially stretch us.
  3. They had a make shift defence and we barely got near it. That game was crying out for a front three of Jones, Morelos and Ojo. Instead we played too many in the middle of the park which left Defoe isolated. If they go out and sign a couple of players today and we don't (which looks likely) then they will start to gain momentum and belief that they can achieve another title.
  4. It's worth noting that it's the same team who won at Ibrox except Aribo for Kent.
  5. I had a funny feeling Defoe would start. I'm interested to see what formation we start in,
  6. I have lost my voice. So proud of the team last night, back to back qualification from the first round is very impressive. Bring on Manchester United!
  7. Hence my point above. Some fans seem to think that by sticking to sungs such as Derrys Walls or Build my Gallows that there will be no repercussions - I am not sure FARE, Uefa or the club feel the same.
  8. Now is the time for the club to come out and provide a definitive list of offensive songs. Fans seem to have very different interpretations of what is acceptable. I would like to see songs prompted on the big screen to encourage fans to support the team in the right way.
  9. Ajax were threatened with a stand closure back in 2013-2014 for using the f word so there is a precedent. https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/celtic/in-full/ajax-fined-21-000-for-banner-at-celtic-match-1-3185707 Now we can sit and argue all day about the impartiality of FARE or whether we feel certain songs should or should not be found offensive. The fact of the matter is - it is now 2019 and these types of songs have no place in a football stadium. In fact I would go as far to say that these types of songs have no place in society anymore. No one should care about who won a battle hundreds of years ago. We have enough problems in the world in the present so why should we fixate so much on the past? Now is the time for change, if we don't we risk losing everything we have fought for since 2012. #everyoneanyone
  10. An English club could easily offer Sturridge £80k a week without thinking about it.
  11. In 2012 Sturridge was earning approx £65k a week... I reckon he will be looking for even more nowadays.
  12. Medical done and contract signed - I read @Stevie - 4lads Blog say that he could be in Portugal today.
  13. Liverpool apparently don’t charge loan fees. Instead they add certain clauses and penalties.
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