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  1. Waltersgotstyle

    The Winter 2018/19 - Transfer Window Rumours and Deals - Thread

    Yeah Wolverhampton which is over 3 hours drive from Southampton.... You would be quicker flying to Glasgow. Not too mention Wolves are rich.... so I just don't see it.
  2. Waltersgotstyle

    [FT] Dundee 1 - 1 Rangers (Halliday 21)

    We were without our two best players (IMO) Arfield and Morelos and it showed. If we can get to the winter break and still be in the hunt, then we need to push the boat out and go get 3 quality players. (Davis, Solanke and that boy from Everton?)
  3. Waltersgotstyle

    [FT] Dundee 1 - 1 Rangers (Halliday 21)

    If Lafferty goal hadn’t been wrongly chopped I reckon we would have went and won that comfortably. The fact is the 29th has now become a must win.
  4. Waltersgotstyle

    [FT] Dundee 1 - 1 Rangers (Halliday 21)

    I still don’t understand how Andy Dallas doesn’t get some time with the first team. He is clinical for the reserves.
  5. Waltersgotstyle

    Rangers v Aberdeen

    That is why we have a Croatian International though.
  6. Waltersgotstyle

    Rangers v Aberdeen

    I would not have dropped Halliday - he is far better than Flanagan.
  7. Waltersgotstyle

    Rangers v Aberdeen

    Last night showed once again that we struggle against teams who sit deep. Ironically Aberdeen are worse than last season and we are far far better but we can’t seem to beat them. Motherwell saved us last night with their late winner.
  8. Waltersgotstyle

    Barasic & Katic Playing In The Youth Match Today

    One question that could be asked of SG is - why did Andy Dallas not play ahead of Sadiq against Aberdeen?
  9. Waltersgotstyle

    Favoured Gers XI

    Oh my - mind blank! I was thinking of Alec Cleland!!
  10. Waltersgotstyle

    Favoured Gers XI

    I really struggled with picking a RB and CB. I’m 32 this month so Butcher was a bit before my time. (Although I watched my dads videos) but we have had some really good CB’s like Moore, Hendry, Amoruso, Boumsong, Weir and Bougherra to name a few. As for RB’s - the first I can really recall is David Robertson.
  11. Waltersgotstyle

    Favoured Gers XI

    Goram Numan Gough (c) Cueller Hutton Souness B Ferguson Laudrup Gascoigne Cooper McCoist Something a little different.

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