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  1. You are ruling him out just because we signed Nicky Clark and it didn't work out. As @BlackSocksRedTops points out - Robertson went from being a Queens Park player to being one of the best full backs in the world. I have actually seen a fair bit of Shankland (including his perfect hat-trick at the weekend) and IMO he would flourish in our team with the sheer volume of chances we create.
  2. Shankland is 10 times the player of Nicky Clark, working with Defoe everyday could make him great.
  3. The lad has often spoke about his love for Rangers, I think we would regret not signing a natural goalscorer.
  4. I would really like to see us go get Shankland. The boy continues to shine and working with Defoe and Morelos could turn him into a top top player.
  5. You can get it on most podcast platforms. (Now added embedded player above)
  6. I agree, but even then it is not like they have had great success with youth development either. Many promising players have had to leave to get game time elsewhere i.e. Liam Henderson and Dylan McGeouch.
  7. Forrest is now 28 (29 this year) and McGregor is now 26 (27 this year). Not exactly recent breakthroughs.
  8. I think that is doing this Rangers team a huge disservice mate. Rangers did not allow them to play for the full 90 minutes. You have to bear in mind that this is the same Celtic team that have been lauded all season.
  9. Morelos is currently ranked the number one player in the Europa League.
  10. "So there she was legs in the air, I was like..."
  11. Some interesting choices so far, although I am not a fan of your ten men team @pete
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