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  1. I’ve heard that the Greg Stewart deal is done (4 year deal).
  2. Slightly off topic but I see Cardoso is off to Benfica if reports are to be believed.
  3. Depends on what his relationship is like with the Liverpool hierarchy. He may be able to convince them that he can turn him in to a £14m player.
  4. You are believing hearsay - Gerrard has made it clear to Liverpool and the player he wants him again next season.
  5. The wee man knew how lucky he was and bought into the idea of being a Rangers player (I remember him posting a picture of his Rangers birthday cake) - but injuries coupled with the expectations of the fans were too much for him.
  6. Now that I have calmed down.... Tuesday night underlined the need for a creative midfielder who can either pick out a forward pass or has the guile to take the ball from middle to front when teams sit deep. There seems to be a lot of overreaction to our current squad but I still feel we are only 2 or 3 players away from being a really good side. Results in Europe showed that we are a very good counter attacking side but miss the invention of a number 10 against defensive minded teams.
  7. This was common knowledge. He loved playing for Rangers though and you can tell when he talks about his time with the club.
  8. Still feeling cold and miserable.
  9. He is nothing like Arfield mate.
  10. One of his best mates posts on FF and has always rubbished any rumours however he has been on the thread and for the first time has refused to comment. No smoke without fire.
  11. Our next two league games are very tough after which we go to Parkhead.
  12. 5 games and 5 clean sheets. We are starting to click into gear at the right time. After seeing them grab another injury time winner - I think it’s too little too late though.
  13. I think we have enough hard working midfielders - Kamara, McCrorie, Jack (potentially Rossiter - who got MOM for Bury yesterday). What we really need is a creative midfielder who can really take control of a game. Ironically Shinnie did just that yesterday for Aberdeen... but that does not suit my argument.
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