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  1. There are far more questions than answers surrounding this deal. £13m is a lot of money for a fans group to raise, a sum of that size should be going into the club not to any individual. I say this as a big Dave King fan as well.
  2. Man City, Chelsea, Spurs? Remember the PL is global and most shirts sales probably happen in Asia.
  3. Wilshere has been released and we have apparently shown an interest, he is only 28. Gazza was 28 when we signed him and like Wilshere he was written off by some.
  4. Did Scottish football help us? No they kicked us when we were down.
  5. If Twitter is to be believed Reading have knocked back £6m from Aston Villa for Swift.
  6. Daniel Johnson deal done according to their ITK forum member. Announced early next week.
  7. Now favourite for the job on some bookmakers sites. Someone claimed to have seen him in Bristol on Monday on their forum. They obviously are ignoring the fact that he took training on Monday and Tuesday in Glasgow. ?
  8. https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/bristol-city-earmark-liverpool-legend-4319053https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/bristol-city-earmark-liverpool-legend-4319053 It may be yesterdays news however it seems a couple of "ITK" posters on the Bristol City forum are claiming both parties have expressed interest. https://www.otib.co.uk/index.php?/topic/207712-steven-gerrard/ I for one do not believe Gerrard would be at all interested in the Bristol City job - but you just never know. Thoughts?
  9. I completely disagree. (this is despite my hope that Stewart would succeed as I have a few friends in common with him.) Jones, Stewart, Murphy and Polster are not good enough. They would get nowhere near Celtic's team and should in turn be nowhere near ours if we want to challenge.
  10. Souness is being quoted as being interested in returning to Rangers in an advisory role, could he realistically be the chairman we need?
  11. Let me be clear to everyone above. I am not blaming the OO for everything. What I am saying is that in a time where we are trying to promote ourselves as an all inclusive club - hiring a head of PR who is a member of such an organisation - in my mind and many others is a PR own goal.
  12. Well done Stevie - great debating skills there. I expected more from you.
  13. I am suggesting there must be other bluenoses with a PR background whose appointment does not come with the baggage that David Graham does.
  14. I want our club to be all inclusive and IMO being a member of the OO does not go hand in hand with that message or idealogoy. As for Steven Gerrard he has spoken out in regards to fan behaviour this season and has made it known that certain songs and ideas are not welcome. Songs which stem from the OO culture. IMO if the club chooses to hire a member of the OO then an element of our support will see this an excuse to continue singing certain songs and in turn will bring more Uefa sanctions.
  15. I couldn't careless about the tabloids, I'm more worried about the message this sends out to our fans. We are trying hard to rid ourselves of various offensive songs and IMO this appointment undermines that message.
  16. Come on Craig are you being deliberately obtuse here? I was merely surmising that there must be other candidates out there who do not come with political baggage David Graham comes with.
  17. Damn right he "Nailed it". The orange order is a completely out dated organisation. We have been fined on numerous occasions from UEFA this season and IMO this appointment undermines everything our board has done thus far to persuade elements within our support to drop the anti Catholic rhetoric. As a big Steven Gerrard fan do you not worry how feels when reading the headlines regarding this appointment? I really thought we were making big steps forward but already this feels like a PR disaster. Oh the irony.
  18. There are many well educated bears who could easily fulfill the role. The OO is a completely outdated organisation and any association stops our club moving forward.
  19. There are many other bluenoses who do not come with this unneeded baggage though. I fear we have shot ourselves in the foot on this one.
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