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  1. Thank god! Not been on this much but during the week was looking to come on here as I'm sick of RM at the moment.
  2. It seems that there isn't an alternative then...
  3. So what is the alternative? Or is it that we are just protesting that we want the club to die even sooner than what it currently can?
  4. So they are going to pay roughly 4m on the black hole until June to go through a CVA. Must say I'm happily surprised and now excited to hear more.
  5. Things are definitely looking up. Now just have to wait for the press conference to see what his plans are! Also be good to find out who the backers are.
  6. Yet if we were hearing absolutely nothing from them people would be moaning.
  7. Just went on this for the first time in years and done the US Open qualifier. Finished..... 33 over hahaha Coarse is far too big!
  8. Aye that would be great cheers! Always have a problem when it comes to the crest and the only one I can find is really small so ends up pixelated.
  9. RM has went downhill anyway
  10. Aye mate whenever you are bored or that just open it up and muck about in it.
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