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  1. Was it not the case that our game against St Mirren which was played on 19th May was originally meant to be played back in January?! I seem to recall the question being asked why there was such a long wait for the rescheduled date as was it not the case that "postponed matches must be played on 1st available free date". Same goes the Celtic game from January - wasn't that arrange for mid-April? Either of these postponements never helped us in any way in the lead in the end of the season, cant recall why it took so long to get another fixture date for these matches.
  2. I believe with the coefficient rules during qualification, since we defeated Maribor (who had coeff points of 22.500) we have adopted this score for the draw. That would result in us potentially being allocated to Pot 3. https://kassiesa.home.xs4all.nl/bert/uefa/seedel2018.html If you look at the 4th qualifying round section on this page it shows us at 22.500 for the Ufa draw. However the potential Group stage's still show Ufa as they have assumed seeded teams would qualify. If we defeat Ufa, I believe we would replace them with a higher coefficient point total.
  3. I agree with some of the posts in noting that some parts of the Stadium still look tired and in need of significant TLC. Would be interesting to understand what the Project 2022 will entail?? I think one aspect of the matchday experience that needs to be looked at is the surrounding roads & pavement conditions. I know that would involve Glasgow City Council (so might be low on their agenda give its Rangers) - Celtic got this all sorted for them FOC with the Commonwealth Games. I think the other battle Rangers and fans may have is due to the new parking regulations around the Ibrox area. I would like to think the Board should have Stadium expansion as a medium-long term objective in their strategy. Simply ignoring this wouldn't do the club any favours.
  4. The issue with points raised in this article is that it goes beyond the playing field. Considering all aspects - Celtic are miles ahead and that gap, in my opinion, seems to be getting larger. I have to say, I feel rather let down by the performance of the board and I cant say I feel that we have progressed at the rate i had hoped since King took control. I understand the results on the pitch might take a while given the massive job to turn things around from Ally to winning title 55. But the other aspects (scouting, stadium, engagement, merchandise) are really poor. Take someone who doesn't know about Rangers & Celtic and show them both clubs and its clear to see who would come out as the winner. I hate saying this but there are so many things about the club that make us look second to them - not something a lot of us supporters can accept.
  5. Must say, I have been perplexed by this entire element from the game at the weekend. I don't really believe that the statement should have been necessary at a time when the main focus from the game was the sub-standard officials performance. Lennon acting the way he did is no surprise to us - and in reality, being a manager at an SPFL club should bring some level of responsibility and maturity of which he didn't showcase at the weekend. Completely undignified man. And this will be perceived in the media as negative towards Rangers - as usual. The statement has brought focus to this and effectively shot us in the foot. And for what its worth, I don't really care about Pat Fenlon at Hibs several years ago. Shouldnt even fit into our train of thought. Just focus on Rangers and on the day - all efforst should have been made to raise awareness of the shambolic officials.
  6. I believe that where we were prior to Warburton's appointment, and during the Murty reign - we needed a successful, experienced manager with pedigree and vision in abundance. I feel that at both of those points we have made the wrong decision which hasn't taken us forward in any way. Which has been justified from the state that MW left us in after his departure. To get back to the level we should be, we need to have the quality, ability and mentality to win big matches. A valid criticism of MW and PC. What irks me the most is that last night was a big game....against poor opposition and we still couldn't find a way through. Also concerning that when we consider PC's reign to date is that he doesn't seem to have the ability to motivate or organise the team. I cant think of a game when we saw either of these from PC.
  7. Some more images on twitter showing scene from different angle. Shows a very different picture - apologising to fans it seems. Would post image but having difficulties.
  8. Images online of Pedro arguing with fans outside stadium. Not a good look at all!
  9. Pedro post match interview - He takes full responsibility for the loss, believes in the players and the process, disappointed by result, apologises to fans, need to take lessons from performance and move forward to improve. No real surprises.
  10. I will be surprised if he retains his job after this. 4th best team in Luxembourg! Who have only ever managed three goals in Europe since 1980....two against us! Who have never won a game in Europe in their history! The only saving grace from the first leg was Niko's return (Warburton signing) and Kenny Miller getting the goal....as per usual. Both of which - nothing from Pedro.
  11. Not even the best team from Luxembourg......the 4th best! Questions going to be asked about Pedro now.
  12. 6 year wait for return to European football....and that 180 minutes is what they have to show for us?? Complete disgrace!
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