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  1. David Murray performed the largest but secret mass lobotomy in history. Terrifying state of affairs.
  2. Thread on FF saying he's off to London to face charges down there too with a weekend behind bars.
  3. But, but Ashley's going to fund us back to the top. That's just scaremongering.
  4. The full show people: http://www.lse.co.uk/share-regulatory-news.asp?shareprice=RFC&ArticleCode=rdhka4v4&ArticleHeadline=Final_Results
  5. I suspect the devil will be in the detail. £8m just to survive and the board treat supporters with utter contempt. Makes sense!
  6. Looks as though Ashley needs to look at where his priorities lie. More money in the EPL than he'll ever get here but keeping his retail deal and ditching his henchmen might open up the path for King. Every cloud?
  7. Former chairman and utter scumbag Craig Whyte was once jailed in mexico pending extradition to the UK to face charges of fraud in the takeover of Rangers FC.
  8. Green openly admitted to shafting Whyte. Where does that leave the greedy Yorkshireman?
  9. What top five questions do you have for our glorious leaders?
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