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  1. I travel on The Temple Loyal bus. Leaves Lincoln Inn on Great Western Road and picks up on Futon Street. Has been going a couple of seasons now. For some away games we go on he Blues Brother bus that leaves Rosevale Bar in Partick. Years ago used to go on Knightswood bus.
  2. Maybe we will re-activate the Hindi twitter account we had, when we had the two indian boys over on trial.😄
  3. Are you saying this was solely down to Mark allen for the turnaround?
  4. Do you think the DOF will now get binned and SG to directly go for players he thinks are required?
  5. Inside Ibrox and Away Days are excellent from RTV. well worth my £5 per month.
  6. I suspect O'Connor snr will tell his son to go to the highest bidder and highest wages. I sincerely hope it's not him advising his son.
  7. Any games i've watched on it, I've had no complaints. Streams good, no buffering.
  8. One of my favourite threads. Great reading.
  9. I use the internet on my smart TV to watch Rangers TV. works fine,
  10. H. Helicopter Sunday
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