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  1. One of my favourite threads. Great reading.
  2. I use the internet on my smart TV to watch Rangers TV. works fine,
  3. H. Helicopter Sunday
  4. Why annouce it now? They have had a full season to plan for the last game celebrations but announce this with 5 games to go
  5. Little General

    Fave XI

    Klos Jardine Gough Jackson Numan Mclean MacDonald Russell Cooper Stein Johnstone
  6. And Brown let off again. He was goading the Rangers support at the end and Halliday took him to task.
  7. Scott Brown is a Grade A shitebag. Shat himself at the end hiding behind sub.
  8. Their goals came from two mistakes from us giving the ball away needlessly.
  9. If we don't watch what we are doing this could end up 4 or 5
  10. George Young, Jimmy Mason, Sammy Cox, Deedle Dawdle & Willie Woodburn @ Wembley 1949
  11. All my family were either miners or shipyard workers. Indeed I had an apprenticeship in the shipyard when youger. These industries have been decimated. I left the shipyard and went to a job in the civil service.
  12. The players and fans gave their all today. Fantastic stuff
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