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  1. Little General

    Corbyn - Labour's gift to the nation

    All my family were either miners or shipyard workers. Indeed I had an apprenticeship in the shipyard when youger. These industries have been decimated. I left the shipyard and went to a job in the civil service.
  2. Little General

    [FT] Rangers 1 - 0 Celtic (Jack 30)

    The players and fans gave their all today. Fantastic stuff
  3. Little General

    [FT] St Johnstone 1 - 2 Rangers (Morelos 65, 88)

    we played much better with two up front.
  4. Little General

    Rangers new hummel kits go on sale today

    taken from FF: Neil Friar is the director of Elite and also the chairman of Hummel UK & Ireland. https://uk.linkedin.com/in/neil-friar-51101944
  5. The strategy will be to use Rangers to oust SNP and replace them Labour councillors. And as you said politicians are opportunistic.The cynic in me says they are not doing it for Rangers.
  6. Jock Wallace, Then Motherwell manager and a very young Gary McAllister. Looks like Gullane sands.
  7. Little General

    John Greig Presentation

    63/64, 75/76 & 77/78. Thoroughly deserved. A fantastic servant to the club.
  8. Little General

    SFA Charges: Preliminary Tribunal Hearing Outcome

    Rangers should be asking for heads to roll over this witch hunt. SFA are an embarrassment.
  9. Little General

    Rangers new hummel kits go on sale today

    This is out of pure spite. I hope that fat bastard Ashley has a heart attack soon.
  10. Little General


    I thought Herrera was away?

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