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  1. As I said some time back; there is an obvious solution. Make him the captain on the pitch and Wallace stays as Club Captain. It's been done before but I need someone to remind me who was involved?
  2. I think he was well capable of being a player in the no. 10 role, so being played out of position certainly didn't help. BUT like many a footballer he thought he was better than he was and will find out the hard way in England.
  3. Aye Ready! I hope we're not expecting TOO much from him.
  4. Should this be merged with the "Another UEFA Complaint" thread or am I missing something new here?
  5. Bollocks. Makes it sound like he was put in a concentration camp; not sent to train with the Under-20's. He was never signing a new contact, that was obvious when he only signed a one year extension. He was capable of so much more but was left out because he wasn't contributing to the team. He'll certainly be remembered for that wonderful goal vs Celtic; but that apart he so often flattered to deceive. All the best to him; but he should keep his mouth shut and get on with his new career.
  6. Hi Bill, like you I sold my business and am now semi retired. However, I have a ST and follow wherever and whenever I can. It's early days but as rbr says, be aware of the end of season dinner http://www.gersnetonline.co.uk/vb/showthread.php?86426-Revised-Poll-for-the-Date-of-the-6th-Gersnet-Dinner. A good opportunity to meet fellow Bears in a convivial atmosphere.
  7. Hi Sjoerd, Because of the way the ground is configured, the fact that the entire Broomloan Stand is given over to Celtic fans, and there are about 36,000 season ticket holders; I don't think there is any general sale of tickets for an old firm game and if there is it would probably be restricted to one per person. Therefore, one ticket might be just about possible, two would be well nigh impossible and three, well do you believe in miracles? If you don't get them, consider coming for the Kilmarnock game on 17 March and then you can join us at the Gersnet Dinner after the match! http://www.gersnetonline.co.uk/vb/showthread.php?86426-Revised-Poll-for-the-Date-of-the-6th-Gersnet-Dinner&highlight=
  8. Thank you for the advice. albeit tinged with your usual sarcasm. You really can't help yourself, can you? I'm surprised you didn't find a way to link this to Ashley et al. You have no way of knowing anything about my finances and I'm sure you care even less. However, since you raise the subject, money has never been an object when I follow the Rangers, witness the £650 I just spent for 2 nights in Luxembourg. Your macabre comment is offensive AND totally baseless. What IS important to me is a reasonable degree of comfort and value for money. I am already a Platinum Member of Accor Hotels and see that the current members rate for that room with an additional bunk bed is £90.25 excluding breakfast. Not sure what I would do with the bunk bed. IBIS is the most basic of basic 2* hotels (the only hotel I've ever stayed in any category anywhere in the world which doesn't supply hand towels separate from a bath towel) and there is no way I am paying them £90 for a room that they usually sell for £25-£35, just because Rangers are in town; indeed the same room is going for £31.50 on the Sunday night. Quite apart from that it's 3.9km from the city centre and that's not where I want to be. So thanks very much for the advice and enjoy your stay at the IBIS.
  9. Almost like being back in Europe then.
  10. Several now sold out there as well and most of what is left is £100+; Doncaster perhaps?
  11. A complete embarrassment, I agree. It's possible to show your support without wearing the top.
  12. I'm waiting on a couple of lads who I met in Leipzig confirming if they want to go with me. The hotels in Sheffield are ridiculously expensive for the Saturday night (I'm wondering of some still think the game is on the Saturday) but there are cheaper alternatives in Rotherham and Manchester. I still haven't decided whether to do that and come back on Sunday or make it a Sunday/Monday trip (as I am in the fortunate position of not needing to be back for work on the Monday). Anyone who is interested please PM.
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