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  1. I always enjoy this show with a mix of classic Prog rock and new stuff. https://www.mixcloud.com/EddieMcF/kiss-that-prog-13-may-2021/
  2. In a sane country, the inflammatory tweets by Sturgeon and Yousaf would lose them support. I think there must be SNP supporters that aren’t big fans of illegal immigration and don’t want to see officials threatened. But it’s not really very sane just now is it ?
  3. What is the issue with SG and subs? I don’t know whether it would have worked tonight- but it worked for them.
  4. And of course, no serious business will look to expand or open in Scotland. Bad education, higher taxes and colossal uncertainty. Boris absolutely nailed it. It’s a disaster.
  5. Massively enjoying this thread guys.
  6. Any guesses who's next for the throne ?
  7. I’m not anticipating an apology from anyone named above .
  8. I’m very confident he’ll be great. I get great reports from Charlton fans.
  9. Mr Bowyer has let himself down. I’m a Charlton fan this type of behaviour is unnecessary.
  10. Thanks Cooponthewing, what a brilliant start to the weekend. Great preview ...loved the the intro.... I think like a lot of us I could really do with a week off from Josh Windass. He has a condition ....fluid attention span and ability. And he’s a coward.
  11. Totally in agreement with the Gunslinger on this one. It’s a gift for gangsters, bringing up cheaper booze from Carlisle. Also puts small shop owners and workers at risk...more break ins and theft.
  12. The guys from the Founders Trail are visiting our Masonic Hall on Friday 17th November (173 Masonic Club, 46 Frazer St, Largs). Starts at 7.30pm and its a fiver a ticket. If you PM me I'd be happy to get any Gersnetters tickets in advance and you can square with me on the night. Be great to see as many of the Ayrshire guys as possible. Thanks
  13. I did the trail with the lads from Largs Supporters club. Superb day out and the guys still talk about it.
  14. The BBC is very anti Brexit and it just seeps out of the presenters pores.
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