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  1. It’s ironic because Mr Kelly is just the kind of person that the SNP have cultivated.
  2. If the penalty hadn’t been saved I don’t think we’d have come back. Thank goodness it was.
  3. Hopefully today is the day that it clicks and we get back to last season’s form. Joe Aribo is better than he was last season, Hagi is busy and it will start working again for Ryan Kent.
  4. I always enjoy this show with a mix of classic Prog rock and new stuff. https://www.mixcloud.com/EddieMcF/kiss-that-prog-13-may-2021/
  5. In a sane country, the inflammatory tweets by Sturgeon and Yousaf would lose them support. I think there must be SNP supporters that aren’t big fans of illegal immigration and don’t want to see officials threatened. But it’s not really very sane just now is it ?
  6. What is the issue with SG and subs? I don’t know whether it would have worked tonight- but it worked for them.
  7. And of course, no serious business will look to expand or open in Scotland. Bad education, higher taxes and colossal uncertainty. Boris absolutely nailed it. It’s a disaster.
  8. Massively enjoying this thread guys.
  9. Any guesses who's next for the throne ?
  10. I’m not anticipating an apology from anyone named above .
  11. I’m very confident he’ll be great. I get great reports from Charlton fans.
  12. Mr Bowyer has let himself down. I’m a Charlton fan this type of behaviour is unnecessary.
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