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  1. Correct it's because of the goal post design of the roof supports, if the upper sections of the corners were filled in it would have meant a high proportion of restricted view seats. I think it may well be now possible to alter the roof structures to avoid pillars but whether it is financially feasible is a different matter. A point to bear in mind is that an average of 7000 season ticket holders are absent for each game and the club will try and promote secondary ticketing to help assuage demand from non season ticket holders. As for the screens they can be moved to the roofs of the Broomloan and Copland relatively easily.
  2. Semitic is certainly not modern neither is anti-semitism. Now you like others on here may well be comfortable with Corbyn's anti-semitism as is your right but you can't claim to want the best for the United Kingdom if you're willing to tolerate an anti-semite leading the country.
  3. I'm not accusing Corbyn of being an anti-semite, how could I when the evidence is there for all to see?
  4. Ah The Guardian is another example of the "wrong kind of Socialism" then? What smears?
  5. From that well known Tory propaganda outlet The Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/mar/28/antisemitism-open-your-eyes-jeremy-corbyn-labour Someone who uses unlawful violence and intimidation in the pursuit of a political aim like Corbyn's friends the IRA,Hamas, Hezbollah etc
  6. Or terrorist supporting anti-semites.
  7. Import the third world and you get third world.
  8. Wonder why Seamus Milne's old man is the only BBC Director General ever to be sacked was it because he was too right wing?
  9. https://www.express.co.uk/news/history/729283/joseph-watt-WWI-military-service-victoria-cross-lord-ashcroft-gowanlea-novara-Royal-Navy
  10. Not only merchant ships but hundreds if not thousands of trawlers and fishing boats too. https://www.worldnavalships.com/naval_trawlers.htm Some trawlers were requisitioned during the Falklands War, they make excellent minesweepers.
  11. Scottish "gun boats" don't actually have guns, I kid ye not as they're merchant vessels not naval vessels, that's one of the reasons they spend their time harassing UK fishermen while watching Jonny Foreigner literally rape the seas around Scotland. It beggars belief that the Scottish "Government" sent a fishery protection vessel out to Rockall as there really should be at least 2 in that area permanently as it's one of the most bountiful fishing grounds on earth and it should be noted that the fishery zone doesn't just extend out to Rockall but to 200 miles west of it. That's tens of thousands of square miles of Scottish controlled waters unprotected as a matter of course.
  12. The Southern Irish government getting a taste of it's own medicine. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-47401104 The Rockall stuff rears its head every few years it's not about fishing rights its about territorial claim and of course oil.
  13. FWIW I can confirm Bearger is a genuine Bear.
  14. But not untrue. Of course I remember however Mossad can't fire that particular gun if Corbyn & Co don't supply them with the ammunition. No I didn't I just exposed the hypocrisy, Trump at least has the defence that he didn't know what the f*&k he was talking about while you're fellow anti-Trumper Russell most certainly did. I'm not denying that I may have said that but I certainly can't recall it though not in a traditional Labour Party Richard Burgon type of way.
  15. See post #134 You're comfortable with both anti-semitisim and anti-semites, we get that. I didn't get any wires crossed I merely pointed out the rampant hypocrisy of the Trump = evil personified brigade. Can you direct me towards my remarks as your recollections seem to be better than mine.
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