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  1. That's still illegal though. If you don't believe me then ask Joanna Cherry QC for it was her who highlighted that fact.
  2. The only possible reason for the "consultants for the civil servants" is Operation Save Sturgeon, it is illegal for witnesses to be "coached" but as has already been demonstrated in this case Sturgeon & Co think they're above the law.
  3. Given what you say re Salmond and civil service there you have the answer to your own question re why he would need legal advice, no? He knows how the apparatus of party and state work better than anyone.
  4. You won't get an answer. He's buggered off in the huff allegedly permanently this time. Though I expect he'll lurk incognito. Leopards and spots and all that.
  5. It was pipefitters. Not aware of a national shortage of them in Scotland given the current state of oil industry here.
  6. One of life's contradictions, Trump the Military Academy graduate appears to be a pacifist. 🕊️
  7. He means people whose names tend to end in stein.
  8. Perhaps they couldn't have purchased shares from Rangers various issues last year because they'd already committed themselves to an exclusive deal with King?
  9. You do not raise income via a share issue you raise capital. That isn't pedantry it's a very, very important distinction, if you doubt that then ask @Bluedell he'll probably explain it a lot better than I can. The various issues have been raising working capital not income.
  10. Pardon my ignorance but how have the club "changed the goalposts "?
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