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  1. It's basically a Spurs strip 👀
  2. Looks a bit meh, more like a t-shirt than an actual football top.
  3. Happy enough with that all things considered.
  4. Why do people think platforms like Twitter and Facebook are there for them to practice "free speech"? Their sole purpose is to enrich their owners and you can only post things that don't affect the filthy lucre rolling in, they're perfectly comfortable with anti-semitism (as is wider society especially here in Scotland) and will only do something about it when it starts to hurt their pockets hence the sloth like action in this case. Personally I wouldn't have banned him but then I actually believe in freedom of speech for all and all he has done is show his true colours. Did I miss the similar thread for Katie Hopkins? Or is she not to be afforded the same rights as black anti-semites? ^^^^ *Notes Compo's thread re Hopkins* Freedom of speech if it ever existed has gone for ever and you can thank the left for that.
  5. I don't believe I have.
  6. Here's me thinking the issue here was anti-semitism. My bad.
  7. The GersNet sufficiently woke brigade will be along in a minute
  8. You also need to factor in the other organisations they use to avoid scrutiny and spending limits, Business for Scotland, Women for Independence etc.. (provided Fingers McGarry didn't empty that pot).
  9. Would be helpful to the rate of testing per 100k of population too as increased testing leads to a rise in positive cases but not a corresponding rise in deaths.
  10. Hanna on Amazon Prime is a decent watch.
  11. One step away from bullying! 👀
  12. Been done before in lots of James Bond films. The lost arts of reading maps and navigating with make a comeback.
  13. Careful now, that's one step away from bullying
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