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  1. One of Twitter's finest ever threads starring some of our own. Proof if ever it were needed people should be licenced to be on social media.
  2. @Rose_of_Lancs · 19h #GretaThunberg UPDATE: It transpires that the five people bringing the boat back from NYC will first fly over to the States, meaning in total Greta’s PR trip will end up creating six times the emissions it would have done if she’d just flown over to begin with… @GuidoFawkes
  3. The comparison is blatantly obvious both resided in England before, during an after being MP for East Dunbartonshire.
  4. Her predecessor in East Dumbartonshire John Nicholson lives in Shoreditch furfuxake but I suppose he's above criticism eh? https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/13807613.john-nicolson-an-snp-mp-with-a-good-eye-for-property/
  5. Thing is there's similar footage floating about of Rangers fans doing the exact same at Pittodrie. I wish people would realise there is no moral high ground on this issue it affects all wheelchair fans irrespective of what colour scarf they wear.
  6. Statement from Club 1872. Shows you how many f*&ks Club 1872 and those who pull their strings give about the wheelchair fans.
  7. Aberdeen and Falkirk both have similar areas and both suffer from the same problems of idiots banging and jumping on the roofs.
  8. The roof was constructed purely to provide shelter from the elements for the wheelchair users below a purpose it has served well and one I have been thankful for on many occasions, it was not constructed as a dance floor nor as a platform to bounce up and down on. No idiots on the roof and the roof doesn't collapse simples.
  9. I know for a fact they were fully aware of exactly what they were dancing on just before they landed on me and my friends, how none of us were seriously injured is simply miraculous. Behaviour such as that has been highlighted to both Kilmarnock stewards and Rangers security for years, they were fully aware of our concerns but did absolutely nothing to address them other than patronise us.
  10. The T-Shirt gives the game away.
  11. Hindu, daughter of refugees, just your stereotypical Tory really.
  12. I see Boris has appointed Asians as Chancellor and Home Secretary the racist, Islamophobe bastard that he is ....
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