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  1. Hope not as Farage was perhaps the most successful politician ever achieving 100% of his agenda.
  2. Peter Adam Smith wasn't for accepting the answer the first journalist received.
  3. She's gone all coy at today's Covid briefing stating she refutes what Davis said on the issue and she won't be answering any further questions on the matter if any more journalists deign to ask her. Apparently it's a Covid briefing and that's all she's going to be answering questions on. It was just a few weeks ago she launched an 11 minute tirade against Salmond at which she impugned the jury's vetdict in Salmond’s criminal trial. She's rattled. Rather conveniently BBC 1 left the broadcast a second before the journalists question, it's as if they knew what was coming g
  4. Welcome to the real life live permanent remake of The Lives of Others a Humza Useless/Scottish Natzi Party co-production in association with the Greens, Liberal Democrats (pfffft!) and associated Labour MSP's.
  5. This, Prestwick, the Ferguson ferries shambles, Bi-Fab etc were never business decisions they were pure political grandstanding.
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