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  1. forlanssister

    7 Labour MP's quit

    That they did this in the knowledge their own political careers are effectively over now highlights just how f*&ked up the Labour Party currently is.
  2. Turkeys not voting for Xmas is the very reason we'll never see a Labour government under Corbyn & Co. Even the most fervent hard-Brexiter acknowledges there will be reciprocal rights just as they acknowledge Brexit won't end immigration. Especially those who vote for a Corbyn led Labour Party. No I don't and below is a perfect of example of why. For the avoidance of doubt I say the same thing today and will tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that yada yada yada. The Israeli's didn't invent Corbyn & Co's antisemitism just as MI5 didn't invent Corbyn & Co's love and support of terrorists that they use his own actions against him is of his own making.
  3. Because nobody wants to give them 20p via the open market and King only made the offer because the Court mandated that he do so.
  4. forlanssister

    Rugby League

    Haven't watched it since the days of Eddie Waring and Grandstand on Saturday afternoons.
  5. They're traded all the time on https://www.jpjenkins.com/ go fill your boots
  6. Em they buy more shares, give the Easdales a call I'm sure they'll welcome your advances.
  7. That effectively happened when the offer closed on Friday.
  8. If that actually bother's you then nobody's stopping you maintaining your holding bar yourself.
  9. King has just spent many months, countless hours, court visits and probably no small amount of cash with the sole intention of not giving the 'Easdale Bloc' a single penny do you really think he's now going to turn round and buy them out? In the offer document it was announced there would be 2 more (at least) rounds of fund raising both of which will result in further dilutions of the 'Easdale Bloc'. King and the Boards strategy is crystal clear: don't give them a penny and dilute them into insignificance. So far as I see it is working like a dream.
  10. What possible reason does King have for giving any of the former Easdale Bloc a single penny?
  11. Pray tell why on earth would King give them as much as a single penny for a single share let alone 22p?
  12. Thought it was 27p anyone paying 47p then would be in an asylum surely?
  13. forlanssister

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    As did Grampian when STV took it over.
  14. forlanssister

    Brexit - the big vote

    Surely not in pre-Brexit days though?

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