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  1. On the plus side it'll spare your heirs the cremation fees
  2. Going to have to step up a few levels on Tuesday. Thought we were very pedestrian again in the first half. Really need to vary it more against teams who just park the bus. At least we had a few shots I suppose.
  3. Tarquin and Penelope will care as much about that as they do in regards to the child slave miners in the Democratic Republic of Congo and their Mexican drug baron supplied avocados.
  4. Going to be fun once people finally click that net zero doesn't equate to no use of oil, gas or coal. Same with those who think they are using 100% renewable energy simply because their supplier says so, breathtaking levels of ignorance involved. The amount of people complicit in and profiting from greenwashing is quite phenomenal.
  5. Loyalty to a former employer, an increasingly rare trait!
  6. Thought they stopped producing Lada's months ago as they couldn't get imported components.
  7. Was just coming on to post that I may be able to assist but glad you're sorted out. 🙂
  8. EV's cause major issues for emergency services in an accident. Parts of the car can apparently become live, and a damaged battery can spontaneously combust. A major problem is transporting and storing the damaged vehicles safely.
  9. Pretty sure like most of its ilk it's just another part of the sociology course from the University of Moscow
  10. Because that's what I witness daily, some aspects of life progressing some declining. Probably always been the case and always will.
  11. It's not an electric bus It's natural gas.
  12. It's what you don't see in their coverage that is more telling.
  13. Traditional Labour voters won't get Labour into power even they know that.
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