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  1. I'm sure someone will post a tweet from one of Putin's shills rubbishing Kasparov and all he stands for.
  2. I concur as that particular gift as far as I can see is the exclusive reserve of you and Buster either that or it's just plain old fashioned narcissism. Clouds in coffee and aĺl that.....
  3. I can't see too many listening though outside the world of the deluded remainiacs. Even Starmer has conceded.
  4. A party leader ousted as a result of the cover up of a homosexual predators actions, will lightning strike twice 🤔
  5. It's the damage Johnson can and most probably will do that worries me.
  6. Can easily make an iterim appointment, Johnson remaining in place serves no purpose and cannot possibly be for the common good.
  7. He cannot be allowed to stay in situ for another 3 months, the 1922 Committee surely have to act.
  8. Neither did "Oven Ready", I doubt he actually ever belived in Brexit but viewed it merely as a means to an end namely it enabled him to get to No 10.
  9. If only Brexit was done. "No deal better than a bad deal", those were the days!
  10. It doesn't look to be as restricted as that.
  11. Anyone else think some posts in this thread are best read in a Russian accent? 🤔
  12. Apart from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.
  13. I suspect it will indeed be less that that.
  14. Thing is she did plea guilty in this case but somehow managed to get that plea withdrawn and a retrial, a total and utter farce.
  15. Balustrade Lanyard as he's known.
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