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  1. Doubt they would shut down a legal route whether what's proposed would be legal is the decision to be made. Be careful what you wish for springs to mind.
  2. Special retail operation.
  3. I didn't misinterpret anything merely made a reference to the first casualty of a "special military operation" being the truth. Tracey is a well known Putin apologist though he denies being one but hey don't they all?
  4. Use your infinite wisdom to enlighten me as you did when you stated like your favourite tweeter Tracey that there would be no invasion.
  5. The CIA are in Ukraine wow he'll be revealing to us that they're in Russia too next, the buggers! It's taken him what 8 years to realise there's been NATO personel in Ukraine? How can we possibly manage without such insight?
  6. Who introduced it into the thread?
  7. So you now admitting it existed when you previously claimed it didn't? We've been back in the seventies for a while now since the socialists in Downing Street started printing and spending money like it's going out of fashion.
  8. Maybe they got rid of the anti-semite problem?
  9. Takes some ego to assume everything thing is about you does it not? Go whine to the admin like a cry baby if you want see if anyone gives a shit.
  10. Touched a nerve, dented a fragile ego, not playing the game the way you want? Grow up and stop acting like a petulant child trying to belittle eveyone one else because they dare to hold a view that opposes yours. Don't expect tolerance from others when you display disdain towards them.
  11. I credit people with enough intelligence to work it out for themselves, don't you?
  12. Could have been worse could hsve had Corbyn, Abbot et al on that list.
  13. No, no not at all. Some on here want you to belive it's a model of humanitarian benevolence saving the Ukranian people from the terror and oppression of the Nazi Dictator Zelensky and his Western masters.
  14. I see the penny is finally dropping as what the clowns at the SPFL have done
  15. Quicker just buying more Bacofoil, no?
  16. https://www.brookings.edu/blog/up-front/2014/11/06/did-nato-promise-not-to-enlarge-gorbachev-says-no/ No idea if that source is right, left or centrist.
  17. East = East Germany, no?
  18. Chopping down my conifers at the weekend, plenty coal stocked. Que,sera sera.
  19. Steve Earle, Rivers of Babylon featuring the delightful Emmylou Harris on backing vocals
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