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  1. Absolutely as the cinch money goes towards the prize fund, we won't lose a penny.
  2. Sail on, sail on O mighty ship of state
  3. Didn't think it would necessarily be an argument that actually needs to be proferred by anyone. Has it in reality ever been anything else?
  4. I imagine it will indeed be the 'B' team, its a testimonial for one of the Broch players.
  5. Makes you proud to be British!
  6. So long as they have the infrastructure to deliver the food, the fuel and the nuclear arsenal, but I'm sure Russian infrastructure is the best infrastructure in the wotld maintained to the highest possible degree by the worlds best trained, equipped and paid specialists. Last time I flew Aeroflot I was tempted to buy shares in duct tape manufacturers such is the Russians love of it.
  7. They aren't Social Democrats they're Republicans pure and simple as their sucking up to the Shinner terrorists the other week ably demonstrated.
  8. The worst possible result both for Conservative party and the nation as we now effectively enter a period of paralysis. Let the games commence!
  9. Oh come on furfuxake, I'm old enough to remember when the SNP policy was to leave the EEC, was to abolish Council Tax, was to withdraw from NATO, was to maximise the output of North Sea oil and gas, close the attaiment gap, judge Elsie on her education record etc.....etc. See a pattern developing there? There is no lie that won't be told in pursuit of Elsie's teenage wet dream.
  10. Seriously you think that proves she's a monarchist? If so I've got some bridges to sell you.
  11. Several years ago Euan McColm advised people to carry a spare pen with them in case they were stuck in a lift with him so they could stab it his eye. Sage advice.
  12. Monarchist my arse, she's simply made a political judgement that the people would be more inclined to back independence if the monarchy is retained. Remember independence transcends EVERYTHING. It transcends, the wealth of the nation, the health of the nation, the rights of women, education, transport, the economy, the security of the nation, the rights of the individual EVERYF*&KINGTHING
  13. They've been ironed out allegedly
  14. Currently enjoying it via Plex which avoids the adverts.
  15. I'm inclined to agree re Balogun. Interestingly Goldson was bigging up Leon King in his RTV interview today so hopefully we can expect to see more of him.
  16. As the saying goes, judge a man by the company he keeps. Part of me wishes he'd succeeded if only because the readon for his sacking from the the Rangers Fans Board would probably be revealed. Not my gift to give alas.
  17. Stunning bit of business by the club, cap doffed!
  18. She was a total c*&t pre her arrival at Westminster so Westminster is blameless in this instance.
  19. IIRC the increased capacity is not all in hospitality and will include some bog standard Govan Rear seats.
  20. My 78 year old Da swims a half mile every morning apart from the 2 days he goes to the gym. He has a wire haired dacshund and normally walks 12k steps a day, he recently did 25k steps as he took my sisters 2 dachshunds out too. The wired haired one belonged to my sister too but my Da "borrowed" him at the start of lockdown so he could go out for a walk more than once a day. Currently down to circa 5k steps as he's hurt his knee, surprise surprise He phoned for a doctors appointment and didn't even get a phone consultation, however he was told a physio would send him a sheet with some exercises to do, but wouldcnot look at him. Elsie McSelfie has effectively killed NHS Scotland stone dead.
  21. They won't sue because they can't sue. I'm sure we'll see a resolution soon enough once the SPFL have decided who the fall guy is going to be.
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