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  1. Watched BBC World 24 in my hotel in Malaga on the Tuesday night, it was the leady story of the programme not the sports segment but the whole programme.
  2. https://streamable.com/6ysi9n Updated extended polished up version, with another to come after Wednesday.
  3. The sequel to the Road to Manchester all those years ago. Feel free to share and spread. Password: rangers https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x8argp7 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1i8Ok9G1A8gxZqK_wlV1k6_Kt4mly_t1B/view?usp=sharing A poished up version and a condensed version will come over the next week or so.
  4. Patience is the only virtue I have I'll happily wait for you to enlighten the darkened corners of tiny mind with your intellectual and moral superiority, I'll even wait for you to remove those Idaho Russet or Yukon Gold chips from your shoulder.
  5. Every week I follow the same routine, wait for team news go on to Billy Hills do a first scorer and correct score an stick a tenner on it then same scorer and score anytime and a fiver on that. For some reason this week I broke with routine and posted on here early. Went onto Billy Hills as I'd a fiver free bet that was going to expire so went to put on my prediction but thought about and opted for 3-1 instead so a most welcome return of £350 for my "free" fiver and a rather delightful £2510 return for my tenner. So Seville all covered, if you bump into me in Southern Spain identify yourself and I'll treat you to a libation or two! 🙂
  6. Booked flights to Alicante and stayingvin Malaga. £5 to reserve flights for 72 hours and free cancellation hotel.
  7. Had the point of the exercise been in fact to "secure" Donbas and Luhansk then that on itself could have been accomplished relatively quickly and at a lot less cost of blood and treasure. However megalmania trumps logic. I think the myth of Russia’s military prowess and capability has been destroyed once and for all mainly by Russia itself. Won't allow them to build a powerful resistance really? Tell that to Russia's growing army of widows, fatherless children, sonless parents etc. Putin’s domestic success has caused his apparent failure in Ukraine a bittersweet irony.
  8. Is there any country without a neo-nazi problem? Russia certainly has one, one that's been cultivated by Putin to negate his liveral detractors. So much for de-nazification. The so called "far-right" polled a mighty 2.15% in the last Ukrainian election as opposed to AfD multiple times that in Germany. I look forward to the livestreaming of the Red Army storming the Bundestag in order to save humanity by de-nazifying again.
  9. It makes no sense whatsoever that you could visit Russia and not meet one single person that wasn't content with Putin and his regime but they say if you don't want to see something then you won't. It wasn't necessary to seek it out it was there for the world to see overlooking St Basil's, Red Square and the Kremlin.
  10. At least one of our RSC was successful.
  11. And your contribution here other than whataboutery and two/three/four etc wrongs make a right? Definitely a few "special information operatives" in this thread but you won't need binoculars to see them.
  12. I know , I know if only our governments were benevolent liberators bringing compassion, love and charity to those suffering oppression like Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and his peacekeepers are doing in Ukraine.
  13. Noticed that, wasn't aware it was imminent. Will try it on Freevee but if it's too annoying then another platform beckons.
  14. MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL.... As one of your countrymen is rumoured to have once opined "Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty".
  15. A rather measly 125/1 @ Billy Hills for correct score 1250/1 scorecast, Ladbrokes app only giving up to 0-4 Rangers @150/1
  16. I'm not saying it is am I, that's you?
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