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  1. Did he say when Seaon tickets go on sale?
  2. When are they likely to go on sale? It's already very late in the day compared to the usual timescale Obviously we are all unhappy about not going up, but the thought of a **** free club, run properly, bringing on youngsters, sorting out the coaching, scouting operations... actually excites me A solid league winning season in the Championship, another 40 odd games under the belt for the likes of Murdoch, Hardie, Sinnamon, Gallacher A good run in the cups, finally scooping the Ramsdens! WATP
  3. Nice one mate Also the added bonus of a ticket for home play offs and I'd assume being able to apply for away briefs I really cannot understand the moaning from some about this offer
  4. I got a 4 matcher for the CR today and was specifically told without asking that it was mine to renew next year if I like
  5. Just back from ticket office, I got a ticket for Copland rear for 82 quid Didn't know about the 62 quid ones or I would have went for one At 82 its not a bargain at all but I'm thinking it more ght be the key to getting tickets for the play offs v Hibs then the final play off game I asked the guy in the ticket office if the 4 game season tickets were selling well, but he misunderstood and told me that over 700 season tickets have been sold since " the boys got in"
  6. Hopefully his back door gets kicked in, in bar l
  7. "Tommorow, me and Ally" Looks to me like he is still just a money hungry scumbag who will do "owt" and say "owt" for a few bob Sun "20k Charles for a few days of your gibberish to fill our sports pages" Bawhum " where do I sign? I'm from Yorkshire me, padded cell padded cell"
  8. Ive been at all 3 and have to say last night was far better than the last 2 Still nowhere near the standard required but at least a bit of effort was visible They tried to keep it on the deck and pass it about a bit faster Considering he's had only 2 or 3 training sessions with them I was encouraged We were let down by shocking defending, and piss poor performance's by the over the hill brigade If wee McCall shows real guts and drops jig and Boyd for a couple of hungry youngsters on Sunday I think we will give them a game
  9. Don't see a section for tickets Please delete if not allowed admin Looking for a couple of tickets for Sunday
  10. I noticed the entrance tucked away beside the megastore on Tuesday night, never realised it was open to all Might check it out today, cheers
  11. Much is a beer in there?
  12. Something the club could look at? Plenty of space around the ground, even just a covered area open for a few hours before and an hour after the match The nearby pubs are all heaving around these times and I don't think they'd suffer too much, plus at the end of the day I'd rather put my money into the club coffers
  13. After all the talk of a sell out, with even the new chairman in waiting declaring he would be "very very surprised if it's not a sell out" I have to say I was a bit disappointed with the turn out Sure it was midweek, shite weather, champions league on the telly, meaningless game of shite standard football. .. But it was also the first home game of a new ****less era I say I was disappointed with the attendance, but at the same time I have to admit to being very tempted to spend the 2nd half standing in the Louden watching Ronaldo I'd say the only way the new regime can hope for anything near full houses for the remainder of this season, and the whole of next if we remain in the championship is to bring in a good manager, someone who plays attractive attacking football, who will clear out the jigs, the moshnis, the blacks and bring in young hungry players Apart from the goal last night the only time the fans even had a ripple of excitement was when young Walsh was on the ball, give us guys like him all day long instead of old slow hasbeens like jig or Daly Its a tough one for the new board, they can't afford to get the new managerial appointment wrong, but they can't afford to wait too long either if they want the crowds to keep filling the stadium
  14. A couple of percent Yet this cretin claims it as a personal triumph
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