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  1. Our support took a "wait and see attitude" with SDM and look how that turned out. Our support - myself included - took a "wait and see" attitude with Craig Whyte and again, look how that turned out. I won't stand back and watch someone who has no reason at all whatsoever to be here (other than money) fuck us over again by waiting and seeing just what he will do when there are a group of Rangers men INLCUDING our greatest living manager at the forefront of the call to arms. Others are free to do what they want but don't moan when/if it goes tits up under Charles Green because you h
  2. I've heard a few stores about Jim recently and they've not showed him in the best of light to be honest. This statement from him is typical of the people who have been working for our club over the years. Our support collectively are a very strange breed at times. Unable to see past bullshit and will instead have spoon-fed to them what they are supposed to like, sing, act like and support. The infighting amongst our support is truly staggering. When you try to arrange and organize events like Hampden and Saturdays forthcoming Rally, it opens your eyes up to a lot of things and wonder
  3. Who is wee proclaimer and where does he post? Very easy for people to start sniping on the internet at others trying to do the right thing to help our club. See when he gets off his arse and actually does something, then he can preach to people.
  4. There seems to be a split opinion on this Saturday's proposed plans. First of all, I fully back the rally and the reasons for doing it. I’m not as heavily involved with organizing this one but I’m in constant contact with the person/people that are and I’m helping out and giving advice to them going on the back of the Hampden one I arranged. Anyway... This isn't an anti Charles Green rally. This is to show our support to Walter Smith. CG has worked hard and done his best and is now in possession of the club. He has also been the face of Rangers recently, giving our manager a much
  5. Any issues or questions, drop us an e-mail on support@rangerspixelpage.com
  6. The Rangers Fans Fighting Fund have launched the Rangers Pixelpage! http://www.rangerspixelpage.com We all want to help the Rangers and what better way than to get your name or image on the Rangers pixel page. Individual supporters, supporters clubs and corporate clients from all over the world can come together on a superb show of support for the club in a difficult time. This page will become a very important part of Rangers history and an iconic image of support for the club during this difficult time. You can buy any size your funds can manage from £30 to £10,000 and l
  7. To all of the Rangers Family, Rangers Fans Unite would like to thank everyone who took part in last Saturday's march from Queen's Park to Hampden Stadium, a march in protest of the Scottish Football Association's recent sanctions imposed on Rangers Football Club. As anticipated, the demonstration passed peacefully with Strathclyde Police Chief Superintendent Andy Bates remarking: "There were no arrests at today's protest and I'm delighted at the way that the supporters conducted themselves." Spanning all age groups, the Rangers support assembled on the day to show that if they feel
  8. Koeman

    todays demo

    A great day all round. Thanks to everyone who helped to make this day the success it was. We truly are the People. Our Club will NEVER die....
  9. Rangers Fans Unite call on all Rangers fans to support a march to Hampden Park to be held Saturday 28th April. At Hampden Park, Rangers legend Sandy Jardine will address the fans. The assembly point for this is the Victoria Road entrance of Queens Park. March off is 1.30pm to Hampden where a short rally will be held. The march and rally are against the unfair, draconian and unsporting punishments meted out to Rangers FC and it’s fans because of the behaviour of Craig Whyte. We urge fans of all ages to come along and make this a day of protest for the whole Rangers Family. Everyone
  10. Will have an update in regards to this tomorrow along with more public statement. Essentially, this is now being fronted by the Union Bears and The Blue Order. Due to their experience and sterling work in helping to create a fantastic atmosphere at games at Ibrox, and on the road, this will help bring needed organisation and a spine to the protest. A meeting is arranged for tomorrow. Members from various Rangers websites, forums and organisations have all been invited to attend. Here, plans will be finalised and we will release the aforementioned statement so everyone knows what is goi
  11. No probs mate! Thanks for the kind offer. I had a message from a Bear this morning offering to donate £100 for flyers etc but to be honest, I think the word can be spread now through Soical Networking and word of mouth. Once I get the go ahead from the RFWG and perhaps an RST Statment (which i'm in converstation with just now) I think that will be the boost we need to get this to the masses. I personally don't have the time to be disrtributing flyers to Bears pubs etc in the run up to Saturday If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please let me know. It's still a work in progress!
  12. Thanks for fixing the OP Frankie. Someone made that flyer late last night and didn't 100% proof read it before hand Oops! More news to come soon (Empire)
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