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  1. Agree mate, just read his post and it's not aceptable imo. Yes i have a good arguement with DB at times but that was well over the top DA.
  2. Well as i said before i find that very sad that some of our fans think that this is ok and a level that we should accept.
  3. Dont waste your time mate, i know exactly what he is up to and what he is trying to get done.
  4. Ok mate no probs i had no idea what he is going on about. As for the last part of your post, i can only say it's pathetic to say the least. If you cant handle the truth about Ally or any player then i suggest a football site might not be the best place for you. It makes me laugh when you get people like you, too scared to be honest so you just start the name calling with words like bashing and so on. It's always a clear sign that you have been well and truely beaten in an arguement when people start this stuff. In fact the people from the east end have perfected this way of debate.
  5. Is this true? Would explain alot tbh.
  6. I find it sad that you call yourself a Rangers fan but find Ally acceptable as a manager and Mcculloch as a player. Running away from the truth, some Rangers man.
  7. Do you always post cryptic stuff mate?
  8. I dont normally bother with your post's mate but that has to be some of the worst stuff you have come away with for a while. Hutton is not that good but to say he is slower and has a worst touch than McCulloch is not right.
  9. McCulloch is not and never will be a holding midfield player. Hutton is. Things like backing McCulloch over Hutton shows Ally will never be a manager or coach.
  10. I just cant understand why Ally would drop Hutton and play McCulloch in midfield?
  11. Playing McCulloch at all, even with the squad as it is he should be on the bench. As for your comments on the back for i really think you just dont get what people are saying mate.
  12. Never seen the game so cant comment on how we playerd. But i have to admit if Ally is still playing 3 at the back and McCulloch in midfield then he has learned nothing.
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