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  1. This present board should have had this all sorted, in all honesty you not telling me the teflon players will not be happy with this i see a lot of problems and it could cost us from going up.
  2. Kenny has been put i that situation by the board and is clearly only hanging on for his money or you would tell the board to do one.
  3. Not surprised as Ashley has sent these players up to get them in the shop window and hopefully move some on in summer. Kenny has no say whatsoever im afraid.
  4. To be replaced by a Manager ( a proper Manager ) who would come till end of the season i am sure. Say what 80k for 4 months work, these imposters/ fraudsters who play for our club will never change as the holiday camp routine still exists.
  5. Perhaps you are right but we need someone in just now the EGM is another 4 weeks away.
  6. As King said we will find out who is behind BPH and Margarita, and the onerous contracts that Wallace was on about during his 120 day review.
  7. Can't believe McDowell hasn't been removed from his Managerial duties he's an utter clueless clown.
  8. At least King has come out and outlined what his plans are, can't say the same for this present board.
  9. How hard would it be to get a proper Manager in till the end of the season..
  10. I would ask... Why is Somers still Chairman of our Football Club after the leaked emails surely he should have been sacked ?
  11. We have had the chance mate for 3 years to build a team from youth to having a few more experience players around to guide them and mould. We need a complete overhaul at the club, i can't see these loanees being any worse than we have but time will tell if they are played.
  12. Why week after week we can't make 2 passes, we fail to cross the ball in good positions, why can't we get the ball over the wall at set pieces, why can't we take a good corner into the box, the miss management at our club from professionals is utterly embarrassing to say the least. In all my years following Rangers i have seen some bad players/ teams yet one thing they did give you was 100%, these imposters are stealing a wage from the club. The sad reality is it will be the same players on team sheet come Sunday, Foster, McCulloch, Black, Hutton, Law, Aird, Miller, added with the same squad each week inc on the bench. I would like to think after getting 5 players in we will see some major changes, but...we do need a Manager in ASAP now as McDowell is surely finished.
  13. Looking at Sunday it looked like the players turned up having never known each other or played together, no shape, balance, fight, tactics, an utter disgrace. McDowell should be put on Garden leave i am sure we could get a proper Manager in till the end of season what 4 months, to turn this around.
  14. I have no problem with our ex-players coming to use our facilities at the Club i don't see what harm it's doing tbh, It happens at all Clubs. Maybe if the situation had been clarified to Nacho from the start, there would have been no embarrassment to him or the Club.
  15. One of the best statements from the RST i hope to see more of them going forward for the benefit of our club.
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