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  1. It was spotted by another bear that the 16-18 shirt in my collection was actually a counterfeit. So thanks to the fellow bear that offered to send me a replacement which turned out to be signed. I’m missing a few across the years, including all of this years so far. But I hope to get a hold of them before the season is out. Album of shirt
  2. If anyone has the orange and navy away shirt from 1993-1994 or the red and white one from 1995-1996 then i'd be willing to make you an offer or donate to Erskine/Ricksen in your name. I'm also looking for the purple third from 2015-2016, but I appreciate they are scarce as hen's teeth.
  3. I have built up a decent collection (62, as it stands) of Rangers replica jerseys, which I have uploaded to Imgur. There's still a handful that i'm missing, but 62 covers most of the shirts since i've followed the Gers. I hope it's appreciated by some bears on here and maybe brings back a few memories https://imgur.com/gallery/f8quZ (The forum won't let me embed the gallery, so I need to post the link)
  4. Does anyone have this shirt that they'd be willing to consider offers for? I've been collecting Rangers shirts for a few years and this is one that eludes me.
  5. The board really need to get this one right.
  6. I'm sure the Sellik fayfull tax experts will be concerned about the lost money to schools and hospitals.
  7. Game time is what he needs. If he's good enough he's old enough as they say. I'd be disappointed to see him get punted out on loan to St Johnstone or something.
  8. I'm surprised we don't have any concrete statements from the club yet. I'd love to know who they are talking to.
  9. Well if the so-called better players aren't doing the business by qualifying for major tournaments why not give someone else a try?
  10. Good on him. We just need to take these youngsters into the first team now.
  11. I think it's clear he turned down Sunderland because there was a chance the Rangers job was going to become available.
  12. Just a bit of banter I guess. The AberdeennFC account was the one that posted the Yerdas Selzavon tweet.
  13. I think it'll be tight tomorrow, but I think we'll get the points. We need to start winning at home on a regular basis again.
  14. I made this for a quick chuckle at lunch yesterday. http://www.ismcinnesrangersmanageryet.co.uk/ I'm ready to switch the template when he gets the job as I believe he is a certainty to get it. :-) (Tin hat on, takes cover)
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