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  1. With friends like Johnstone, who needs enemies? Do you ever hear ex Celtic players criticise their club?
  2. If there is a solution found it only means the quantity of coverage will change not the quality..it will still be the same snidey dismissive nonsense that misrepresents everything that anyone connected with Rangers says or does.
  3. He didn't give us Souness..that was David Holmes and Lawrence Marlborough!
  4. All of a sudden Wes looks perfectly capable of playing in the EPL
  5. He was never going to work at Rangers. He is a counter attacking player who likes to run into space, which simply doesnt work when most of the teams we play defend in depth for 90 minutes.
  6. We shou;d just play him and claim that it is his twin brother!
  7. No they are not interdicts are a negative remedy designed to prevent an activity or course of conduct. They can not be used to enforce a positive obligation.
  8. So someone who is only going to be manager until the end of the season is going to be allowed to decide who we sign...that sounds a really good idea.
  9. I can't help but think this is another failure from our PR people. It would have been obvious that there would be questions about the handball and about Hibs being unlucky. Murty should have been briefed about the shirt pull and told to answer the first question with something along the lines that if the officials had did their job given the penalty and sent the offender off it would have been a completely different game. It would also have preempted Hibs complaints about the handball, as it is we have given them a free pass.
  10. There isn't a conspiracy, but they are against us. For years we have been painted as a the bad guys of Scottish Football and that level of vilification is bound to have an effect on referees and how they view us. The there is the fact that if they know that if they give decisions in our favour it will bring a whole load of aggravation down upon themselves, so it is easier to go with the flow and give the decisions that make life easier for them.
  11. If the OFBA is repealed wouldn't the law revert to the previous situation where Rangers Supporters could be prosecuted for using the F word, but Celtic supporters couldn't be prosecuted for singing about the IRA because that was political and not religious?
  12. yes...none of this American nonsense for us!
  13. As regards King's interview...it took place in South Africa. I don't imagine the English Courts have much authority there.
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