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  1. Is it not a case that he was asked a question rather than went on a rant? I hate the guy as much as the next Bear but I think at times we dig for stuff that isn't really there and it makes us look as bad as them at times when it comes to the obsession crap
  2. They're not Ultras haha. Just fans that love to make a noise. It'd be good to know what the police directive is at Ibrox now
  3. Fuckig hell. Haha If you can't see that's been made in some studio......
  4. If I assaulted a 13 year old kid I'd be in the papers and labeled a nonce. But if a cop does it.......
  5. I can't help but feel anything other than uncomfortable with this statement form CG. 1. It sounds wayyyyyy too much for us to be spending when from now on in we should be buying players for the SPL not European games, Europe is a luxury and should always come far off second place to the SPL from now (I know he doesn't say that but IMO that is the kind of budget you have to get one or two strong players that would be a huge boost for Euro games) 2. To me this is more Grandstanding by Green and it makes me feel uncomfortable. I'd rather he said something along the lines of, "Ally will have funds available when the transfer ban is lifted. We wil sit and talk about targets and what money will be available for each payer as an individual. I want all Rangers fans to know the club will NEVER go back to the old days of irrational spending,I want the fans to know that categorically" Just my view on it
  6. What Wiggins did is amazing. But ask yourself this, how many people had heard of him, or had ever really watched any form of cycling before he won the TDF? Not many I expect ESP compared to tennis.
  7. Bears


    Both sides of the fence are very valid with JT. I'm going to be a coward and sit on it haha. For me it's a case of ,"ok Jim, earn your wage and the respect of the Rangers fans........and quickly"
  8. People are saying sack Mancini..................... who do they bring in?
  9. What's your predictions? 0-0 for me
  10. Lies. The ICF didn't know they were coming down. The first we knew of it was when a few of our lads were in the area of the subway and saw them. They were actually down for either a stag do or someone's 40/50th birthday. This was NOT pre organised or anything like that. They got tickets for the game, came down and had a few pints out the way of Ibrox and never got in touch with any of our main faces. Then after a few drinks, got brave and got of at Ibrox subway knowing they get headlines and make it look as if they got some sort of result. Wankers
  11. Bears


    I'm pretty sure he'll have either been told he needs to embrace it or told Rangers he will get on board with it. Not sure he will have a personal twitter acc but he will probably over see what the official Rangers twitter acc say
  12. Rules for arrangers fans abroad page (no twitter set up yet) *************** Right people. Here's how we're going to,run the page and we will stick to it. If you,don't like these rules then you are free to leave 1.Zero "FTP-BJK" stuff as there's plenty of places online for you do talk about that, just not here 2. Zero talk about any other teams. In fact we want this page to be about fans finding local RSC's or Bears close by in your country. So even talk about Rangers results or the goings on at Ibrox won't really be encouraged. Again there's plenty of Rangers FB pages you can chat about the team on. 3. We will promote every foreign RSC by posting links to your RSC. Also we will promote any blogs written by Bears living out with the UK. Especially Hernans and Shane's Copland road org 4. Keep it civil between each other. This could be a great page and produce some good things and meet ups. Obviously a yearly pilgrimage to Ibrox one a certain date is the main reason this page was set up 5. The reason we want to stick to these rules is if we want the club onside as well as other Rangers Internet sites/FB pages etc they want to see we run a right ship when it comes to this stuff or they won't touch us. Hope that makes sense Franky and Shane
  13. Over 200 in 2 days. Not bad. Lots of decent chat going too
  14. 58 joined today. Thanks for joining and thanks to Frankie for retweeting the link
  15. As i say, it's nothing official. Just utilising the power of social media for a wee Gang Hut for us abroad.
  16. Myself and Shane from the Copland road org have set up this Facebook page for those of us overseas https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rangers-Fans-Abroad-Together/444497815610083 The purpose of this page is to have a meeting place for all Rangers fans that live abroad. There are many foreign RCS's as well as individual Bears that have emigrated or were born abroad and had the Rangers bug installed by their parents or Grandparents. Our plan is to arrange a yearly meet up in Glasgow of all Bears that can manage to fly into the city. As it stands we intend this to be a loose "RSC" with no fee's etc. Just a place to run ideas past each other. Obviously as time goes on and ideas for we can maybe become a bit more organised. If you could help spread the word it would be appreciated. We are also going to encourage Bears to post links to their local RSC as you never know who's living near by that didn't know there was a local RSC So for the moment, give the page a "Like" and lets get talking.
  17. I wrote this yesterday..... We need to make sure this isn't a one off from CG though. I think the main RSC's, associated supporters trusts and main websites should meet up ASAP and have a sit down with CG. We need to talk through in detail of who did what to us, from the written media, the spoken media to opposing clubs fans and their boardrooms. We should then have it set in stone who we will refuse tickets from, and for how many seasons etc etc. The club MUST make a strong stance against our haters in the media especially the BBC and one or two online people, mainly Graham Spiers. I'd start by banning Spiers for life from Ibrox and tell anyone associated with our club never to grant him and interview. We are keeping his career alive. We need to start somewhere when it comes to the media, so why not that lying nasty little man?
  18. Here's my attempt at a blog about today. http://frankieinseasia.blogspot.com/2012/12/rangers-sent-big-message-today.html
  19. I was in those posts
  20. For me this boycott has never been about money. it's a statement that we won't be bullied ever again
  21. Next time youre mate has a pint of it. When he goes to the bog squish up a Mars bar to look like a jobby....put it in the pint... When he comes back and takes a swig and the "jobby" dinks him on the nose............... Yip, i'm 11
  22. It's good to have someone from South East Asia on board as there is huge potential out here..............
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