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  1. Why is they absolutely hate it then and want it shit down?
  2. I've state I use it for online banking in certain countries I'm in
  3. He flapped, that's why, I'm sure he didn't mean it at all. The problem is we are dangerously turning this into a situation where people are trying to get one over on each other instead of supporting the police investigation. People don't like the Tories, fair enough but don't use this absolutely disgusting problem created by some two bob TV presenter into an issue to smear Cameron
  4. Bang out of order This is dangerously turning into an acute with hunt on the wrong people. They're using it to get back at the stories, ESP the Thatcher years. The idiot has just jeopardised getting convictions of the names on the paper are involved. It was wrong on so many levels, only a fool would say otherwise Very very unfair
  5. Not 100% but I used to mess about on 4chan when it first started and the guys on there "anonymous" told me that info
  6. TOR was actually a programme made by pedophiles to hide what they are doing online. From what I know it's the most secure proxy you can get. I have used it for online banking in a few countries
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong here gents. I thought this was more to do with people that can't afford to buy the £500+ shares. So the RST offer them the opportunity to buy into at a far lower rate therefore allowing Bears to own part of their club? I doubt many will buy any more than the £125 share, these a more symbolic shares to hang above the fire rather than An investment to make money or get a seat on the board. They'll make nice presents, they'll be passed down through generations and all that. People are looking far too deep into this. Another point is people in general don't have a clue how stocks and shares work, I have shares in a few companies but have no idea how it works, I give cash to a friend and he do it for me. People can be scared of banks too, so being able to give the RST the cash to get their share may well seem like a far easier option than sitting down with a broker in a bank that may try and manipulate you into doing something else Just my simple view on it
  8. I'm pretty excited about this. It's another step in the right direction
  9. And get rid of those 5 stars above the club badge. I cringe at them
  10. His wife is a racist bitch though, confirmed hate red of the Honky
  11. Would people rather Green wasn't here?
  12. Barry Ferguson! That's an insult, he's a total utter cretin and the most overrated player to have played in my time.
  13. What are we supposed to do? Our hands are tied so if we want those locations we need to buy them. Unless I'm reading this wrong?
  14. I mean this with the upmost respect to everyone. Something that bugs me and other ex Royal Navy lads and lasses. Ourselves and the RAF get forgotten a lot of the time during the remembrance period of the year. People seem to only really talk about the Army, believe me, I know myself and other Royal Navy lads have the upmost respect for them. So when you are talking about this time of year, remember the Airmen and Sailors that have their given their too please....
  15. Yeah all the president or leader of most countries are in the western sense of the word are puppets. They get told what to do and say
  16. "If it works don't fix it" Jig is banging in goals for fun, why the fuck should we change that?
  17. I want Romney to win as Obama aint done much
  18. Killie away in a winter midweek game I seem to remember
  19. Does anyone else think they should have a right good night on the piss as a team, no holds barred drinking session to bond better?
  20. "Common sense" I laughed. Have you ever worked or lived abroad? Ill tell you something, there's a huge difference from going on holiday for a few weeks to living and working abroad. I'm currently going through a process to get civil ID for Kuwait. It's taken 6 months so far and should be done by end of dec. that's as a British national Tell me exactly how Kuwait will react to "common sense" when a new country is formed and my passport changes...... Ill get to Thailand in a bit which is a nightmare as it stands now.......
  21. You don't see? Explain that in detail, give me proof that our passport will still giveus the freedom of travel we have now and the same process of obtaining a visa/work permit/residence
  22. Here's a question...... Is your life really that bad that you want to start a new life? I think a SNP yes will mean you have to start again. There's so many unanswered questions. How will tax work? What will it mean for foreign businesses, how will their tax work Wil you be able to go on holiday with no restrictions because of the new countries passport? What will the currency be? What will be done with the oil as the rest of the UK is not going to let that go quickly I've lived out with Scotland for most of my life to be fair, and will never ever go back (as it stands) but an SNP win might fore me back to that awful bitter wee country because I won't be able to get work permits and visas in the countries I live and work in all because a lot of people in Scotland have a chip on their shoulder, and lets be honest. A "yes" vote is just that, because you hate the English I'd sa
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