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  1. I can't see games mate. I only going on what people are saying on twitter etc. in essence it was 4-4-2 from what I could tell?
  2. 4-4-2 4-4-2 4-4-2 That's what we should play week in week out. I know in modern football the 4-4-2 isn't played that often now, but it works for us obviously. Lets get back to basics, play keep-ball, be patient in the build ups and keep the ball on the deck. You know why? Because it works, if it works, don't fix it. There was some outstanding performances yesterday and I think the stat is there was 9 kids on the pitch at one point that came through the youth teams and Auchenhowie (I might be a bit out with that but it's 06:28am and I'm still half asleep in my office) Ally gets yet another line in the sand, he's proven he can pick a team that is capable of paying attractive football, lets hope it's not a one off because it was a cup game because Rangers fans won't accept anything less now.
  3. This set by the legendary Greg Wilson is outstanding. You don't need to like House music to like this. Is utterly amazing and the best set I've heard in years. I've had it on loop for weeks now
  4. There's loads out there. Soundcloud is where I get most
  5. Nothing is certain till the dotted line is signed, but I think this is going to happen. It's a case of wish him luck and sit back and see what he offers in his new role. Unfortunately it also means it will be a lot harder to shift Ally
  6. I think a lot of people miss this point...... If they vote "yes" and it's a total disaster, there's not a. Ting we can do about it, we won't be able to go cap in hand beefing to get back in the union
  7. Haha. I'm guilty of that too. Tbh I think it is going to happen anyway. CG ally and WS have obviously had ample time to chat and feel each other out. CG will have asked him already before he went public. Going public would have been CG way of giving Walter a wee push I reckon. If it happens it happens
  8. I'm on about as a director or the likes not a manager Gaz
  9. For the record I can see why people want him back, and I wouldn't totally be against it, I just want a fresh set of ideas with in the club and feel he'd be an overbearing presence around the place?
  10. Yeah fair play to the old fart. See when he wants, he can be great and obviously knows a few people.
  11. Frankie I know what you mean. But he's like Alex Ferguson, if he moved upstairs it would have some sort of hold on the club even if he wasn't having much of an input. People will say," lets ask Walter" all the time and I bet he'd employ a lot of ex Rangers players in rolls. That's my worry.
  12. Is Walter really what we need at Ibrox? I was hoping we could get away from the "Jobs for the boys" that's deeply ingrained in Ibrox. Before anyone starts....I'm well aware of his status among us and I love the guy as much as anyone, but will he be up for making, or at least voicing a strong opinion of Ally and his staff? After all he handed the job to them. I'd rather Walter stayed retired and came to games as a punter. Ok he'll always be available for any manager or the board to talk to for advice, but making decisions I really want a new fresh start with new faces and ideas. Not the same old same old
  13. It's disgusting. We're on our knees and people are abandoning us. Yeah, just the type of "fan" we need Glory hunters
  14. See those of you fair weather fans that say there not going back or giving our club money until Ally goes DON'T COME BACK YOU ARE NOT WANTED Fair weather fans, glory speakers what ever you want to be called. You're fucking wrong'uns
  15. So we get allayed commit at this awful time. And there's negative talk Great Ermmmm wake up!
  16. I've wondered that myself. Is he retired or is it more down to the fact no one will employ him? In his prime was a good journo?
  17. For me personally I'm stunned at the caliber of player we have at the club. I never in a million years thought we'd have SPL player at us while down here. I thank Ally and CG for pulling that off
  18. Ok I'll simplify it Out all the "experts" that have talked about it, if they were on a set of giant scales. Which way would it tip? To experts you believe or those that say it was not a conspiracy that the impact of the planes caused it?
  19. What about the fact the plane acted like a guillotine when it hit the towers at high speed? Something they always seems to miss out What about the experts that swamp that number that say it was the speed of the plane combined with the design flaw (something you've forgot to mention) in the build of the towers. The actual fire had small role to play compared to the impact of those big lumps of steel made from extremely strong components. You are aware that they went in one side then almost made it through to the other side rite? You do see parts coming out the other side you know Another thing those experts forget to mention. Sorry mate, I know my onions with engineering and know that the impact, and what is essentially having those floors cut in two is what made it collapse. But you believe people paid to talk on the TV ok
  20. I'm an engineer by trade so know a bit more about construction and fuel etc so I can qualify my statements when it comes to the towers going down
  21. Wonderful, it makes me happy knowing I don't have the same mindset as you, my days are happy
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