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  1. Very encouraging that Warburton wants the under-20s to play exactly the same way as the first team.
  2. If one player crosses that line they will feel the wrath of the supporters as well. It won't be like Ferguson v Le Guen 2.
  3. I understood Ally taking his salary while Ashley's cohorts were in charge but I thought this would have been sorted as soon as the new board came in. The fact that is hasn't is a damning indictment on both the board and McCoist himself. Wee Willie is only saying what a large percentage of Rangers fans are thinking, myself included.
  4. The days of the Murray Park holiday camp are over. No trips to Nandos at 12 for the lads now.
  5. Also noticed Warburton's son is on the list.
  6. Bit of a long shot but I remembered reading the Man Utd under-21 captain was released. No absolutely nothing about him but just wondering if that might be the kind of market Warburton and Weir will be operating in.
  7. Excellent. If I was any of those youngsters I'd be thinking of getting back into training this week ahead of pre-season training officially starting. Least they know they will definitely getting the chance under Warbs and Weir.
  8. Gasparotto is another one who could be part of the squad. Is the young right back Sinnamon still with us?
  9. Hope the young players at the club realise just how big an opportunity this is for them. The likes of Murdoch, Hardie and Walsh must grab this opportunity with both hands. Really excited to see how these players develop under Warburton and Weir.
  10. You just wonder what calibre of manager we will have with us still being in the Championship.
  11. It would appear that these nutters are now gravitating to the SNP rather than Labour.
  12. All of the matches will be screened live on BT Sport, with the final shoot-out taking place on Sunday, May 31. The play-offs will begin on Saturday, May 9 at 5.30pm as the side that finishes third in the Championship - either Rangers or Hibernian - face Queens. The return leg will then be played eight days later on Sunday, May 17 with a 3.30pm kick-off. The winner of that tie will then face the sides that finishes second over two legs on Wednesday, May 20 and Saturday, May 23, with the ties kicking-off at 7.45pm and 12noon respectively. And that will then set the stage for the
  13. Sutton forgets that if it wasn't for a magnificent save from Der Goalie, Dunfermline would have scored two on that day. The guy's an absolute bell-end.
  14. I'd have two leagues of 16 or 18 and then regionalise the rest of the leagues. It makes no sense for teams like Berwick and Annan playing the likes of Peterhead and Elgin.
  15. He's only started playing in the last couple of games. I'd still get rid of him and pretty much everyone else in the squad right now.
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