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  1. Fantastic result. I thought a good game. Not many times Liverpool were actually matched man for man. The goal ruled out first half was more of a goal than the actual one. But delighted Madrid won. They turned up. Carlo - Arsenal madness not to get him.
  2. Hi Mate. Thats touching. Good stuff. I came on after and standby my comment Ramsay is a waste. I have NEVER rated him and I am baffled to him in general. You know I have a soft spot for Arsenal and he did nothing there - Wengers worst signing. Juve couldnt wait to get rid.
  3. Good effort. I do 8km every morning. There is a bunch or absolute weirdos. ha-ha. Is there any dog lovers here? I am thinking about getting a wee dug...not sure how much hard work it will be.
  4. You have actually outdone yourself.. Sorry is it just me but is this guy wide? Ban me if not. But please re-read this guys posts. I will withhold.
  5. A good post and a genuine topic. - Purely for the fact this is not Gio's squad. People have forgotten we were playing East Fife etc not so long ago.
  6. Welcome back... Wow..Just wow. And no facts
  7. Fantastic from the team...what and effort...I was proud. Ramsay - I never wanted that imposter in the first place and knew he was utter shit..he is just that - someone please show me what he has done? and he walks away with that swagger...man alive
  8. Not sure if I am actually reading this....But polite GTF.
  9. Excuse me? You claim to just have been at the match yet you are the first one on here to pick bones about certain posts? - Just saying!
  10. Aaron Ramsay should not be allowed back in glasgow. 400k a week and he steps up with that, and no sorrow. Yet he will plough his trade for wales? go away.
  11. Agreed....Ive loads of mates in Perth who wanted this game. Ashamed... Tennis balls. Very weak
  12. Haha anyone still thinking this is Biden
  13. Hi Mr Compo. Lucky I didnt participate recently - my predictions was have been nothing short of your age haha. West ham still to get top 4? on the cards. Man Utd have fucked it, Arsenals fixture card if harder than a week in jail and Spurs just generally dont get there.
  14. My take..Gattuso was the one I wanted. He would not have accepted anything other than win win win. Gio - Fine player. possible long term manager but not for the here and now. Gattuso would have been hammering them and rightly so.
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