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  1. Getting in early as the international games are draining. Its a good weekend of sport and it cant come quick enough. Im taking Australia to beat England. NZ to hammer Ireland. France to beat Wales South Africa to knock out Japan. Saturday: Everton 1-0 West Ham Aston Villa 2-1 Brighton Bournemouth 3-1 Norwich Chelsea 3-0 Newcastle Leicester 2-0 Burnley Tottenham 0-1 Watford Wolves 2-0 Southampton Crystal Palace 2-1 Man City Sunday: Man Utd 2-1 Liverpool Monday: Sheff Utd 1-0 Arsenal.
  2. Oh well, a ton down the drain. Silly bet. Quarter finals will be good though. Im getting my French Cap on after having an outside bet on them at 33/1. Bill - are you happy Scotland are out?
  3. He could still play...of course he could, he is 39. He'd run the show.......
  4. At least it would give us an excuse...you are the bigest imposter Ive come across. You are seriously here just to wind people up and then rid them. Ive seen your number a mile off...enjoy.
  5. Surprised nobody else had a go at a team...yet who was disagreeing with this! That would destroy most teams. Novo could tuck into the right and Steven pushing in one - same as Loven on the other side....Mendes controlling the play and Der Hammer Volleying everyone. What a team.
  6. Should have grabbed the Goalie or Der Keeper or Theo or Lionel C or Annti N or just played the Shagger.
  7. Fair play but if you look at the list he is the only keeper there - but it is McLeish managing so dont rule out Big Marvin between the sticks! I didnt like him playing either, I thought it was shocking he was picked ahead of Klos. Klos probably knew that. But Waterreus was obviously a McLeish man. Prior to injury Klos was easily in the top 5 keepers in the world and almost knocking Khan off his spot. Rangers keepers have always intrigued me.....The best of the best in some cases. Niemi was the one I felt for - he was top drawer.
  8. Possibly the Scott Nisbet of this era. Never enough talent but heart and determination gets him through to give what he can. Fair play to him after being shipped out to Azerbaijan (that could have broke him) but to come back and be part of a squad. SG will like that in him.
  9. A new meaning to 'Draw no bet'.
  10. Id have liked to have been in that bar at full time last night from Prague.
  11. Was close to having a flutter on Draw with Czech v England, I fancied the hosts to get something, even better they won. When England come up against a decent side they arent good at all. If you had a flutter on the draw between England and France in the rugby before the cancellation - would the bookies have paid out?
  12. Going by that list, when everyone was at their peak what is the best line up (Gerrard not allowed as didnt play for Rangers). Wattereus Hutton Gough Cuellar Papac Steven Mendes Albertz Novo Mols Lovenkrands
  13. Rangers squad managed by Alex McLeish and Ian Durrant. Ronald Wattereus Richard Gough (C) Jonatan Johansson Peter Lovenkrands Jorg Albertz Kris Boyd Michael Mols Nacho Novo Carlos Cuellar Lee McCulloch Sasa Papac Clint Hill Alan Hutton Marvin Andrews Gregory Vignal Pedro Mendes Trevor Steven Alex Rae Steven Gerrard Thomas Buffel Charlie Adam
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