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  1. West Ham keep marching on. A good win as I thought it could have been a potential slip up.
  2. The scorelines in this league are so unpredictable. I thought Fulham were outstanding against Liverpool and playing like that they will stay up. They hit Liverpool on the counter every time and barring a bit of composure would have been out of sight at half time. In the second half they defended superbly. Not only have Liverpool lost their last 6 games, they drew the previous two matches to WBA and Man Utd and in that 8 game run they have only scored twice at home (WBA and City) - incredible stats. Something wrong big time at Anfield - Mane and Salah look like they want
  3. Ally McCoist to Mark Warburton to Pedro (might skip that one) to Super Stevie. Kenny McDowall, Stuart McCall and Graeme Murty all playing roles in temporary charge. Im going to go back and have a look at some of our match day squads in the last ten years, Im sure there be plenty of unsung hero's who played in the lower divisions.
  4. Wow. Im sure there is a few sore heads this morning. For some reason I knew our first trophy back in the top flight would be the league title before any cup. But this will kick us on and we will start lifting the domestic cups again. I have no doubt SG will be here next season. A few more aims now - relax and try go the 38 games unbeaten. / A lot of eggs can go into the Europa basket now. / Scottish Cup and league double would be some icing on the cake. Enjoy everyone. 10 years is massive, I was trying to get my head around that.
  5. These results wont help you then 🤣 Im the only one going with Burnley. I just cant see Arsenal going there and winning - they are so bad this season. Its a good job I cant actually get a flutter on due to location - Id be massively down. I did have a cracking record at the horses before but my footballing bets over the last 2 years have been shocking. I need to speak to someone about a VPN - I cant even have one if I wanted. I wouldnt need to go to another country to install.
  6. Barclay could be there - another quality player. Hudson is whayyyy off. . Loftus Cheek is another - if he plays to his potential he is like a Vieira. But he never does it.
  7. Games coming thick and fast. Burnley 1-0 Arsenal Sheff Utd 0-0 Southampton Aston Villa 2-2 Wolves Brighton 1-2 Leicester (21-13 on attempts) West Brom 1-0 Newcastle Liverpool 4-0 Fulham Man City 3-0 Man Utd Tottenham 2-0 Crystal Palace Chelsea 1-0 Everton West Ham 2-1 Leeds
  8. Liverpool 5 defeats at home in a row. The Tuchel move is proving right for Chelsea.
  9. Indeed, they were pretty much guaranteed CL at one time but had a horrendous run of results and lost out on the last day. I do think they will make it in this year though - probably down to others not being good enough. Tonights matches are huge. Plus Man Utd have City on the weekend so could be dragged down a few places.
  10. Huge 3 points. 1 more win and thats it. It would have been amazing to win it at Celtic Park but its going to be done by then due to goal difference
  11. Leicester and Man Utd throwing the CL race wide open. Everton must be in the driving seat now for 4th. Massive game between Liverpool and Chelsea tonight. A draw will do nicely.
  12. A new album will be brought out this summer. Sweet caroline and the crocodile dundee song 😀
  13. Lets see what the scores are tonight lads. Obviously I will be winning again.
  14. I get extra points for saying Man City would score 4.
  15. As promised. I see your point about Ings but he is on the list as current call ups (I think). He was dropped from my next list. Rashford - I really rate him. I hate player comparisons but he is very much like Anelka. The difference being the French mentality and thats why Anelka did so well. I think Rashford is too nice. Ole at the wheel wont help that as he was also too nice. 11 v 11 USA v Croatia (random pick) Population nothing to do with it mate. Its about talent and the governing bodies have to take responsibility into that. Funnily enough I had this conversat
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