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  1. Gersnet really needs a reshuffle in admin levels if it wants to maintain its high and reputable standards. Very poor show.
  2. Still cant believe the boy hasnt been wacked. Either Southampton will come back and win about 8 games or the boy is gone. Ridiculous score. Compo / Scott - elders - you have seen worse.
  3. Im sorry - And you are? I suggested you re-write little man. Wow Ive not even posted in this thread. Roussaeu - you need to take your words back. Admin? Why would you even bring my name up? Ask yourself....
  4. Gribz


    Voting is a piss take. Tick a box to make you think you have an opinion and influence.
  5. Oh my god.... Scott - you were well off old mate That has to end the reign of the hass.
  6. Beautiful watching the sides tit for tat...while the hidden hand wins.
  7. Good luck chaps, I'll put it all together on Sunday and see where where my tener has been lost.
  8. Im worried everyone is tipping West Ham, these are the sort of games where points will be dropped. Southampton 1-1 Leicester Man City 3-0 Aston Villa Brighton 1-1 Everton Watford 1-0 Bournemouth West Ham 2-0 Sheff Utd Burnley 1-1 Chelsea Newcastle 1-1 Wolves Arsenal 2-0 Crystal Palace Liverpool 2-2 Tottenham Norwich 1-2 Man Utd
  9. Wonderful responses with mass maturity. No worries, a real expert fixed it.
  10. Take a point in Porto every day of the week. And with 2 home games still to come its set up nicely. Happy with the line up also and SG made the perfect changes. I thought Docherty or Stewart before hand in place of Arfield but Barker coming in was the right move and in a 4-3-2-1 it was 11 square pegs 11 square holes.
  11. Why though? Whats the point in having a squad when you dont utilise it? What does it say to the bench when players dont perform for lengthy periods but they dont sit out? If SG seen enough him to sign him then his judgement should be he can be brought in. We cant afford only 7 or 8 players turning up against a club as good as Porto. Others deserve a chance.
  12. Great read in the OP. RE the starting XI I dont think its far off either in the post although Id perhaps like to see one from Aribo or Arfield sit out for Docherty. But I see SG going with as experienced team as possible. And Kent back in the starting XI will be great to see.
  13. There must be something in the Emirates managers office that puts a spell to play players in wrong positions and pick strange selections. Their best back 4 didnt start although Chambers did play but at RB. Id have Bellerin, Chambers, Holding and Tierney starting and I think that would improve them to prevent such goals. Everyone knows David Luiz can only play as a sweeper in a 5 man defence or a holding midfielder if its a back 4. Sokratas started half decent, he is probably suffering next to Luiz.
  14. And that 1-0 leapfrogged me above you and Compo from the weeks scores And VAR cost me victory with Spurs result.
  15. Out of know where my screen went darker - using laptop .... Cant find out how to make it restore. Tried brightening...same.... Experts please....
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