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  1. Amen gaffer. Outstanding. Every word is spot on. Just a shame too many cant snap out of it. Yet they know what time they want there pie and peas at night. Craig - it took you how many years to realise 9/11 was a psy op...are you falling into the same with this? Email me bud - i want to catch up with you. Unfortunately Mr Frankie (who) has diasbled my PM. I mean what a low blow.
  2. Race for the top four is getting good in this league. Leverkusen, Leipzig and Gladbach seem to be switching spots every game. Leipzig have a much superior goal difference to the other two. Gladbach need to win today. Plus Dortmund have been sucked right into it - but they should get the job done today against Paderborn.
  3. Tips for today? Mostly home wins on paper.
  4. Id reverse that. Its about time clubs forged friendships with us. They burnt a lot of bridges.
  5. Guys I dont have any function / option to send PM.
  6. Pre New year - nothing was wrong. As Gonzo say - get it together after new year. I love SG but he needs to start implementing his hardness rather that just showing it. I dont want to start bashing Arfield but come one - how bad was he in so many games?
  7. Gribz

    Farley TV

    Rodgers is spot on. Sarri with 4 fags - I was in the supermarket and cried laughing.
  8. This chap is hilarious.
  9. The complete opposite mate. Obviously an agenda at play. The elephant in the room is the Scottish Cup - why has that not been cancelled? Relegation is still an issue as well. They have to stick by it if they have called the league.
  10. Yes absolutely. Few new posters around since you were here. Watch out for that crackpot Bill, he likes to upset people 🤣🤣 Couple of new legends. Scott and Compo.
  11. Took the words out of my mouth. No need for a 4-3-2-1. The only quiz is who do you play on the right of the 3 behind the striker? Id push Aribo further forward and its Arfield that makes way.
  12. Nice one. Welcome back mate. Good to see you posting.
  13. Its not going to look right with empty stadiums but at least its being played. The title is done but there is CL places to play for especially with Man City's spot being in doubt.
  14. Are you the original BlueDan from many years ago???
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