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  1. Lets see how we do this weekend Scotty. Liverpool have to draw at some point 🙂 Big round of Championship games as well today. Man City 2-0 Tottenham Bournemouth 3-0 Fulham Huddersfield 1-2 Watford West Ham 1-2 Leicester Wolves 2-0 Brighton Newcastle 2-2 Southampton Everton 2-1 Man Utd Arsenal 2-0 Crystal Palace Cardiff 1-1 Liverpool Chelsea 2-0 Burnley
  2. Paul Walbert.... Big Eck had to go though, whats happened to him. Still a mammoth of a man. Did his ego get to him???
  3. I just threw Zidane in if they wanted success, I think he knows how to command big players. Talk about best players in the world and he was right up there. Can you imagine say Eddie Howe coming into Man U right now, it would be exactly the same as Moyes. The situation seems to be player power one.
  4. Watched Green Zone last night, saw it when it came out but had a good watch again last night. Excellent from Matt Damon, it touches the truth but nothing near it.
  5. Gribz

    Good Bargain XI

    Again this more than ever has to be a generation one as prices have changes over the years and decades. I dont care what anyone says Laudrup goes into any XI. What a bargain at 2.4m
  6. The thing is Man Utd fans and directors dont want to rip up the book and start again and wait 5 years but Ajax have just shown thats what you have to do. The German national team have always been a top side and even they did it 10 years ago as well as the Spanish side. Man Utd are wanting a quick fix but having Pre-Madonnas like Pogba to build a team around wont work. And then Sanchez - absolute world class player but played way to much football for 5 years non stop due to international summer commitments and didnt look after himself so he could continue into his 30s and now they are left with his 500k a week. Imagine telling a Liverpool fan in 1990 you wont win the title again before 2019, its like telling Man Utd fans now they wont win it again until 2048 which is science fiction story time. Time in football is amazing to think Man Utd didnt win it for 26 years in 1993 yet talk about success with the Busby Babes etc. 5 years should be nothing for Man Utd and nobody is saying they cant be successful while starting again. The issue was giving OGS the job before the end of the season on the back of 8 or 9 good spirited games. They needed a Zidane or someone like that.
  7. Great result Cardiff. I hope they go on and stay up. Remaining fixtures: Cardiff: Liverpool (H), Fulham (A), Palace (H), Man Utd (A). I would love to see them get a point this weekend then beat Fulham and Palace. But realistically I have to give them 6 points from Fulham and Palace. Brighton: Wolves (A), Spurs (A), Newcastle (H), Arsenal (A), Man City (H). Nightmare fixtures. MAYBE Wolves away could be a draw and Newcastle is winnable. Maximum 4 points. Should that be the case and Cardiff get 6 pts then Brighton would stay up on goal difference.
  8. Well done Ajax, awesome stuff. Semi finals should be: Barca v Liverpool Man City / Spurs v Ajax. Imagine a Man City v Liverpool final after the PL race!
  9. I hope Cardiff win, I think they deserve more from their last two games plus if they do win then they will try harder against Liverpool on Saturday with more to play for. However Brightons cuffing from Bournemouth means they have to react. Brighton 2-1 Cardiff
  10. Got to think this is a step too far for Man Utd tonight yet they won at Juve in the group and away to PSG but Barca have to be a different level. Juve should get the job done against Ajax although Id like to see the Dutch go through. Man City v Spurs should be absolutely brilliant and then they meet again this Saturday in the league. Id rather see Man City win the league game.
  11. Good win for the Arsenal but Watford were the better side and it was a howler of a goal. But thats a massive result for Arsenal. It puts them back in 4th still with a game less played than Chelsea and it might get that away day hoodoo off their back before two tricky away games at Wolves and Leicester. Its back in their hands for top 4 and have Palace at home next, 3 points their then it sets it nicely as after that Man Utd have to play Chelsea at home which is decisive. A good Premier League this season. A Title race and a top 4 race.
  12. Gribz

    Good Bargain XI

    I should have said I meant last summer, second spell. He has been magnificent this season.
  13. Norwich let me down yesterday drawing away to Wigan. I had a 5 team Accum and they screwed that. Today I was having a bit of fun on the horses watching the racing channel - I dont usually bet on horses but a few quid on an outsider in each race. Totally no wins.
  14. Gribz

    Good Bargain XI

    Im going to need to think about this one. But Allan McGregor goes straight into goal. Next will have to do a too expensive XI. Stephen Wright, Michael Ball, Tore Andrew Flo come straight to mind. How much did Guivarch cost? This one should be easy to do.
  15. He is in my team. One I meant to mention and came straight to me the other day and I forgot to post it because I was too busy putting a playing XI: JARDEL. Brazilian who was sitting in the stands one game reportedly had signed - how frustrating was that!
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