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  1. Gribz

    The Premier League

    How long can Sarri last after that. 2-0 at Arsenal, 4-0 at Bournemouth and 6-0 at City. He must be the only man in the world who would move a double Premier League winner and World Cup winner from his best position and not correct it after it not working.
  2. Gribz

    Warburton on us winning 55

    Going for 55 didnt necessarily mean in the first season, it meant we are back and thats the aim now. Plus I dont hear anything like that coming from Gerrard in his first year and with a new squad, Id say SG is going for it!
  3. Gribz

    The Premier League

    Perhaps a bit easier to predict this weekend although that could still flip. Fulham 0-2 Man Utd Crystal Palace 1-1 West Ham Huddersfield 0-2 Arsenal Liverpool 3-0 Bournemouth Southampton 1-0 Cardiff Watford 1-1 Everton Brighton 0-0 Burnley Tottenham 1-0 Leicester Man City 2-0 Chelsea Wolves 1-0 Newcastle
  4. Gribz

    Derek McInnes in Rangers dressing room

    McInnes is getting more bitter by the month. It was his decision (thankfully) to turn down a job that was perhaps too big for him.
  5. Felt we were the better side 11 v 11 but was surprised how we were under the cosh more when it went 10 v 10 as both sides had to make changes. Both were reds IMO. In the first game of the season Gerrard made an offensive sub late on when McCrorie was the obvious choice that day but last night he maybe remembered that occasion and went defensive late on which i fine but I thought a tactical switch to leave Candeias on could have worked. TBH I didnt see us getting a 4th. But what a finish by Defoe. Morelos second goal was quality out of nothing but I liked Defoe's finish. Kent has all the potential in the world and the best signing we could make in the summer would be him.
  6. Gribz

    The Premier League

    I didnt mate which was a silly miss. I'll be back in the bookies on the weekend though.
  7. Gribz

    The Premier League

    I'll go with Man City winning by at least 2 goals and cant see them conceding. Everton 0-2 Man City.
  8. Gribz

    The Premier League

    A week ago the Liverpool fans were saying give Benitez a medal...I think the City fans will be saying cancel that and give it to Pellegrini. Very well deserved draw for West Ham. Noble and Rice should have put WHU 2-1 up. What a crime that would have been if Origi had scored in the last kick of the game as he was well offside like the opening goal. To think a week ago they could have went 7 clear but by tomorrow night they could be second is a good feeling. City are getting through a tough run of fixtures. Arsenal, Everton (tomorrow) and Chelsea (Sunday).
  9. Gribz

    The Premier League

    Spurs could quietly go second today with a win. Then they have Leicester (Home) Burnley (away the same weekend Liverpool go to Old Trafford). They arent out of it yet!
  10. I'll just take 3 points in any way today. The hard work was done at the end of 2018 to get level albeit with 1 game extra played but now its a case of catch up again due the fixtures not falling too kindly. So its all about keeping within touching distance. Its without doubt the strongest squad we have seen in many a year now and with a low injury list we can have a right good go between now and May. 3 pts today and Im perhaps looking forward to being at our next game.
  11. Gribz

    The Premier League

    Form and paper quality is going out the window. Tottenham 2-0 Newcastle Brighton 0-1 Watford Burnley 1-1 Southampton Chelsea 2-0 Huddersfield Crystal Palace 3-1 Fulham Everton 2-2 Wolves Cardiff 1-1 Bournemouth Leicester 1-2 Man Utd Man City 3-0 Arsenal West Ham 1-1 Liverpool
  12. Gribz

    The Premier League

    Good job from Leicester, that will do. Keeps it open. Had Liverpool moved 7 pts ahead then its a 3 game swing City would have needed. But 2 is certainly doable. Liverpool away to West Ham on Monday night under the lights isnt a gimmie. WHU are doing their usual good spell / bad spell but after a thumping from Wimbledon and Wolves they should be up for this one. City need to take care of Arsenal on Sunday though.
  13. Gribz

    The Premier League

    Praying for Leicester tonight. They beat City and Chelsea but I think this is a match too much for them. Poor from City. Yes they can lose a game but to be 1-0 at half time they should have had enough to see that off.
  14. Gribz

    The Premier League

    Back to league business with midweek games thrown up at the end of the transfer window - cant see too many movers on Thursday. With Arsenal's defence and so far not bringing in anyone along with what happened to Sala Im going for an away win. Arsenal 0-1 Cardiff Fulham 1-1 Brighton Huddersfield 1-2 Everton Wolves 1-1 West Ham Man Utd 2-0 Burnley Newcastle 0-3 Man City Bournemouth 1-2 Chelsea Southampton 2-1 Palace Liverpool 3-0 Leicester Tottenham 1-0 Watford
  15. Gribz

    [FT] Kilmarnock 2 - 1 Rangers (Defoe 12)

    I was just looking at the fixtures. They have St Mirren, Hamilton and St Johnstone all at home within 7 days. Youd expect they will get 9 pts therefore we have to take max pts from Kilmarnock and Livingston. It could be a defining week.

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