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  1. Magic trees. Did you have a bad experience with cars? Sound like it. Pm me for advice
  2. 3 pts for a win (correct result). A bonus 1 for correct score. Rousseau - I'll tally it up. Keep it simple. How did you do it with the table and upload? I'm quite old school and happy to just add. An extra point for Compo..if he gets one right..being an OAP and all that..and you Scott. ❤️
  3. Liverpool will be interesting this season - they were a wimper last season in their title defence. Man Utd are still weak at the back and in management. If I was a betting man Id have a flutter on Chelsea.
  4. Haha, that amused me. Is Hamilton still open?
  5. Thank you. Im doing the double check for you, Compo and Scott....ehhhh.... Thanks for changing...Premier League lets go.
  6. Haha. My bad. Apologies Can you edit it please to 2021-22
  7. Having a Maserati myself for 6 months these cars are very unpractical and really are for show only. Nice on the eye but a pain in the ass especially over speed bumps. Buy a Golf R / Audi RS3 and do a stage 2 upgrade - wipes most things and can be used domestically
  8. Klinnsmann wasnt available. Granted he dived but he was still Englands best player bar Walker. It will be an interesting summer for him - Man Citeh were ready to sell him..I wonder if they will now. They should - Yes he is dangerous when at pace but 5/10 he runs into nowhere.
  9. Can we finish with the song...Its coming home...
  10. Nope..they went down last season. Thats your predictions being much appreciated..we will not count Fulham v probably Forest. 😀
  11. Are Fulham even in the league this season squire? Check being done.....
  12. This is where is starts. As Harry Kane says "yeah obviously..Obviously..yeah obviously Massive season for Arsenal... Ole at the wheel haha with the tools..... Lets go.....
  13. @Rousseau his team isnt that bad. 😄
  14. Anyway - back on to the football. For team of the tournament - I went for this: Schmeichel Walker Bonucci Chiellini Spinazzola Busquets Chiesa De Bruyne Immobile Sterling Ronaldo Id go as far as saying De Bruyne is currently the best player in the world at the moment - he wasnt even fully fit but changed Belgium when he played. He wont get into the Messi and Ronaldo camp overall but he is a sublime player.
  15. Kate who? I just dont do celeb nonsense and havent done for at least 8 or 9 years. The best thing I ever did was turn off my TV. (football excluded). But you make an extremely good point - the first OF games I started to watch were just 60-70 thousand fans and its still late 80s. There was zero posers or "celebs" (horrendous word). I am not going to go deep in here at all and I'll stick to football but what I will say is the change in the fan attendances is all designed.
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