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  1. Haha what gave you that idea mate. Get on the point please...haha Tequilla....
  2. Ian pitched 2003 but called it Helicopter Sunday. Ian perhaps on the sauce like I was last night 🙂
  3. Where were you? I was in Baku. Just had been in the sticks towards the Georgian border for 2 weeks, managed to get back into Baku for the game but ended up in a bar full of Celtic supporters. I went mental on the table and ended up having to make a sharp exit before finding another bar.
  4. Makes it even better knowing Bellamy and Sutton were in that Celtic team..and Dallas was the ref at fir park. Tam Buffel was a quality player. Turned it on in the big games,
  5. Just pitch it in here. As much as it hurts it will be an awesome team.
  6. Please back your claims...back it up...you cant. you actucually cant . Lets debate...but you wont
  7. Sober now mate...after a few..But what are you talking about..oosssh away with it
  8. Please do you own research.. not main stream shite.
  9. Nah I didnt think so... Craig - waiting mate ..lets go live. Virus cant actually be transferred by touch or breathing...Please debunk that.
  10. Nah no discussion..... Coronavirus = common cold and put on the back of every cleaning bottle. Next
  11. Lets gets the facts straight Craig...I think you would have woken on this one mate
  12. Sorry folks, I didnt ever mean to come back and type in the lounge. But nobody can seriously be believling this nonsense? OMG
  13. Sorry sorry...I didnt read Craigs post in full My mistake admitted
  14. like you said..having a few haha. But thats fine. I will rip you on this possibly Craig. I dont know yet know one knows...I havent read your reply and I am willing to read so give me 30 mins to scrub my face...you are well better than it..and I hav been reading a lot about bahamas - cocktails all round....ok - on it. why did you contact here. nothing to do with skinful.... I mean are you a realist Craig?
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