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  1. Gribz

    New Ibrox

    The screens were a massive mistake at the time, I dont get why we would close the corners just to have screens and some suites. An Additional 6000 seats would have brought far more income and atmosphere.
  2. 12 times ..that is amazing.
  3. Bosh...that was awesome. How good is he in France? Why cant he do it in the other majors. He really is great to watch when he plays like that.
  4. Its half decent mountains but still sandy. The one Ive been going to in the last few months is Ras Al-Khaimah. Its quite nice when getting near the Oman border with mountains.
  5. What makes it so good? Its a run in the desert. Although maybe you went to a different border location.
  6. I was watching this in Dubai but trying to keep up with it now....Cant beat a bit of cricket.
  7. Yes sir, they are much "educated" in SG so much that they go to school during the holidays. I mean define "education" ? Its more like Indoctrination. Manners is the first port of what should be education not putting a globe in a kids face and saying we live on a spinning ball.
  8. I remember sitting watching teletext waiting on the news if Laudrup was staying and I recall the one year extension and had a bounce around the living room. Yes you are about right summer 1997. I think there was massive underlaying talks from Advocaat as soon as he was coming as to who he wanted to stay. Bizarre he wouldnt have wanted Laudrup. Advocaat was always outspoken, I remember he practically talked Amato out of the team as Mols was coming. Amato was amazing too, had he gotten the right manager and an extra yard of pace he would be a world beater.
  9. I just cant take to Womens football. But there seems to be this stigma that if you arent with it you are against it. The world has gone mad...Womens football just isnt good and can I say that without risking a comeback - of course I can, Its my opinion.
  10. The Dutch are back. Couldnt have been a better result to remind England they are so average. They crept to the semi finals of the WC playing crap and have been found out again. Average team and poor manager.
  11. The Oman run is a pain in the ass, ive just done it 3 times recently as you only get 30 days in UAE. Its a 5 hour trip, dont do it with a hangover.
  12. Lake Geneva was were I stopped over when I was 17, absolutely stunning but expensive - I remember buying crisps and a kitkat and it cost me about 14 quid! I was going to do Germany through to Austria but I think I will need to go via Switzerland just to see it. Ive done Asia and again so thinking its time to do closer to home. (Then again where is home).
  13. Which rail company?? Did you need to change a lot etc? I understand its 20 years on but pretty sure rail rules havent changed too much. I was thinking get on a train in Amsterdam and just go with the flow and pay as i go.
  14. Hateley and Laudrup upfront. That was deadly. Walter got it wrong in Europe playing Moore midfield. Advocaat messed up not keeping laudrup - Imagine him upfront in that team? Mols and Laudrup as a forward line.
  15. I have always liked a mature lady mate...but the fact Im now 40 and your ladies..id probably be edging 80s and 90 year olds....I cut of at 56 haha. You and Scott are welcome along if you fancy a venture. I'll buy the first round. Wheres Craig..I would need him along also.
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