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  1. Weekend almost upon again and there is a potential good Friday night game at Villa park. The Biggie is Liverpool v Arsenal on Saturday, will it be the same old Arsenal getting a turfing at Anfield? Friday: Aston Villa 1-1 Everton Saturday: Norwich 1-1 Chelsea Brighton 2-0 Southampton Man Utd 3-1 Crystal Palace Sheff Utd 1-2 Leicester Watford 2-2 West Ham Liverpool 2-0 Arsenal Sunday: Bournemouth 0-2 Man City Tottenham 3-1 Newcastle Wolves 2-0 Burnley
  2. Not sure its any other clubs duty to bail out other clubs. With Bolton 6 miles up the road and the trouble they are in you wonder if a potential merger would benefit.
  3. Sheff Wed back on top, good start for the owls. Couple of good games tonight. Charlton v Forest, Cardiff v Huddersfield is big. Must say I dont might seeing Stoke lurching at the bottom of the table.
  4. Cant believe thats 4 years already. Scotland were robbed then by Australia. NZ should cruise it but the Welsh will have a shout.
  5. Watched bits of the game on RFC TV, Defoe showing his class like said above. Aribo is a potential star. As mentioned - job done and onto Warsaw.
  6. Excellent. But will never beat Colin Wanker (Neil Warnock), thats still hilarious.
  7. Interesting results. Villa - return has gone slowly, did they do a Fulham and buy too many players? Newcastle - Steve Bruce will be under immense pressure. Chelsea - They will struggle for top 6, Leicester should have won that game with the chances in the second half.
  8. I got mashed yesterday. Had West ham, Villa wins and draw Norwich v Newcastle. 0/3. I'll do a Palace Chelsea double today.
  9. Cant see the link in the original OP.
  10. The Pars are 35/1 just to win. A Southampton Dunfermline double is 251/1.
  11. I think Aribo is the most exciting signing and part of that is a permanent one and brings something different. Ojo is going to be great on the eye but in 10 months he could be back at Anfield with a 7 million pound price tag meaning we wouldnt see him again like Kent.
  12. Has to be a wad of changes to give players match time and perhaps even a change of system as a Plan B - Try 3 at the back? I quite like League Cup on weekends, it was something I said years ago during a discussion with Calscot that they could make the top flight 16 or 18 teams which is 30 or 34 games and the other weekends play the League Cup. Half is done, would be good to get 18 team top flight. Its the 4th trophy on the agenda this cup however winning it is obviously easier than the Europa would be but getting into the Europa League for financial reasons is a higher priority again this season but come the latter rounds after Europa League Qualification thats when the strongest team can be fielded but with all due respect any team we put out should still win easily at East Fife. Not sure on Andy King fitness but Id throw him in if he is ready.
  13. Some good value around today. Southampton to draw with Liverpool isnt a bad shout at 4/1. Any bet (Home, Draw, Away) at the Villa v Bournemouth, Brighton v West Ham and Norwich v Newcastle games all more than Evs. (was going to say Odds Against being the opposite of Odds On but Ive never actually heard that being used).
  14. Saturday: Arsenal 2-0 Burnley Aston Villa 2-1 Bournemouth Brighton 0-1 West Ham Everton 2-1 Watford Norwich 1-1 Newcastle Southampton 1-3 Liverpool Man City 2-0 Tottenham Sunday: Sheff Utd 1-1 Crystal Palace Chelsea 2-2 Leicester Monday: Wolves 1-0 Man Utd
  15. I knew the Lennon appointment was a masterstroke. Its not just the finances this helps close gaps, if they end up playing Thursday / Sunday also then it helps with our chances of the league. Playing Saturday is a bonus.
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