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  1. This band was less dangerous than the Danes, but had their moments. I'm really annoyed that we did not remove Ojo after about 60 mins for Jones, as the former was contributing next to nothing. Jones would at least helped Flanagan on that flank. 0-0 is a naughty score, hope it doesn't bite us in the back ...
  2. HT 0-0 ... We're plugging quietly away, create chances and keep them well at bay. They hardly get close to our area, had a couple or so of decent shots. A bit more precision from us and we could sneak the odd goal or two. But honestly, what a bunch of divers and moaners ... utterly classeless at times.
  3. Rarely have I seen such gamesmanship and blatant diving ...
  4. Their fans play the hard man and big lips role here, their players fall like flies and cry foul of any challenge ...
  5. McGregor Tavernier - Goldson - Katić - Flanagan Jack - Davis Ojo - Aribo - Arfield Morelos Subs: Foderingham, Bariŝić, Helander, Kamara, King, Jones, Defoe Probably the best we can threw at them, at first.
  6. Interestingly enough, when you look up Chris McLaughlin`s twitterings, you`ll find all sorts of re-tweets of Celtic signings and going-ons. Hardly anything Rangers (or anything else Scottish footballerish), unless it is controversial ... e.g. " BBC News - Football fans' safety 'still at risk' inside stadiums " (with Bluenoses in the background?), collapsed roof at Kilmarnock, or Rangers could face a million pound pay out to Ashley et al ... yes, he sure still is an unbiased specimen of BBC Scotland and it football branch. Some gall to dig in behind him and play the victim card ... ooops. For reference: https://twitter.com/bbcchrismclaug
  7. While factually wrong, as McLaughlin only had his media privileges removed - and for valid reasons, how does that restrict the whole BBC`s ability to report from Ibrox or Auchenhowie? Not least when said journalist is - AFAIK - no longer the relevant football reporter? Send that to Ofcom.
  8. http://legia.com/aktualnosci/legia-rangers-fc-raport-z-obozu-rywala-62242 LEGIA - RANGERS FC: REPORT FROM THE OPPONENT'S CAMP Author: Przemyslaw Gołaszewski Fig. rangers.co.uk Legia's path to the coveted UEFA Europa League group stage is the club that occupies a leading position on the UEFA football heritage list. The Legia Warsaw litmus test will be Rangers FC football players - the most successful team in the history of football. Form More than a hundred trophies besieging the Scottish club showcases are colossal, but currently the Rangers can only dream of the status of European power. In last year's UEFA Europa League players from Glasgow took third place in the group, while waiting for participation in the UEFA Champions League longer than Legia Warsaw. This year's European campaign began for the charges of Steven Gerrard with a spectacular victory in a two-leg match against St Joseph's. The Scots defeated the Gibraltarians as much as 10: 0. In the second round of elimination with Luxembourgish Progrès Niedercorn. This promotion was not so impressive. Popular The Gers moved to the next phase with a 2: 0 home win. In the next stage of qualifying, the Rangers again showed their power. The Danes from the Midtjylland team felt their strength painfully. Scots Win 3: 1 and 4: 2 showed their rivals a place in the rankings. The Gers also have a successful start in the league. The rangers scored two wins in two queues and because of the inferior goal balance they occupy a place just behind Celtik. Staffing situation Should Legionaries Fear Islanders' Shooting Shows? Legia as the only team playing in the UEFA Europa League qualifying round has not lost a goal since the first round. To maintain this streak, the military will have to climb to the heights of their skills. Rangers have someone to scare. When it comes to names, Jermain Defoe certainly makes the biggest impression. The English striker, despite 36 years old, still knows the recipe for placing the ball in the net. This season, Defoe has already done this five times. The blue part of Glasgow has great hopes for Alfredo Morelos. The 23-year-old Colombian scored seven goals in the current eliminations. He has already scored nine hits in all eight games of the season. However, his performance is in question. In the second leg match against Midtjylland, Morelos left the field injured. In the last Rangers league match he was not even on the bench, but he was included in the match team for the match in Warsaw by coach Gerrard. After winning the promotion to the playoffs, the club from Glasgow announced the signing of a contract with Andy King. The 30-year-old came to Scotland from Leicester City, where he is a living legend. In the colors of this club he played over 300 matches and was a member of the team that in 2016, in incredible circumstances, reached the title of Premier League championship. In Steven Gerrard's team there is one more player whom the fans could meet by following the English league. This is Jon Flanagan - a former Liverpool side defender, whose career in the Beatles city was stopped by injuries. Rangers player is also borrowed from Liverpool Sheyi Ojo. The 22-year-old winger hit the line-up and scored four goals in seven matches, with three assists. Our Thursday rivals will certainly be a real challenge for Legia, the first in a long time, a serious challenge in European cups. On a trip After returning from vacation, Rangers FC players have an even form. During the preparations for the season, Legia's rivals played six matches in delegations, four won and two drawn. They won, among others with Olympique Marseille 4: 0. The first draw was a friendly against Blackburn Rovers, while the second unresolved skirmish was a confrontation with Luxemburg Niedercorn in the second leg of the UEFA Europa League qualifying round. A few days ago, The Gers won 3-0 in the league away match against East Fife. Key character of the team There is nothing to hide, the greatest personality of the Scottish team is Steven Gerrard. The Liverpool legend is only in the vestibule of a coaching career, while the results of Gerrard's work are visible to the naked eye. The former England representative started working with the team in June 2018. He has led the Rangers in 69 matches so far and can boast an average of 1.99 points scored per match. Colombian striker Alfredo Morelosa plays a leading role on the pitch. He has already scored nine goals in eight games this season and is sure he wants to improve his performance on Thursday. The only question is whether his health will allow him. In the match against FC Midtjylland Merolas left the field injured. What to look for? For perpendicular and flat passes crossing from the lateral sectors. In the rematch with the Danish Midtjylland FC players from Glasgow dismantled the defensive rivals just this type of play. Three goals for Steven Gerrard's team were scored after strong overtakes from the left side of the pitch. Before they happened, Rangers FC midfielders started the teammate with a pass that pierced the Danes' defense. In addition, offensive actions are played by Glasgow players at a high pace that can lose opponents. Legionaries want to keep a clean account of European competitions, so for ninety minutes they will have to remain vigilant and block these sensitive areas of the pitch.
  9. Be that as it may, I would welcome the Ministry of Defence as well as any British soldier veterans organisation speaking out and/or condemning the unlawful praising of terrorists over at the Scumhut. We can cry our souls out at this at fan boards or the like, but it is up to the authorities - and aside the aforementioned also the Ministry of Justice and the Home Office - to act against illegal pro-terrorist behaviour as per Terrorism Act 2000 and 2006 ... as well as asking the Scottish authorities to finally do their duty.
  10. We are an injury and a suspension away from having no main striker. Never mind a loss of form ...
  11. He might buy a few thousand shares from his own pocket and invest the money into him ...
  12. All fair and well, IF someone comes and pays the price. It seems that no-one from England came forward with a - to all parties concerned - suitable offer, nor has come someone of late. Maybe there still is interest in Europe, but 7m is rather hefty a fee. Cometh the end of the window, what would be Liverpool's plan then? Stick him in the u23s and let him run down his contract, get him out of form and thus devalue him? Not what I would think Klopp would be looking at favourably. Maybe they think Kent will "come to his senses", once a potential buyer happens by. But I wonder what their plans will be when the transfer window is coming to an end? EDIT: How comes "age" into play when Bayern loans a 27-year old Coutinho for Euro 8.5m with a Euro 120m buy option ...
  13. I don`t mind Yahoos covering Yahoo games. I don`t like Yahoos covering our or anyone else`s games though. That show on Sunday with East Fife with Walker and some other troll was archetypical of their bias and lack of impartiality. When it became clear that we beat them fare and square, they slowly changed the tune, but before that it was budget this, budget that, "remember the days in the lower leagues and how bad Albion Rovers fared not getting the Blue Pound", how poor our "second string" chaps performed as they should do better to fight for a slot in the starting line-up ... endless negativity.
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