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  1. Roofe, Helander and Itten will most likely be here next season. Gio actually said that he would not have sent Itten away. That said, both strikers will speak with Gio about his future plans, as this one-striker stuff saw them frozen out of teams while we toiled along against the brickwall-gang. These last two finals, being played with essentially no-strikers for long spells, won`t enhance Gio`s position in that case.
  2. How sweet. Obviously, "Scottish football and all those wee clubs will have to pay" for Rangers being so naughty and make a stand ...
  3. That sentence included "potential", even if I did not spell it out ... and sorry for that. He is - of course - not the finished article, but at 22 I wouldn`t expect that.
  4. Sorry, I can`t follow your line of thought here? Are you implying that the Eintracht fans were akin to Nazi hordes or ideologically influenced Germans hailing the Führer or something? Their fan displays, songs and whatnot are not dissimilar to what you get in nigh any German football ground in BL 1 and 2 week in and week out.
  5. Rest assured, Eintracht will have no clue about the standing of the DR amongst us and their reporters. That said, the latter may very well have spilled their breakfast (much like their preferred audience) when seeing that advert appear. As for their displays ... well, that would mean that those of Roma, Lazio, Red Star, you name it displays are also akin to "Nuremburg Rally" stuff. What a strange strange comment ... not least since Frankfurt (and its fans) is probably the most mutli-cultural city in Germany next to Hamburg.
  6. This lad has all. Over the course of the season, he did his work as a centre-half and left-back, is willing to attack if space presents itself, can flank a ball and the way he skipped past three (admittedly) Hearts players late in the game was just superb. Doesn`t shy from big occasions or teams. No matter the money offered, we should keep this lad and built a team alongside him.
  7. Looked a solid chap, would sure add to the team as a squad player, not least with some better coaching.
  8. Well deserved, albeit taking so much time. Hearts didn`t manage a single shot on target. No matter what, proud to be a Bear tonight!
  9. Can`t tell for sure, but I have never heard of any team or coach that has ever tried to win two cup finals without fielding a single striker (when having them at the ready). It will, if we lose this, be ranked a one of the most dreadful (if not most stupid) decisions of all time.
  10. If Sakala would overshoot,-pass, -run or dilly-dally a quarter of the balls that Kent does per game, he`d be drawn and quartered.
  11. This looks like 2008 all over again, when we toiled to a 1-0 against Falkirk, IIRC.
  12. Time for Sakala, Roofe and Ramsey/Lowry. Collum, dear me, what a fool. And these sad Jambos fall like flies ...
  13. Zukowksi ... haven`t seen him since his couple of cameos when he signed. Probably more involved with the B team, haven`t checked though. Aribo is no striker, be it Morelos, Roofe, Sakala or Itten, in that lone role Aribo should be 4th choice. IMHO, he is best used behind a striker or better two. We need some up there to aim at, who can hold the ball and lay it off. So far, we give Hearts far too much room and the possibility to press us ... and we are not really that comfortable with that.
  14. Indeed. He looked good last week two, from the showing so far (only saw the last 20 mins), he`s the best attacking threat we have. On the opposite site, Cochrane is one cheating sad little creep.
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