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  1. ... and that is where they fail in their responsibilities. WHile the media always and ever claims the right of "freedom of press", one of the great goods of "democracy" et al, they oftentimes fail to grasp that this freedom also means responsibilities. Be correct, be neutral, be true to the facts. BBC Scotland for years has been rather liberal with facts and the truth and would this happen in Germany, quite a few of their lot would be taken to task by the German Media Council.
  2. 1 mins of highlights ... https://de.uefa.com/uefaeuropaleague/video/highlights/0262-10ac85d8ca27-42db1a4ebc96-1000--highlights-standard-liege-rangers-0-2/
  3. Rangers Football Club @RangersFC Scotland UEFA coefficient rankings 2018: 26th 2021 (current season): 12th Happy to help
  4. BTW, it has been verified that the signs he made after his goal were A and L, the initials of his daughters. Nothing to do with Anderlcht or any other stuff, he`s done it for years.
  5. Not sure if it was posted before, Roofe`s goal with English ... https://streamable.com/fb0mgg ... and Mexican commentary: https://streamable.com/exh4ke
  6. Too bad that the rain came in, as we started to play some brilliant stuff there in Belgium. Could have gone either way during and after the floodgates opened, but we kept our cool and defended very cooly too. That goal was the icing on the cake and would have sufficed for another 5. Imagine we had taken half of our clear-cut chanced and we could have come away with a Willem scoreline. Outstanding stuff this evening and hats off to that team!
  7. Sidenote ... I read "Teutonic efficiency" first in a Rangers book about our European games, when they commented on a game vs Borussia Mönchengladbach or the like, 80s or early 90s methinks.
  8. Teutonic efficiency thus far. A bit more concentration up top and we me get a result here. So far, Liege have looked the best opposition we played so far ... even though I did not see the whole Willem II game.
  9. Had they given the Chinese 4bn and said make it happen in 5 years, they would have done it in 4. This was like the "Stuttgart24" rail station fiasco one hell of a cockup. As it is tax-payers money, they threw it about like confetti ... nigh criminal. But I was more referring to the Teutonic efficiency in football ...
  10. As one chap noted on FF, Arbroath has never been beaten in Europe in 140 years!!! Anyway, they are another unknown entity as many of the sides were which we met in recent years. With Belgian teams you never know. Some are bang average on the day, others will play you of the park. I assume we will play our game and be as pragmatic as we usually are, almost Teutonic efficiency, as another FFer remarked.
  11. Indeed. It is about players and staff being responsible and professional. If they don't, authorities might decide what to do with such teams and/or players. Well, in a normal country ...
  12. Season up and running now, the Women started away to Hearts and came back as 5-1 winners Rangers Open Season With Comprehensive Win Gallery: Rangers 5-1 Hearts REACTION | Malky Thomson | Rangers 5-1 Hearts REACTION | Zoe Ness | Rangers 5-1 Hearts
  13. Probably the most comfortable Old Firm victory for us that I ever saw. As with the European away games, we seemingly play a certain plan and tactic like a machine, sometimes hard to look on, but nigh always successful. Just keep it going, use the squad to its full ability and watch us go!
  14. Wouldn't mind Hagi or Jones instead of Barker from 60s or the like. In fact, I'd first take Jones, as he's more direct. Obviously, Barker will score/assists a couple now.
  15. If we go about our business and produce a performance reminiscent of our European games, would should be fine. The old saying that the "form book goes out of the window when the Old Firm meets" won't help today, as both teams have been winning most of their games anyway.
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