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  1. Balogun - Goldson - Bassey can very well do that. The latter may need a touch of coaching, but sure is a decent enough left-sided defender. And we have seen Balogun play well on the right side.
  2. First piece of rumour have Galatasaray apparently looking to get Hagi (who`s grown up in Istanbul and is a Gala fan ... so they say). SabahSpor is the Twitter link, 160k followers. Gala is AFAIK not exactly rich right now, and has hardly paid above 5m in recent seasons ... OUT - Ianis Hagi - Galatasaray - LINK
  3. Point is, for long spells we play with 2 CHs, usually 2 DMs (deep CMs) and 2 fullbacks as auxilliary wingers. That leaves us with far too few real attackers - as countless games against low blocks have shown. Possible 3MD (3-man-defence) against low blocks might be ... Balogun/Tavernier - Goldson/Helander - Bassey Either defender on the side could rove forward every now and then, with the others taking up the usual central defence double, with ONE DM (e.g. Jack or Kamara) dropping back too. Midfield could be ... Patterson/Hagi - Hagi - Jack/Kamara - Aribo - Kent/Wright ... with either winger asked to track back if needed, Jack the destroyer, Hagi and Aribo the creative/run-into-spaces type of guys. Up front ... Morelos - Sakala/Roofe That would be 3 defenders with the option that 1 could join the attack. One DM to clear the danger, and 5-6 primary attacking players.
  4. Maybe we don`t allow away fans to go to games who`s mental age is below 10?
  5. Only that Forrest was about a yard offside ... (of course, Arfield touched the ball on the way, but that only counts for Scum offside goals) Livi doing what worked for all plastic-pitch teams: long balls, hope for a strange bounce and grab what chance you get from that. Anderson a bit lucky that the save from McGregor landed perfectly for him. Anyway, we still look in control, just need to stop these slack passes ... then, again, the pitch doesn`t help. Arfield, Hagi and Aribo good at keeping the high press and run into dangerous areas.
  6. These are the games where we will see what impact Gio will have on our game. Europe has never been a problem for our tactics and players, it remains to be seen whether Gio changes it against the trench diggers and hammerthrowers. IMHO, we should revert to 3 at the back, make that Tavernier - Goldson - Bassey, with either sided "CH" may every now and then join the attack. Keep Kamara or Jack as the DM who pops up when and where needed. Send Kent to the left wing - with the order to track back when needed, put Patterson on the right flank - same order. Play Aribo as a 10, Arfield LM, Hagi RM ... and Sakala and Morelos up top. And no goalie. Well, okay, its just Morelos up top then.
  7. Our main problem this season - even partly last season too - was that Morelos moved to the wings or deeper (and correctly drawing defenders out of position), yet those who should take his place and run into danger areas either failed to deliver or simply weren`t there*. You hardly know what Arbibo`s best position is, given where he pops up on the park, while Kent is also roving about ... and our midfielders don`t really join the attack, bar Hagi and Arfield perhaps. Likewise, the "roving fullbacks" can cross all day long (and hopefully beyond the first man), if there`s hardly anyone in the box ... Hence I recently said that we went from a 4 attacker line up (2 wingers, 2 strikers) to one with something like 0,5*-3 attackers ... which is essentially the worst way of opening up "low blocks", 5-4-1s and the like. Hence - you may remember - we oftentimes toiled badly unless we scored early.
  8. As I noted elsewhere, at 38 he`s probably ready to make a step up. His knowledge of youth players in the Netherlands will also come in handy. While I noted that Gio said that he has seen quite a few of our games, you would hope some of our local eye-witnesses (e.g. Neil McCann or Kevin Thomson) can give him some insight into the midset and setup of Scottish teams (and managers).
  9. It needs to be remembered too that Europe has never really been a problem under SG. It is those Scottish teams who play us every few weeks/months that know how we play and our players play that give us bother. Unless we score early and they open up, they'll load their boxes and the midfield and we need more firepower and people up front to open that tactic. Livingston away will give us a stern test and we'll have to wait and see how Gio and Co. tackle that.
  10. Going by form and enthusiasm ... 4-3-3 Patterson - Goldson - Balogun - Bassey Jack Hagi - Arfield Sakala - Morelos - Wright 3-4-3 Balogun - Goldson - Bassey Patterson - Hagi - Jack - Arfield/Kent Sakala - Morelos - Wright
  11. After 10 years at Ajay and aged 38, you wonder whether he might be deemed good enough and sees himself more than able to step up and coach the big ones? His knowledge of the Dutch youth players will sure come in handy, and I reckon that he will sure have a look at our youngsters too in any case. NB: Seen quite few of those in the current training videos.
  12. The Winter 2021/22 Rangers Transfer Window Rumours and Deals - Thread A month ahead of x-mas, this is what many have craved for. So off we go ... LINK to a rumour source TM is the TransferMarkt stats side for that player SIGNED in Winter 2020/21: TBA GONE in Winter 2021 TBA RUMOURS: IN - OUT - Ianis Hagi - Galatasaray - LINK (If there`s anything in some official channel, outlet, paper et al, it will appear here. So far there are just murmurs like SG wanting Barisic or Patterson, but only on fan-run sites.) CONTRACT EXTENSIONS - TBA NON-STARTERS: TBA LOANS 2021/22 Lewis Mayo - Partick Thistle - season long loan, option 01/22; contract at Rangersl 2023 Kai Kennedy - Dunfermline Athletic - (as above) James Maxwell - Ayr United - (as above) Josh McPake (19) - RM/RW - 6/2024 - loaned to Morecombe (January option) - LINK Jake Hastie (23) – LW/RW - 6/2023 - loaned to Partick till January - LINK Glenn Middleton (21) – LW - 6/2023 - loaned to St. Johnstone - LINK Cedric Itten (24) - ST - contract 6/2024 - loaned to Greuther Fürth (January option, 3m buy option) - LINK Nikola Katic (24) - CH - contract 6/2023 - loaned to Hajduk Split (January option) - LINK SQUAD as of 20 / 08 / 2021 Squad listed in order of remaining length of contract & primary position Full squad list at Transfermarkt Squad by primary and optional position at Transfermarkt Goal: Allan McGregor (39) – contract 6/2022 Andy Firth (25) - contract 6/2022 Jon McLaughlin (34) - contract 6/2022 Robby McCrorie (23) - contract 6/2023 Defence Leon Balogun (33) - CH/RB - contract 6/2022 Connor Goldson (28) - CH - contract 6/2022 Filip Helander (28) - CH - contract 6/2023 Nathan Patterson (20) – RB – contract 6/2024 James Tavernier (30) – RB- contract 6/2024 Borna Barisic (29) - LB - contract 6/2024 Calvin Bassey (21) - LB/CH - contract 6/2024 Jack Simpson (24) - CH - contract till 6/2025 Midfield Steven Davis (36) – CM - contract 6/2022 Scott Arfield (33) – C/LM - contract 6/2022 Brandon Barker (25) – LW - contract 6/2022 Stephen Kelly (21) - CM/DM - contract 2023 Ryan Jack (29) – CM - contract 6/2023 Joe Aribo (25) – AM - contract 6/2023 Ryan Kent (25) – LW/AM - contract 6/2023 Juninho Bacuna (24) - A/CM - contract 6/2023 Ianis Hagi (23) - AM – contract 6/2024 John Lundstram (27) - CM - contract 2024 Nnamdi Ofoborh (22) – (CM) – contract 6/2025 Scott Wright (24) - LW/AM - contract till 6/2025 Glen Kamara (26) – CM - contract 6/2025 Strikers Jermain Defoe (39) – ST – contract 6/2022, player-coach Alfredo Morelos (25) – ST - contract 6/2023 Kemar Roofe (28) - ST - contract 6/2024 Fashion Sakala (24) – ST – contract 6/2025 Coaching Staff Check out the club's home page Academy / B Side -> https://www.Rangers.co.uk/article/academy-restructure/4skGYIfqugwK1CvGZUHFH0 Women's Side -> https://rangers.co.uk/teams/ladies-senior/
  13. So by the sound of it, no Neil McCann for the time being.
  14. As for tactics ... first, I`d vote for the return of Jack in DM. Depending on the game at hand, you could play (if fit) ... Balogun - Goldson/Helander - Bassey Jack Wright - Hagi - Lundstram - Kent/Bacuna Roofe - Sakala ... with Jack clearing the lines and covering slots vacated by Balogun or Bassey. Lundstram could easily swap places with Jack or break up play early, run into space et al. He could be exchanged with Arfield. I don`t see Hagi as a right winger, so it would be Wright or Aribo, perhaps even Patterson as a wingback. Against more offensive / better teams (not least in Europe), it could be ... Tavernier - Goldson/Helander - Balogun Patterson - Hagi - Jack - Bassey Sakala - Roofe - Kent/Wright The defenders should keep their position, while either wingback could drop back and bolster the defence two. Both wingbacks are capable of doing a job on the wing and in the attacking area too. Jack playing the cleaner, Hagi/Aribo/Davis the creator, the front 3 keep the opposition busy in their own half. No matter which system we play, we need more attacking players that stay where it hurts the opposition. Time and again we labour on with one striker against 2-4 defenders, have two inside-left/right players who are usually all over the place, but are not there when the striker needs more bodies about him, and on central "attacking" player who rarely runs into spaces. Time and again, Aribo, Kent, Morelos and go tried to force their way through a packed middle, the wings were barren and we had no width to draw the defenders out of position. Combine that with the inability of mainly Tav to get decent crosses in (for weeks) or the lack of bodies in the area to aim at. What bothers me most is that this analysis is sure no witchcraft or rocket science, whatever you fancy more.
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