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  1. ... and a Helsinki friendly in January too! Definitely in Scotland I would say, as you wouldn't find Helsinki in midwinter, not to speak of their stadium.
  2. ... and it might well be that Steven Davis heads to Wolves because of his family/kids et al. Ah, the joy of the transfer window rumours. Meanwhile, SG reckons that we'll see Dorrans and Murphy soonish, in the latter's case at least sooner than expected.
  3. der Berliner

    Criticism of Rangers' transfer record is over the top

    Whatever makes a headline these days is good enough. Every half-brained sports journo would put 2 and 2 together and not come out with 3, as per usual in the Scottish media. And that's what this ex.-Rangers Media chap rightly says. We changed our central defence a few times but it was clear as day that once McAuley with his vast experience was fit, he and Goldson would be our preferred pairing. Flanagan was first and foremost a back-up defender for ANY position in the back line. Whatever the issue with Wallace is, he was not coming back. So once Borna got injured, Flanagan was made an auxiliary left-back, nothing more, nothing less. And he performed admirably, if not outstanding. Borna is back now and with Grezda, for whom Kent and Middleton were stand-ins, we'll soon have a left wing combination that will hopefully work as well as Tav & Candeias.
  4. Yep. He's been out for months though and will most likely remain with Livi to get back to full fitness et al.
  5. der Berliner

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    It was noted yesterday that their commentary had us up 2-0 early in the game ... and I noted it too, watching RTV (they willed Lafferty's goal into the net). You wonder whether that was a con attempt for the BBC chaps to check what they were watching (and it worked, obviously), or simply an error by the RTV guy.
  6. Methinks Sol is out of contract next summer, so the fee might not be that high. Yesterday showed that we still need a penalty box predator a la Boyd. Not of that much use in Europe, but knows the bread and butter stuff. I don't mind who he is and still think Cummings would be perfect for that role - and would break his gut every time he walks onto the field.Hardie too, perhaps. We need people who know their trade and do it well, "experiments" like a Sol or Solanke are nice to have, but to me are somewhat of a luxury right now.
  7. der Berliner

    Celtc fans today

    Brown should have walked for his treatment of Hibs' first scorer. Potential leg-breaker. Watching these highlights it looks like TLB has his band really up for these games. If you let either of them play their football, you are in for a rough ride. Wednesday will be a really tough one, unless we score quick and early. Given the pace they break up the park, you do wonder whether McAuley is a good choice, positional sense or not. Alas, he's got a partnership with Goldson now. Tav will have to be on his toes too.
  8. You are mean, 26, you are really really mean! 🤣
  9. der Berliner

    [FT] Rangers 1 - 0 Hamilton (Candeias 3')

    BTW, for once a decent performance by the referee. At least compared to the rubbish we have seen this season.
  10. der Berliner

    [FT] Rangers 1 - 0 Hamilton (Candeias 3')

    On another day we score 4 and play half as good. 22-2 corners ... wicked stuff. But a win is a win and we top the table again. Onwards to Wednesday and hopefully putting Lennon's mob into their place.
  11. der Berliner

    [FT] Rangers 1 - 0 Hamilton (Candeias 3')

    Well, another goal or two early in the 2nd half would settle the nerves. Thursday fatigue may set in with some and at 1-0, you won't want to give Accies any hope. We could just as well keep Jack or McCrorie in the dress room and give Middleton a place on the wing, with Grezda moving inside. That said, you see the understanding between Grezda and Barisic.
  12. Snatched from FF, some interview with a paper: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/steven-gerrard-opens-up-rangers-13738935 I do suggest reading what he actually said, not some of the conjecture at the top. I generally disregard most papers throwing stuff like "duds" about. It is accepted "banter talk" in the media these days, but since when has gutter-press talk become some sort of standard to live with or copy.
  13. Meanwhile, Sadiq has been sent back (SG aluded to that) and today ... According to Italian journalist Gianluca Di Marzio, Sadiq is set to be loaned out to Perugia for the rest of the season. According to Di Marzio a medical has already been undertaken. Perugia would become Sadiq’s fifth loan club in two years after Bologna, Torino, NEC Breda and Rangers.
  14. Thing here remains that we can easily go 3-5-2 or the like in the Premiership too, having two real strikers instead of one. Far too often we have situations in the area where lose balls are picked up by defenders rather than your lurking "natural finisher" (McCoist, Hardie, Garner, Cummings et al), as the midfield does not occupy spaces quickly enough. Holt did it in his first year, before being shuttled back into deep MF. Arfield is doing it now, when he plays. Might still be a place for Pena, as it is his style of game.
  15. 4-3-3 ... has three "attackers" (not necessarily strikers) in the final third. 4-4-2 has four "attackers" in the final third, two strikers and two nominal wingers. 4-4-2 does not stop the full-backs join the attack either. We usually have the fullbacks further forward than usual, so have 2 CHs covering. In the days of MW and PC it proved fatal, as the CHs weren't of a standard high enough, nor did we have a DM able to cover. Now it is somewhat different, player-wise, but we still usually have only the CHs back and a DM covering for Tav and/or whoever is left-back. There is hardly ever any reason to "just" have three attackers in an area swamped by the opposition, with usually 2 of the 3 midfielders being more defensively than attack-minded. Re Sir Alex - I actually pointed in that direction with my remark about Bayern (or the like). If you play in a league that wants to play football too, that system is all fine and well. Against the brick-wall stuff of the SPFL, it is not working as those three attackers can more easily taken care off than four or five. As we have seen time and again. If we have some quality attacking MF to go with it, like a couple of Arfields, fair enough. But we don't.

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