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  1. Looks like goalie Brian Kinnear has joined Birmingham City, probably a good decision, as his chances will be rather limited with us and at 20 years of age, he needs to look for competitive footie. Rangers Academy goalkeeper Brian Kinnear has secured a move to English Championship Birmingham City
  2. A few more whispers from Anatolia say that right now Fenerbahce don`t want to sell, but a loan would be an option.
  3. Few whispers from Turkey ... According to sources in Turkey, Rangers have made an official approach to sign Bright Osayi-Samuel from Fenerbahce. Versatile 23-year old right-sided attacker, who had the not-so-Bright idea going to Turkey these days. Too bad that he now has a deal till 2025 in his hands.
  4. I would assume there were enough ambulances at the ready, as per usual. They say the best ICU of the country is but 500 m from the stadium.
  5. Can anyone confirm that this is but joke? BBC Scotland`s It`s been a long time coming!
  6. You shall not confuse politicians with facts!
  7. More info about the last match et al to follow ... ... but a few players have now gone, as their contracts run out. O'Neill was IMHO some sort of PR/luxury one, but Bourma and Girasoli are a surprise, as they sure were amongst the better players. Then again, one might be wanting a club closer to home while the other might have private reasons too ... RANGERS Football Club can confirm that Sonia O’Neill, Daina Bourma and Carly Girasoli will leave the club upon expiry of their contracts. Captain Clare Gemmell will also depart as she retires from a 20-year senior foot
  8. Dutchman Harroui added. IN - Abdou Harroui (22) - Sparta Rotterdam, Dutch, CM, contract 2022 - LINK - TM Özcan might play in tomorrow`s u21 European Championship final.
  9. Kenny Miller had interesting interview about his time at Ibrox recently. You can get snippets on certain topics of that interview too.
  10. Somewhat surprising, actually. A company does not play football games, a football club does. A company may very well "run" a football club, not least when it becomes too big to be handled by a chairman, a secretary and the tea lady, like East Fife* or the like for many many years. *No disrespect to East Fife.
  11. Back in the day, 2014, Keith Jackson whipped up this article. If true, it makes you wonder why Whyte, upon setting a foot on British soil, never mind the streets of Glasgow, was not snatched up by these tax-enforcers and HMRC looked on how, in a rather "unspectacular and not-that-well puplicized fashion", as the fraudster took over at Ibrox: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/ex-rangers-owner-craig-whyte-being-3992415 Why did HMRC not act? For ... any action from them would have made Murray et al aware of Whyte`s background.
  12. Naughty boy! His current one runs till 2023 and if anyone comes calling, he`ll have to pay serious cash for him anyway.
  13. Aside from other things, one idea might be "fan-stewards", i.e. dedicated supporters of the club who act as front-line stewards and people to talk to and talk to fellow, out of order supporters ... before the normal stewards or police step in. These people could spot and target those stepping out of line or doing things that may harm the club, be it FTPing or BillyBoying. It works quite well over here, e.g. in icehockey, where these fan people know each other quite well, know who in their block may cause trouble, talk to him and have a beer with him afterwards or guide him outside
  14. Weren`t they dismissed during the last Heart & Hand podcast?
  15. Well, Der Kicker usually does not spread rumours unless they have some facts. The original article states that we have made contact with Köln / Cologne about the player and what sort of character he is. We seemingly want to wait and see how our midfield developes over the coming days / weeks before adding him straight away, but he is on our list of targets. The player wants to prove himself at a higher level ... and would have been with the U21 European Championship, had it not been for the Bundesliga playoffs. He will be with the German side against the Dutch in the semi-finals, so you might
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