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  1. So they have 9 points from 8 games and still a -6 goal difference, or has that changed? The top two seemingly running away anyway.
  2. ... but it is? IF you want to see the games live and not as pay-per-view or later. Anyway, I think hat debate has run its course. It would be cool if RTV make their LIVE audio-streams available as the games go on, which they did ages ago, which would be helpful for all customers, home and abroad.
  3. Will it be the same guys who examined Craig Whtye's fit & proper status? Or that of the previous Hearts chairman? ... I would assume King's lawyers will have a field day if these mega-brains at the SFA try something silly. Then again, their puppet-master may have already decided. The guy who had his own independed investigation into the child-abuse scandal and ethinks we have yet to hear anything to hear from SFA, SPFL and Lawwell. Different and "less important" topic though ...
  4. Preview: RWFC v Glasgow City RANGERS Women are bidding for a place in the Scottish Women’s Cup final this weekend as they take on Glasgow City in Stirling on Sunday. Head Coach Gregory Vignal is expecting a tough test but believes his side are continuing to improve each week. Rangers will take on Glasgow City at Forthbank Stadium on Sunday with a 12 noon kick-off. Admission is Adults £5, Concessions £2 and Under-12’s are free. .. read more here: https://rangers.co.uk/news/women/preview-rwfc-v-glasgow-city/
  5. I wasn't willing to spin anything ... nor do I know what caused your chagrin. I posted what I was told. BTW, I obviously wanted a package to view all games as they take place and hence ... Rangers Unlimited Every game LIVE, outside the UK and ROI only Access to all programmes on the RTV player Every game on demand Exclusive interviews and features Access to Rangers archive of classic matches Only available to customers outside of the UK and ROI Does not include Europa League Group Stage matches Monthly - $28.50 Annual - $299
  6. It is what I was told by the RTV chaps when I tried to order it.
  7. Make that $299 for overseas customers ...
  8. In September, the Scum had 3 away and 1 home game, we had it the other way round. In October, the Scum were first away to inspired Livingston, we at home to essentially hopeless Accies. Even though we smashed Aberdeen and Hibs before. Upcoming are ... Celtic - Ross County Hearts - Rangers Aberdeen - Celtic Rangers - Motherwell Celtic - St. Mirren Rangers - Ross County Celtic - Motherwell Livingston - Rangers Celtic - Livingston Hamilton - Rangers ... i.e. them playing 4 times at home and once away, while we are thrice away and twice at home. Yet, no matter that, we simply need to do the simple thing and beat every team in front of us, magnificently or badly. It is what they have done these last few years, without being anywhere near smashing (apart from games against us). Right now, we have the people to do it, lets just hope we revolve our team and take one step at a time.
  9. But Stewart also offers invention. More or less 2 games played by him recently, with one goal and two assists to his name. s I said, he would be a fine tool with Kent, Barker or Jones (never mind Morelos and Defoe) running onto his passes and flicks ... which usually find the target. Perhaps comes with experience. That, and his good close control and willingness to shoot. A good tool to have handy. Liverpool demand not so much of a loan fee, but might come back at you for hard cash if you don't play their players often enough.
  10. The one good thing the international break has is that some of our injured guys will probably be back, notably Kent and Jones. Jack, Aribo and Barker may also be ready, which will essentially gives us a full squad to pick from, something we haven`t had in years. IMHO, Stewart really sparked our last couple of league games into action, probably in a way Arfield did last season. To think that we have them both on the pitch, plus Davis to pick the passes and two in-form strikers ... well well. I would assume that once Kent is back and firing on all cylinders, Ojo might not start every game, which is perhaps not too bad a thing. While he is involved in nigh any important scene, he seemingly drops out of the action for some spells and is at times lackadaisical with passes. Obviously, moaning at a high level, considering where we are. What I would hope is that SG rotates and selects the squad according to the task at hand. There are games where I would rather see Jones, Stewart, King, Edmundson and Defoe, and others where Aribo, Ojo, Helander or Katic might be a first-er pick.
  11. That was a feast ... and we taught them dig-inner-Accies some lesson.
  12. ... maybe Fjortoft actually IS an octopus and the ref didn't want to get into any bother re racism and all?
  13. Not much problem with Goldson, but Ojo seems an auto-pick ... but obviously, the right-wing options seem limited when Stewart is already playing and Aribo seemingly not 100 % fit.
  14. Realistically, if he keeps on scoring and performing for Colombia too, teams will become aware and there will be teams who can match our asking fees. Whether he wants to go / there is up to him. For us, it remains a win-win situation. As long as he scores goals and brings us nearer to a/the title and possibly a CL group slot, we are fine. If someone happens by with 20+m, fine. Obviously, he would be hard to replace, but it is a guessing game whether we can. The propability that some hammer-thrower breaks his leg in a week or 3 months is equally unpredictable. For now, I am content that we have him and will be happy as long as it lasts. The rest is out of my/our hand/s anyways.
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