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  1. Difficult game, difficult opponents, 3 points ... and sure not at our best for quite a few spells. Next week we will have to do better, but I assume we will. Aribo for long spells out of the game, not least after his goal. Perhaps safeguarding Patterson`s runs but still, far too removed from the areas you would want him to be in. Would hope we have Wright or Hagi in his place next week, as he seemingly needs quite a few minutes to get going and hasn`t done that much on a consistent basis this year.
  2. The biggest problem quite a few of the loyalist songs including TBB or FTP have is that they are clearly "against" someone/-thing, usually in an aggressive or hate-filled manner. Much of what he Scum sings about is not against, but usually "in praise" of something, so "by default" not hatefilled in the sense of how 20th century West of Scotland defines sectarian. And it seemingly doesn`t matter that those being praised are terrorist anti-British scum et al. In that context though, Derry`s Walls is not "sectarian", as it praises the apprentice boys et al. Then again, the warped ment
  3. LEON BALOGUN EXTENDS HIS RANGERS CONTRACT RANGERS are today delighted to announce Nigerian internationalist Leon Balogun has extended his contract with the club, keeping him at Ibrox until the summer of 2022. https://www.rangers.co.uk/article/leon-balogun-extends-his-rangers-contract/4kavOaT3NmmrTRSVs6m5PE Good stuff!
  4. ... maybe we just have to switch to a 2-striker system more often, e.g. in games like Cove Rangers, where even Goldson was playing in AM. 🤪
  5. Sky asked Defoe about his plans for the summer / next season and while saying how much he loved it here, he also intimated that he still likes to play (more) football. Wonder what will happen there.
  6. Well, it was raining hard, the game was done ... so no risks for anyone really. With a bit more composure, it could and should have been double figures.
  7. Has Roofe stolen Alfredo`s mask for this game. Scores two goals and "smiles" like Alfredo on a good day. Wonder if Hamilton has a (well-worn) chart of every chap that scored for us in the last 10 years? His knoweldge in that respect is impeccable.
  8. Tavernier, Barisic, Helander and Kamara ... I doubt that their performances have gone unnoticed. Same with Goldson. The latter, much like Kent, will, IMHO, be loyal to SG for a season or two at least though. Morelos`market value will have improved somewhat, given that his allround-play has improved (dramatically) this season, something that will attract the better managers who don`t simply look for goal-charts. Should Morelos decide to go, we need to keep in mind that Stewart`s contract is up, as is Defoe`s. I would assume we have a few targets lined-up for that case. Likewise, I
  9. We hardly sold any player for a big fee, at least not one that would compensate the signings coming in. While I hope I err here, I do expect some of our prominent stars will receive offers and we`ll accept a few, which would happen sooner or later anyway. In the Scottish financial climate, even without Covid-19, it is the one way to make a club of our size work smoothly, ST money or not. IMHO, we will gear the start of next season on qualification for the CL group stages, no matter what. For that income will play a large part in setting us on a healthy, if not to say very healthy
  10. IMHO, the very definition of "sectarianism" has received a very specific (anti-Catholic) meaning in the West of Scotland since 2007+/- onwards, and in a similar way "racism" (anti-Irish) too.
  11. Not only did they break various protocols, but they actually also returned with one chap having contracted Covid-19 and nearly a dozen more went into quarantine. Did e.g. anyone ask who the couple to the right of Brown were, siting within arm`s length? Article recounting the trip.
  12. So ... there was (another) official summit and the SFA shall act more strongly against racism. Or perhaps voice their concerns with UEFA about Kamara's and Roofe's abuse. As important the topic is, can anyone see a reaction of the SFA that exceeds that of UEFA?
  13. Imagine a gang of 50+ of Celtic going to Dubai, behave against all sorts of protocols out there, with one player leaving the bubble and did not quarantine afterwards, one player contracting Covid-19 and 10 have to self isolate ... and all Mr. SFA-chairman Maxwell has to say is that: "the Scottish Government allowed the trip an hence we won't investigate". Did the government allow them to break protocols or denied the SFA any charging of Covid-breaks? Neither is the case and it should be taken to the SFA's doorstep by us as well as the player's union. But we will probably accept our bans (becau
  14. Some rumour that Balogun has actually played the 23 matches that activate his one year extension deal. Dunno how true that is.
  15. Speaking of defenders, Leicester and Villa apparently looking at Helander, with Elfborgs Joseph Okumu mentioned as a replacement: https://www.aftonbladet.se/sportbladet/fotboll/a/R90KO2/avslojar-landslagsmittbacken-jagas-av-premier-league-klubbar Will be interesting to see. I reckon Goldson will stay no matter what, Katic will return and Simpson (somehow I totally forgot that we signed him) is there too. No-one knows what we`ll do with Balogun and whether Helander might be willing to have a crack at the EPL, Leicester being a good choice. Oh the excitement 😵
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