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  1. I would suspect that Morelos won't be risked against Leverkusen IF he is indeed the source of the Roofe and possibly Itten money. Saw only one video of Roofe of a game against Waregem (?) and he looked quite good.
  2. Could it be that any Morelos deal is virtually done subject to us getting an immediate replacement?
  3. Current squad (excluding youngsters): GK - McGregor, Firth DF - Tavernier, Edmundson, Helander, Goldson, Barisic, Katic*, Patterson MF - Hagi, Jack, Davis, Kent, Kamara**, Arfield, Barker AT - Defoe, Aribo, Morelos, Jones, Stewart https://www.uefa.com/uefaeuropaleague/clubs/50121--rangers/squad/ * injured ** suspended It will be live on DAZN.
  4. Dunno how much Roofe will cost, but neither his deal nor Itten's (who looks "rather" cheap by other than Kamberi's standards) seems to be linked to Morelos going.
  5. Anderlecht Inside @RSCA_inside Kemar #Roofe and Anderlecht are in advanced negotiations with Rangers. The player can sign a 4-year contract there. [ @PJCalcoen] +++ Says source is 100% legit. We shall see. Meanwhile ... https://imgur.com/a/pWn1mtL#jJWfZa4 .. and Cedric Itten was left out of the last game for St. Gallen, as they didn't want to risk an injury. https://www.blick.ch/sport/fussball/superleague/nati-star-beim-vizemeister-vor-dem-absprung-kommt-dieser-ex-hopper-fuer-itten-zu-st-gallen-id16025699.html
  6. Stevie4lads has remarked that it looks very likely that Zungu will join soonish in a 3.5m deal. No word on any striker just yet.
  7. We played 8 friendlies in season 2006/7 and Millwall wasn't amongst them ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2006–07_Rangers_F.C._season#Friendlies ... unless, maybe, it was a closed-doors bounce game against a Rangers XI at Murray Park or the like.
  8. One swallow ... and all that. Let's see what happens in the next games.
  9. der Berliner


    Not much cohesion of the front quartett. Kent was roving about, as was Hagi, while Aribo more often than not stayed in the middle. Utterly beyond me was Morelos in an equally pilgrimage mood ... maybe frustrated by the lack of support up front. Likewise, both Morelos and Kent have a "selfish streak", even when facing 2 or 3 players, rather than checking out attacking options. Would have loved to see Stewart and/or the pacy Barker in the second half.
  10. ... and we actually have to get in front of goal too. Kent and Hagi all over the place, Morelos covered by 3 guys and hence roving around ... the half-way line. We can remain dreaming of Aribo's dancing skills and Kent's burts of pace and Hagi's occasional shots, but against packed defences, it ain't work for a whole season.
  11. Yes, but we need more up front to hit them than but one. How many are we now allowed?
  12. I know I have no clue about football, but after our goal Aberdeen opened up ever more and we didn't produice with our front-line. So we take of the only guy who regularly shoots and strengthen out CM. sigh ....
  13. Wouldn't mind Barker and Stewart soonish, one for a DM and the other for Morelos. Why he is sitting so deep is anyone's guess, I assume ...
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