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  1. der Berliner

    [FT] Rangers 0 - 0 St Johnstone

    Putting a winning run together ... I said it during the split and at the beginning of the season, the Yahoos have been given favourable starts to the respective parts with regards to opposition, whereas we did not. Things - as people like to say - even themselves out over the course of the season (as we all have to play these games at one point or another), but what we have seen in recent weeks is that - "according to plan" - the Yahoos smashed their way through all the weaker sides one way or another, while we stumbled at the expected hurdles at Killie (essentially twice). So essentially nothing unexpected happened, the Yahoos got their headstart and pulled away. It hurt more than it should as we had all the opportunities both to put Killie to the sword instead of handing them 3 points or indeed drawing to the Perth Saints (who shipped 9 without reply against the Yahoos in recent weeks). Even against Livingston and St. Mirren we failed to hit the heights that we are capable of, heights we have shown in Europe and against the Scum. Obviously, these teams play a different style and simply try to stop us playing. Some better, some worse. And, like it ir not, SG much like MW or PC have not get answers to beat that on a regular basis ... even though this time about I would lay quite some responsibility at the players' feet. NOW ... what puts a spoon of salt in that though is the amount of decisions that wen against us and the clear and open bias by the CO in their favour. As it stands, we have people suspended on various occasions for offences that have at least been contentious, while over on the other shre of the Clyde a guy like Brown has the Freedom of Scotland. A Simunovic floors a player and does not even get a cauition or Burke falls in the box to gain a penalty and doesn't get a card either. Remember Gordon's attempts at kung-fu or Brown's appealed and reduced dark REd against Ross County last season ... That's two red cards for Brown in two games ... what are the chances that he will be free(d) to play against us in a few weeks time? A quick look at the results since the turn of the year will show that we actually gained more points than I would have expected, even though the St. Johnstone score really hurt - not least with the Yahoos drawing till Brown, who should have been off again for this ... ... if we'd apply the "McGregor evidence" system. https://postimg.cc/CByJC9ss ... managed that late winner with a deflected shot. Much snickering down Yahoo way, I would imagine. Kilmarnock 2 - Rangers 1 Livingston 0 - Rangers 3 ( Cowdenbeath 1 - Rangers 3 ) Rangers 4 St. Mirren 0 Aberdeen 2 - Rangers 4 ( Kilmarnock 0 - Rangers 0 ) Rangers 0 - St. Johnstone 0 I had my doubts about getting full points at Livingston and Aberdeen, but we did. Next up are a couple of games against Accies and Dundee, games we should really aim and accept nothing less than 6 points. At the same time, the Scum will play home to Motherwell and away at Hearts. The gap may come down a little by then. Early March could be that turning point, as we will play both Hibs and the Scum away, while they will have Aberdeen at the Scumhut. We need to sort out the tactics for teams like St. Johnstone and some level-playing field with suspensions and decisions by the CO would not go amiss either.
  2. der Berliner

    Is Scottish Football Corrupt?

    My cynical self just murmured: working together in Scotland is some challenge, as we have seeen from the days of William Wallace right to standing together in 2007 or 2012 or these last few years.
  3. der Berliner

    Rangers Ladies - Games and Updates

    Perhaps a sign of a new era in reporting on our women's team (given our chairman's commitment) ... or a wee bit of deflections work from the men's performance (my cynical self just thought loud): news reports on the first game of our women this season from yesterday: SWPL: Stirling Uni 1-4 Rangers RANGERS left Ochilview Park today with a resounding 4-1 victory over Stirling University in their opening SWPL game of the season. https://media.rangers.co.uk/uploads/2019/02/rangerswfc_1.jpg RANGERS: Baillie, Dalgleish, L. Gallon, Coakley (Donnelly 21), Inglis (Sinclair 79), Gemmell, O’Hara, Muir, J. Gallon(McCartney 13), Napier, Boyce (Brown 83). SUBS NOT USED: Watson, Ramsay. STIRLING UNIVERSITY: Logan, Doran-Barr (Eadon 62), Connor, Bonner, Falconer, Simpson, Mason, Callaghan, Lyons, Welch, Rule. SUBS NOT USED: King, Kerr, Guthrie, Fulton. Goals: RANGERS: Coakley 21, McCartney 55, Boyce 66, Napier 90. STIRLING UNIVERSITY: Callaghan 13. Report here: https://rangers.co.uk/news/women/swpl-stirling-uni-1-4-rangers/ McCartney: Happy To Score LAURA MCCARTNEY climbed off the bench in the first half of today’s opening SWPL game of the season to score in a 4-1 win over Stirling University. Report here: https://rangers.co.uk/news/women/mccartney-happy-to-score/ Pleased With The Performance AMY MCDONALD was delighted that her side overcame a poor start against Stirling University to run out comfortable winners. Report here: https://rangers.co.uk/news/women/pleased-with-the-perfromance/ On a sidenote ... from the match report. Does it sound familiar? ... I would assume the collision with the goalie was not noteworthy with the CO, nor was the ineptness of the referee after the - apparently serious - head knock before the first goal ...
  4. der Berliner

    Is Scottish Football Corrupt?

    As with the word "sectarian" in Scotland, the word "compliance" does have a rather peculiar meaning when it is being combined with "Compliance Officer". There is but one - rhethoric - question here: the officer is compliant to whom? The facts speak for themselves.
  5. der Berliner

    [FT] Rangers 0 - 0 St Johnstone

    No, for these players would play in the same system against people whose prime objective it is to keep us (or the Yahoos) from playing. They would run into those same brick-walls ... and likewise unprotected by the referees. We lost those points - IMHO - when we time and again stopped playing our game and tried to play the high-balls or long-balls to but one striker who lacked support from midfield. Three defenders plus a capable DM would have seen us able to load the midfield and front and play the game in their half as well as having players to aim at. What we do is having one target striker who does most of the hard work alone, plus two wingers who at times wriggle their way through. Usually against 5 to 7 defenders. With the only real support coming from Arfield. Go 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 against Killie in midweek and see how that goes. ANd before people ask, what use are Tavernier and Barisic when there is either no end-product or no-one to aim at? If you asked me right now, I'd go ... McGregor / Foderingham Goldson - Worrall / Katic - Halliday Kamara Candeias - Davis - Kent - Middleton Defoe / Lafferty - Morelos ... with Candeias also charged to keep an eye on Jones, while Halliday has the freedom to join Kamara in the DM department. Davis to supply the front line, Morelos in a free-roving role next to e.g. Lafferty as the target man. Perhaps Arfield instead of Kent (who goes left), but Davis and Arfield often run into the same areas.
  6. der Berliner

    [FT] Rangers 0 - 0 St Johnstone

    Not the time to throw the toys out the pram already. It was again one of those games where we simply tried to best a team at what they are doing best, and for years. Despite having the quality to outplay them. Why the players go into that mode after 20odd minutes is beyond me though. Get the ball on the deck and play football, instead of kick-and-rush. long headers back and forth in midfield and long balls from expert passers like Goldson. They should be castigated for not following the game plan ... again. That said, SG needs to learn too. It is all fine and well having a go at the players afterwards, but we saw when Lafferty came on, we had the only decent shots on target in the 2nd half. He is a threat in such games, holds the ball and rains in shots. He must be stick on to play with Defoe or Morelos on Wednesday in a 4-4-2 or the like. SG spoke a wee while back about being able to shift the system ... but have we really seen that? Granted, the loss of JAck and Arfiled do hurt, as IMHO, Jack and McCrorie bossed the midfield against Killie. Kamara looks more than capable to fill in here, likes to go forward and has a pass in him. The only real positive for me yesterday. Our captain was again all over the place and while people talk about his effort and goals and assists, it is games like these and misses like yesterday that can and have cost us points and games. Going by yesterday, I wonder whether we might see Polster and Halliday on Wednesday, if only to give certain people food for thought.
  7. der Berliner

    [FT] Rangers 0 - 0 St Johnstone

    Playing 4-3-3 week in week out against defenses like that has seen MW and PC drawn and quartered, and finally chopped. And it is not that hard to fathom. You can play that system if you have the players, we don't. Instead, we try to best Killie and St. Joe at a game that they have drilled and tested for years ...
  8. der Berliner

    DK offer fails

    So that is the end to this affair then?
  9. der Berliner

    Rangers Ladies - Games and Updates

    Ready & Raring To Go RANGERS’ SWPL season kicks off tomorrow against Stirling University and defender Lauren Gallon is raring to go against her former side. More here: https://rangers.co.uk/news/women/ready-raring-to-go/ McDonald: A Clear Game Plan AMY MCDONALD believes Rangers must stick to the plan to come away with the victory as they travel to play Stirling University in the SWPL tomorrow. McDonald is well aware of the difficulties Stirling University pose with the Light Blues picking up only one point in their last four visits. Rangers travel to Ochilview Park on Sunday 17th February, kick off is 12pm. All fixture information for upcoming matches HERE. More here: https://rangers.co.uk/news/women/mcdonald-a-clear-game-plan/
  10. der Berliner

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    Valid as the critic may be, preserving an essentially dying language (et al) will always get a - by proportion - greater share of attention and money. On a wee sidenote ... any football game by the lesser leagues or competition will be watched by an audience not fluent in the language spoken. Just because it is football on TV, it is their club that may hardly ever get TV attention elsewhere, or, indeed, because many are fed up with the garbage that filters from the half-empty SKY or BT or whatever commentators' and experts' brains through the microphones.
  11. der Berliner

    [FT] Rangers 0 - 0 St Johnstone

    Referee - Steven McLean Assistants - David Doig and Gary Hilland Fourth Official - Alan Newlands Missing - Jamie Murphy (Knee, possibly last few games of the season), Graham Dorrans (Knee, recurrance reported), Eros Grezda (Ankle), Alfredo Morelos (Suspension), Allan McGregor (Suspension) Doubtful - Kyle Lafferty (Calf), Jermain Defoe (Hamstring) Live only on Rangers TV
  12. der Berliner

    [FT] Rangers 0 - 0 St Johnstone

    Listening to SG in the interview re Defoe and Lafferty, it probably sounds more dramatic in writing than it really is.
  13. BTW ... @AndyNewportPA Steven Gerrard reveals @RangersFC may be without Jermain Defoe and Kyle Lafferty for tomorrow's game with St Johnstone. Alfredo Morelos is suspended and Defoe (hamstring) and Laffery (calf) are now doubts. Dapo Mebude recalled from Scotland youth duty to provide cover Thanks to the mumbo-jumbo SFA-CO stuff and our lck with injuries, we may end with no strikers against a team that has been put to the sword thrice in recent weeks by the Yahoos, 0-9 goals in total. I woud usually advocate a two-striker line-up in games such like these, but we seemingly have not even one natural striker for the one-up-top 4-3-3.
  14. der Berliner

    Allan McGregor's two game ban stands

    Coming from a Celtic background and - most likely - handpicked by certain people shows no conflict of interest? Probably depends on the definition of that phrase, but in her role I would like to see someone with no interest in any club or if so, none that plays a prime role. As it stands, the way the decisions have turned against us and for them - IMHO - belies any sort of "conflict of interest" and impartiality that should come with the job/role.
  15. der Berliner

    Notice Of Complaint/Tribunal Table

    Didn't you and I just read a statement from them a few posts above?

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