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  1. The one thing here is that you really don`t know how Lyon would actually play, unless you see them often. We went for a midfield of craft (which they did), and an attacking three that were essentually Morelos up top and two people interchanging positions and dropping deep every now and then. By default, that means we were blunt up top. Once we knew how Lyon played, we should have put on another quick guy to run into the space that was there, one attacker who goes for goal. Kent was far too often far too deep ... and when we had the ball in the box, we were usually still outnumbered as our craftsmen didn`t support the frontline that hard and run into spaces. When we play 4-3-3, we should play 3 attackers up front ... and for a good few weeks now, Kent is too blunt in front of goals to get a starting slot ahead of Wright, Sakala or Roofe. BTW, we also missed Hagi tonight. Dunno whether Bassey and Patterson would have faredthat well against the likey of Lyon, but against other teams, they can sure step up. Having said that, both Barisic and Tavernier were okay tonight, given then opposition. It was more a case of the DMS/CMs not taking up their men every now and then.
  2. First off, if that ref is international standard, so too is Collum. He was buying any shit from the Lyon chaps. Speaking of the latter, they had some decent spells but where hardly that great either. At the end of the day, a Sunday-afternoon-goal as we say over here and a mighty scramble in our goal-area gave them the goals that counted, but chances-wise we should have been in that game too. Kent ... well, that`s two goals he essentially gave away, first loosing the ball, then working back well but instead of clearing it, looked up and the ball was away in the danger-zone. When you see Wright instead of him, it makes you wonder why it needs an injury that means Kent is benched for a while and others are given a chance?! He and Aribo were also guilty of holding onto the ball when an opposing player was next to him, only to learn that this is international level, and in case of Lyon, de-facto CL-level ... not the Premiership. Likewise, as has been said, too many stray passes that ended up short (maybe the weather, since the Lyon guys weren`t any much better). Lundstram came into the game as Davis dropped out, I assume a few more of these games and he will come good in Europe too. Our wingbacks did okay, as did our centre-halfs. The crux of the matter remains that having Aribo and Kent alongside a single striker, not least when the two drop deep or into a variety of positions, make us a blunt weapon up front. It should be Morelos, Roofe and Wright or Sakala up front, and the rest can work behind that. People that drive at goal at every opportunity and shoot if there is a slight option. Aribo and Kent far too often look for a pass too many before actually taking a shot ... and truth be told, while both can hit the odd cool strike, the strike-rate is not that great. As such, the game should have been different, given how average Lyon has shown up. As I noted on the German board: if CL quality means such play-acting along with the odd bit of brilliance, I wonder whether it is better to stay in the Premiership.
  3. It`s good when your commentator speaks Russian then ... 😈
  4. Well, apart from that one peach-eh-won`t-score-again-this-season, there is not really much between the teams. Chances at either eand, Kent, who lost the ball for their goal, had a brilliant chance and Lundstram just wide. We need to be sharp at the back, as they twice went through like butter. Hoping for Roofe and Wright later on.
  5. Had a quick check of their squad, just three big money transfers, lots of people from their youth teams (0) and a few freebies. GK - Lopes (0), Pollersbek (225k), Bonnevie (?) DEF - Emerson (loan), Boateng (free), Henrique (free), Denayer (9m), Diomande (0), Da Silva (free), Luekba (0), Gusto (0) MF - Aquar (0), Bruno G. (18m), Caqueret (0), Keita (0), Paqueta (18m), Shaqiri (5,4m) ST - Cherki (0), Barcola (0), Slimani (free), Toko (10,35m) Interesting that their biggest signings, them two Brazilians at 18m each, were given exception to travel to Scotland. Gut feeling says that this could go well down the way the Leverkusen games wnet. Then again, in Europe under SG we have been quite good against many a team that "should" walked over us. Let`s just hope for the best.
  6. Those are three points you really make to work for and we were made to work for. Hopefully Helander is okay, him and Goldson out for Thursday wouldn`t be good.
  7. Players in prominent roles shall perform up to their level, so there is reason that they start in prominent roles. If they don`t, they are the first some (sic!) FLAK is aimed at. We sure need some more cohesion in our attacking play, not rely on happenstance or the odd bit of individual brilliance for too long.
  8. He is here there and everywhere, but hardly in it. Wonder when we see Wright and/or Sakala.
  9. Could we apply for a rule change that we get an extra point for dominating posession by more than 50+ %?
  10. Remember Sheriff Kenneth Hogg? The one who essentially cleared a Hibs-Fan of attempted assault of Lee Wallace, and assaulting a Rangers-Fan and another woman with a chair? That same Kenneth Hogg cleared a Yahoo from using sectarian language despite knowing it better, ignoring the witness accounts of policemen and putting all emphasis on not super-clearly hearing the video-recordings ... so the Yahoo was told he is a naughty boy and that`s that. With people like that in power ...
  11. I am pretty sure that in rugby, the rules are much stricter than in football? You don`t be aggressive in any such game for long. Maybe hurling or Aussie rules football is different?
  12. I am pretty certain they did and still do sponsor a stand at the Scumhut as well as printing the club`s magazines et al.
  13. On a related note, while scanning for transfers et al, it struck me that Sky and some other sports news outlets have used our 150-year crest instead of the usual one. E.g. Sky Sports.
  14. Scottish Premiership ins & outs: Who has moved in summer 2021 - BBC
  15. The first post has been updated. For those who want a quick look, Transfermarkt provides the overview as well as the squad by position options. The goalkeeping slot is well covered, with three main goalies and Firth as back-up, whatever his role at the club is. We`ve got 4 primary centre-halfs, with Bassey also an option. Each fullback position has two players, with Balogun an option for RB too. The DM role falls unto Kamara and Jack, either of which will partner Davies, possibly Lundstram. CM is covered with lots of utility folk who can play deep or more forward. The front three slots (assuming we keep going with the 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1) can be filled with quite a few people, as there is some versatility now. You would hope that we stop playing people out of form - or shall we say, not at 100 %. We`ve got Wright and Sakala now, so let`s use them. Quite a lot of those who have nearly no chance to get minutes have been shifted out, and we all have to wait and see what becomes of Barker. With Stewart, Jones and Middleton away, he is one of only 3 "real" wingers left (I don`t few Hagi as a winger), even though we hardly ever used a strict winger. All in all, we can be happy that we have kept all of our best people, let`s hope the team clicks again and keeps getting results. NB: Kevin Nisbet will have endeared himself to the Hibs support if he - as cwoodloyal noted - had agreed a deal with us. Maybe January then. EDIT: As cwoodloyal (ITK man) remarked, we had a deal agreed with Nisbet, but the money Hibs wanted was too much. They knocked a bid of 5m away a wee while ago. While I have heard a lot of good things about McCann, our midfield is loaded, our B-Team McCann a hot prospect ... so spending 1m on someone to be loaned out is probably not in our business model right now. Maybe next season.
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