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  1. Imagine the Scum would have to go to Wolverhampton ... town. I take it the Wolves would hate having this lot down there with all their IRA regalia ... Then again, can they be drawn against Cluj again? :-)
  2. Regarding VAR ... and methinks I put it inbetween the lines ... if implemented, the noteworthy incidents would not just be shown on TV as replays (and having pundits saying whether it were clear decisions or not), but be reviewed by referees too. THAT would be part of repeating the scenes live while the game is in progress. IF as clear as decisions as today's fouls on Morelos or last week's three man-offside would then still be deemed "legal", it would unmask all respective refs and their superiors as incompetent. I doubt that the SFA would want that or would let that to happen. That, IMHO is more a reason for not having VAR in Scotland than any monetary matters.
  3. The disgusting thing is that the rule-book is thrown at us in a far narrower way than the opposition, not least when that opposition is a team inferior in football ability and quality. They can foul and debate like there is no tomorrow, but get away with it time and again. As opposed to us. Appaling is the amount of incompetence when it comes to penalties. One ball is clearly stopped by the arm, a "might be" decisions, but it clearly deverts the flight of the ball - since this season a penalty. Then Alfredo and Katic are shouldered to the ground by the same Motherwell player, who gets the decision. And finally Alfredo is jumped upon by a Motherwell chap ... which is a stonewall penalty anywhere outside Scotland and some remote Pacific island where 4 coconuts mascerade as players due to lack of people ... There are a couple reason why VAR is not implemented in Scotland. It would lead to far more penalties / decisions for us ... and those judging on the incidents would be the same tossers who can't do it on the pitch ... and it would thus be even more evident that either are incompetent. That wont happen with the S(h)FA.
  4. Aribo has played that shadow striker role for Nigeria too methinks, yet, on too many occasions we still lack a predator around the penalty spot, at least 4 times today. Kent was on for far too long, clearly not his day. The last two subs should have come much earlier too ... as we have seen, Polster plays in Stewart, he gets fouled and Barasic plants a sublime free-kick nearly in, bar a tremendous save from their goalie. That said, we could have had three penalties, should have had one. Barasic gets kicked, Kent too, they lay into our players and dispute the clearest fouling, the ref gives nothing. Yet reacts to a simple gesture to the crowds. I don't think you can speak of a "standard of refereeing" in Scotland, for "standard" would be too good a word.
  5. When you think it can't get worse .. up steps a piece of shyte in black. Utterly incompetent so far, he invents a new category entirely
  6. Those refs are really incompetence personified ...
  7. Took us about 20 mins to get into that, but it is still more graft than guile. IMHO a couple of decent penalty shouts, the first a "might be", the second as stonewall as it gets. After the goal Motherwell upped their physical approach, Barsisc and Afredo on the end of some heinous stuff, and later on several chaps tried to wind up Alfredo. IMHO, at such time SG should have a word with the 4th official and the ref at HT, as this is bound to get nasty if they don't step in. As for the players, Kent needs to get his act together near the area, for he looks "too hectic" there and looses the ball too often. Over all content with the display ... workmanlike as it is.
  8. You just hope we give our "second" string some more minutes, as they will need a sharp edge should they be required in case of any injuries.
  9. How`s the weather up there? Heard some murmurs that it is aweful?
  10. What I noted on occasion last night is the lack of speed some showed when it was required, leaving Morelos alone up front facing a certain lack of options bar shooting himself from a tight angle. Maybe with the return of Jones we get that back, who is quick and direct. Jones, Morelos and Kent in an 4-3-3 build for counter-attacking games ... Ojo ... is IMHO too often "too green" (as we say), lacking a certain competitive edge in his game.
  11. That's essentially it, Frankie. The anger from Sunday seems to have translated into this tempo-football, you just hope we can keep it on and score the odd goal more. BTW, Aribo and Arfield are really up to this, Jack and Kamara immense in MF. Seems we play more like a 4-3-3 than the usual 4-2-3-1
  12. You do wonder why the veteran organisations, Ministry of Defence and the Home Office is not chasing these terrorist-lovers with law suits all over the place. Freedom of Speech (and Behaviour) ends where the law comes in, namely the Terrorism Acts 2000 and 2006.
  13. Problem with UEFA is, amongst other things, that they usually do not read/accept information and enquiries from private people et al. We`ve done it multiple times from Germany and you get next to nowhere, if they reply at all. You see all the evidence collected about FARE and/or Celtic and given the reaction from the authorities, you would think you live in stereo-typical North Korea or China. But you don't. It is happeneing before our eyes. Which puts events in the aforementioned countries into perspective.
  14. Tom English`s match report, published moments after the final whistle, seems to be rather accurate ... up till the end, when he will lay blame on Rangers feet regarding the missed chances. The bheauty of the cup ... https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/50672183
  15. I reckon if they ever enter Ulster, the Northern Ireland Police Force will treat them differently than their Scottish counterparts. And rightly so.
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