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  1. That Columbian Cassiera chap is going from Sochi to Zenit, so one off the list.
  2. IMHO, Colak is an option. There is also talk of a striker from Holland, Thijs Dallinga. We need options, as we have seen in the run in top the cup finals. ANd IMHO, we also get away from this one-striker thing, unless we have capable goal-scorers in the front line, which we don`t. Mainly because we just play one striker and a couple of non-scoring wingers. Nothing new. There are also murmurs that we might take on Diallo again, perhaps with an option to buy. The chap can play, but needs to be utilized better.
  3. IN - Antonio Colak (28) - ST, Croatia, PAOK, contract 6/2024 - LINK - TM IN - Ivan Lepinjica (22) - DM, Croatia, Rijeka, contract 5/2024 - LINK - TM
  4. McGregor will be No 2 or backup when I see him on the bench. Not sure whether that will happen now.
  5. Rumours ... IN - Stephen Odey (24) - ST, Nigeria, Randers, contract 6/2022 (?) - LINK - TM IN - Rabbi Matondo (21) - RW, Welsh, Schalke, contract 6/2024 - LINK - TM Non-starter which escaped the media ... IN - Eric Martel (20) - RB Leipzig - going to Cologne
  6. "Mad Bobby" Madden ... wish he could take a few of similar quality with him.
  7. After some newspaper took it up, I added Mr. Botheim to the rumours. IN - Erik Botheim (22) - ST, without club - LINK - TM A Spanish paper says that a reporter thinks "that Sevilla will start to convince us with a bid of Euro 8m". Well, it is a start.
  8. The money we made from European football - excluding tickets sold for these games - can be verified rather easily, as they are set figures. (I`m a bit in a hurry right now, so someone else has to check that out if it is a pressing concern).
  9. IN - Cedric Kipre (25) - CH, West Brom, contract 6/2024 - LINK - TM OUT - Borna Barisic - "2 Turkish sides" - LINK - now Trabzonspor OUT - Alfredo Morelos - Sevilla - LINK
  10. You`ll find the answer in the OP. New rumours / signings etc. are in bold, I usually wait till some semi-reliable source confirms it. Hence there might be a 24/48-hour delay.
  11. Still gutted that our performances over the last three season got Scotland a direct entry into the CL group phase and half a handful of bad games threw away the title and handed the Scum this pot of gold. Added to that our rather poor performance at the EL final ...
  12. IN - Berke Özer (22) - GK, Turkey, Fenerbahce, freebie - LINK - TM IN - Cameron Archer (20) - ST, Aston Villa, contract 6/2025 - LINK - TM OUT - Borna Barisic - "2 Turkish sides" - LINK And that left-back Tymon is said to be a non-starter (IMHO far too expansive), as we are supposedly not in the market for a left-back. Unless we sell Borna ...
  13. Contracted to Villa till 2025. That in monetary English market terms means ... a lot of cash.
  14. IN - Josh Tyman (23) - LB, Stoke, contract 6/2025 - LINK - TM
  15. Well, if you switch on the TV, you`d think the whole world is haring after Russia. In fact, it is "only" Europe/EU, Britain, the US and some cohorts. They make up roughly 20 % of the world`s population. China is more pro-Russian and will do what serves China most (and they do not quiver being faced by sanctions), India is more pro-Russian, but has its own problems. Much of Asia is not interested in this puny war (which it is), as is Africa. Arabia is split, since they see new opportunities in delivering oil to Europe, but also have good relations to Russia. Just my take on it. So, there will be ways to make any deals happening ... but I would assume some Yahoo shit-thrower will cry foul if any of our deals mean that we actually pay a Russian side for their players.
  16. Colombian striker from Sochi linked, even though right now the Russians look for 8.5m ... IN - Mateo Cassierra (25) - ST, Sochi, contract 6/2023 + 1yo - LINK - TM
  17. Nah, don`t get me wrong. It`s not a grudge, but it is one of them defensive blips that cling to mind. He also managed to shank-in an own goal during his first seasons, when he was banging in goals on the other end from open play and free-kicks for fun. It was a belter.
  18. YOUTH - IN - Cameron Cooper (16) - ST, Partick Thistle - LINK - TM
  19. That back-pass from Tavernier a couple of seasons back, when he handed the Scum a goal (while we were on the up in that game) for a defeat that de facto ended any chance of the title before Covid-19 struck will blemish his career in my mind. Only a little. IMHO, his only "problem" was that he can`t keep his own high standard up for a whole season. This and last season were really good ones for him and let`s hope he continue it. Speaking of which, you would hope that we actually go 3-4-3 next season, not least against the brickwall sides. Three true attackers, then Tav on the right MF slot. For that is his territory. He can attack at leisure, as he has back-up, and defend if need be. And if these 3 defenders are of the Bassey variety, they can join the attack/MF as well, if opportunity arises.
  20. Lowry is a raw gem, while Ramsey is some sort of broken gem. Imagine to have a midfield with these two and Hagi feeding the attackers or having a go themselves ...
  21. Who knows what his problem was. If he was injured by opposition players, same as Helander, there is little what you can do in a pre-transfer examination. If people are on the bench at 2 cup finals, I expect them to be fit or not to be there. For the rest of my days, I won`t be able to fathom Gio`s logic to try and win these games without a striker or more offensive power.
  22. Teamtalk links us with a centre-half from Waregem, freebie next months and with ManCity`s youth before IN - Cameron Humphreys (23) - CH, Zulte Waregem, freebie in June 2022 - LINK - TM
  23. Meanwhile ... IN - Ross Stewart (25) - ST, Sunderland, contract 6/2023 - LINK - TM
  24. Truth be told, I didn't read the whole post ... no disrespect, just lack of time. Kent is fine, as long as we use him as the winger he is. Use him as a "striker" and he will do exactly like the winger he is: score too few goals. Exactly like he does now. But since he will be termed "left-sided-attacker", all the focus of the people will be of the fabulous amount of assists (including all the penalties he won in Europe) and the 3 goals he scored. 46 games (3,800 mins), 3 goals, 20 assists. Terrific stats for a winger. As I stated the other day in the EL game and cup final: if Sakala would lose, over-play, over-trick and miss-hit only a quarter of the attempts as Kent did and does, he`d be drawn and quartered. We use Sakala as left- or right-sided attacker in 50 games (2,200 mins) and he`s ended up with 12 goals and 7 assists. Imagine Sakala (the striker turned attacker) gets 1,000 mins more and Kent just shifts back a little to a left winger slot. Far too inventive a thought against packed Scottish defenses, against whom Kent`s inability to hit the target has been a problem for years. I know, you know, and we have talked about it before. But on the field of play, we toil on in Scotland.
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