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  1. or due to an unsuccessful spell in france this year they see how much Kent has come on and fancy doing the same thing with Ojo along with Kent :D.
  2. no why should he come back in, team has been playing well since he has been out and winning games. You don't mess with that, it sends out the wrong message. Play him off the bench.
  3. would be good news on both fronts. Get kamara in now and let Wallace leave, he is now behind halliday as well. Hopefully Herrera keeps on scoring and someone will be willing to actually pay some money to take him on a more permanent basis.
  4. yeah that tweet is slightly miss quoted. He mentioned that everyone has their price but nobody would be leaving in this transfer window.
  5. seems unlikely to be but would be superb loan signing for the rest of the season.
  6. They also reported in the summer we were going to sign a 46 year old defender from west ham. Also turned out to be garbage
  7. Yeah I agree with this, I can't see us getting Kent other than on an extended loan deal. We'll simply not be able to afford the transfer fee that will come with him.
  8. would be a bold move to leave Kent out since he has been one of our best players. I can maybe see a 4-4-2 diamond maybe
  9. yeah £10 million for Tav, he has been consistent was frequently getting into the europa league team of the week as well. Worth more than £7 million.
  10. Maybe Gerrard just wants to run an eye over Hardie in the flesh and see how he is getting on. Plenty time to loan him back out this month.
  11. sure he signed a new deal in 2017 keeping him there until 2021. doubt we could afford him tbh
  12. has he progressed since he has left scotland? I know he had huge potential but I haven't heard much of him for years now. Always liked him though and Dundee Utd
  13. because sadiq was a disaster and maybe defoe is looked at as a safe option until the end of the season?
  14. start fining Morelos wages when he lashes out, he'll soon stop it when he is getting hit in the pocket. The lad has all the ability to reach the top but he will forever be held back if he doesn't fix his attitude out. I wouldn't see him unless we get a stupid offer where the money can be reinvested. He needs to stop putting himself in positions to give the ref a chance to send him off.
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