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  1. start fining Morelos wages when he lashes out, he'll soon stop it when he is getting hit in the pocket. The lad has all the ability to reach the top but he will forever be held back if he doesn't fix his attitude out. I wouldn't see him unless we get a stupid offer where the money can be reinvested. He needs to stop putting himself in positions to give the ref a chance to send him off.
  2. yeah i'm not paying for scottish cup. just doesn't interest me enough to pay for that tournament.
  3. Craigy1881

    Embarrassment for Steven Gerrard tonight

    Thanks for that. That was a most comical post and really cheered up my morning.
  4. it's a tough slog being in europe as well. We only seem to rotate at the back and centre mid so I agree with everyone we need to try and run some fresh legs. I also don't see why we broke up the Katic/Goldson partnership. I would like to see that reinstated as well. Worral has done ok at times but I preferred the Katic partnership.
  5. Craigy1881

    PRESS CONFERENCE | Gerrard & Rossiter | 30 Oct 2018

    offt that last question
  6. i personally have set my expectations low for the groups and thing anything we can get would be a huge bonus. However what a nice feel it is to be participating at this level is european football again after all the years. I'm going to make sure I really enjoy these next six matches and certainly not take them for granted.
  7. Craigy1881

    Docherty doing well

    good chance 2 of them won't be here by the time he comes back either.
  8. Craigy1881

    Celtic v Rangers: Becoming the real deal...

    People need to tailor their expectations. Realistically we aren't going to win the league this season, very rarely happens when a whole team overhaul takes place. We should have 9 points from 12 not 5 but we know lessons need to be learned from those goals conceded. We still have only conceded more than 1 goal once in 13 matches so we know the ground work is there. I think the Thu-Sun schedule took it's toll yesterday along with the 9 man match on Thu there. We looked leggy but thankfully we won't be having that schedule every week from now on and only once a fortnight. We have Grezda, Worral, Rossiter & Dorrans to come back in and the team will continue to get stronger and better the more the play together. I said weeks ago that this team will take 2-3 transfer windows before we really see a title winning team. I think we'll still finish second easily and we'll close come the end of the season. Still 9 points to play for against Celtic and everyone involved yesterday will benefit from playing in that match. We will get a run of home games now as well which will help build some momentum. Things are still looking good and we need to remember how we were feeling in April before Gerrard's appointment (4 Months ago might I add). Let that sink in how we were all feeling, now we have european football to look forward to until Christmas. Things are looking bright, lets not over critise 1 match and remember this is a long term project.
  9. Craigy1881

    Friday Training Gallery

    great to see coulibaly working away
  10. Craigy1881

    The Summer 2018 Transfer Window Rumours and Deals

    doesn't mean you just sell him, there is a player in there. work with him and continue to help him improve. benefits everyone. Good people manager skills instead of just taking an easy option.
  11. Craigy1881

    The Summer 2018 Transfer Window Rumours and Deals

    he's 39 in December ffs, surely would be better with a youth player. I assume he would be proper back up, last option available type player and would not play if others were fit.
  12. I don't 100% agree with that. The germans will beat Celtic IMO and Salzburg are a tough nut. They got wins against Marseille, Lazio, Dortmund, Real Sociedad last season in the Europa League and only just lost out in the semi final against Marseille.
  13. Craigy1881

    [FT] Ufa 1 - 1 Rangers (Ejaria 9)

    i don't agree, players don't get away with booting the ball away up the pitch
  14. Craigy1881

    [FT] Ufa 1 - 1 Rangers (Ejaria 9)

    why can he not keep his head. idiot

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