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  1. sometimes things don't work out for certain players in a certain countries. Look at Sadiq who is not linked with £10 mill pound moves
  2. didn't get to see the game so haven't voted but good to see some people seem impressed with Polster
  3. We would be mad to sell anyone like Barisic or Kamara just now when they have a Euros coming up in the summer. There is potential there based on performances to add value to their asking prices.
  4. it makes sense though, liverpool initially wanted £12m. If we get some good years out of him and sell him for £20 million to england it'll still be good business. Who knows what values will be like in another 2-3 years
  5. probably relied on europa league qualification tbh and unlikely liverpool would have done a deal until the last minute incase someone came in with a massive offer
  6. Jim white reporting on twitter that kent in the permanent deal could be happening for £7 million
  7. it was just a very bad day at the office for everyone, doesn't matter what tactics you pick on a day like this when so many people are off the pace and can't pass a ball you'll lose. Tick it off, learn and move on. It's a 38 game season.
  8. forget comparing morelos to tierney, sheff utd spent £20 million on Oli Burnie for crying out loud. Add another £10 million onto morelos IMO.
  9. na we shouldn't be focusing on them, they're not important. We just need to focus on ourselves.
  10. how would that even work though with him being in denmark playing a game tonight. No way we would let him go surely with only 1 striker available.
  11. better than some of the teams we could have had. going to be tough though, not sure how good they are now but i remember them beating man u at old trafford a few years back as well.
  12. we need to start shipping some players out, doesn't appear to be much new in that regards does there
  13. hitting the press now as well https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/rangers/rangers-closing-in-on-4-2m-signing-of-filip-helander-from-bologna-1-4962520
  14. I understand the loan part but i don't think we should be looking at cashing in on the boy. I think he has plenty potential to come back and be a first teamer at some point.
  15. Clearly has no scouting in place or fancies getting sacked pronto again for a payoff?
  16. they also run the risk of him going elsewhere and having another bad loan move. So they would need to sell him now if they could. Whereas if he comes back here and has another great season then it all goes towards boosting his value and reputation further. Hope he does come back because he clearly benefited from his spell here.
  17. wtf is going on with the sleeves. looks like a blouse
  18. this the guy that flopped at middlesbrough a few years back?
  19. or due to an unsuccessful spell in france this year they see how much Kent has come on and fancy doing the same thing with Ojo along with Kent :D.
  20. no why should he come back in, team has been playing well since he has been out and winning games. You don't mess with that, it sends out the wrong message. Play him off the bench.
  21. would be good news on both fronts. Get kamara in now and let Wallace leave, he is now behind halliday as well. Hopefully Herrera keeps on scoring and someone will be willing to actually pay some money to take him on a more permanent basis.
  22. yeah that tweet is slightly miss quoted. He mentioned that everyone has their price but nobody would be leaving in this transfer window.
  23. seems unlikely to be but would be superb loan signing for the rest of the season.
  24. They also reported in the summer we were going to sign a 46 year old defender from west ham. Also turned out to be garbage
  25. Yeah I agree with this, I can't see us getting Kent other than on an extended loan deal. We'll simply not be able to afford the transfer fee that will come with him.
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