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  1. Not really....but am a "Glass 1/2 full" kinda guy. He does (did) have some quality play & his scoring record was good....but if his head ain't in it then there's no hope. Ultimately though, SG should be the one to decide that for himself.
  2. Rash in the sense that SG should at least get a 1st hand look at him before a final decision is made....
  3. I think that just cutting him loose would be a tad rash....let SG talk to him & see what he's like in training etc. However it should be make VERY clear to Pena that this is the last chance saloon - if he doesn't impress, he's oot!!!
  4. I think the club have boxed clever with this one..... The incident was clear - Candeias did absolutely nothing wrong. I don't think there is a single "expert" or pundit out there that believe he deserved a yellow. As clear a case of the Ref getting it wrong as theres gonna be. So the club challenge it. Even though there is not an actual mechanism to challenge a 2nd yellow, the club used the "mistake identity" clause. The appeal was NEVER gonna be successful & the club knew it. What the club did get from the process was the chance to confront the Ref face-to-face & to question directly. The ref had no option but to state that it wasn't a case of mistaken identity as there were no other Gers players there, and he did in fact book the opposition player as well. Therefore the Ref must have seen "something" to warrant a card - even though there wasn't anything. Therefore the ref got it WRONG. This then lends weight to out request for a rule change and a closer look at the behaviour & quality of the Refereeing in Scotland.
  5. Will be interesting to see what effect SG has on Pena. We saw glimpses that there is a cracking players there...but Pedro was not the Coach/Manager to "tame the beast" (so to speak). Will Gerrard fare any better??? It's worth a shot.
  6. Is he REALLY picking up any more than the rest of the team??? As I mentioned in the Candeias thread - His 1st yellow in the last game was stupid & completely avoidable (the 2nd an embarrassment for the ref)....but as a result, he will miss the next game. I don't see anyone commenting on his "silly booking"...
  7. The whole situation is embarrassing....and as a result (as it stands), Candeias will miss at least 1 match. He got a stupid yellow for celebrating the 1st goal (Leaving the field to celebrate with fans???), and a 2nd for doing nothing. In any even, the 1st one could have been prevented. Why are more fans not getting on Candeias' back, the same way that they did with Morelos for picking up a 2nd booking (in different games) in the League cup - resulting in him missing the Semi-final. Candeias is an important player for us, and has been playing well.
  8. He's still young & developing. His composure & finishing will improve (given the right instruction/direction). I also think his temperament IS improving....he's getting his head "back in the game" quicker & starting to walk away from potential "flash points".
  9. I think that is just him....I get the impression he sets high standards for himself & beats himself up when he doesn't hit them. If you focus on changing that, he may lose some qualities as a player.
  10. No....he doesn't. Freddo is a cracking player who offers a helluva lot to the team as a whole. He works VERY hard throughout the game - working defenders, holding the ball, bringing other players into play. He is also no a completely goal hungry striker - he will give up a shot to allow an easier finish (sometimes). He also regularly scores goals (which is handy).
  11. Forward business plans are crucial to any business - it helps plan for future spending, budgets etc. It can also be crucial for any required external funding or potential investors to give them an idea of how the club/business is going to be run. In the goldfish bowl that is Glasgow football, publishing such a plan would be a terrible move as it would open the board up to no end of criticism. Look at the flack DK got about investing £30m of his kids inheritance....
  12. can you imagine the uproar if Rangers failed to meet any of those targets??? They get EVERY statement they put out analysed in minute detail & criticised by their OWN fans, what would it be like with financial projections??
  13. but no public warnings issued for any personal attacks or name calling.....and no explanation why someone defending/standing up for/being proud of the UK or British nation can't be called a nationalist??? Scottish nationalist however are fair game???
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-business-30831718 https://oilandgasuk.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Economic-Report-2017-Oil-Gas-UK.pdf Looks a pretty important contributor to the UK economy to me....
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