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  1. Craig is right, Jake's dad and his family are Tims but he only used to go to certain games, like big name CL games and cup finals and sometimes took his son. I rarely seen Jake with a hoops top on when he was young and was always playing or training from a very young age, they pushed him hard but it paid off. His mum's side are Rangers fans but she wasn't really interested in football apart from Jake playing and her family never visited much, don't think they were close. His dad told me both Rangers and Celtic tried to sign him but like Craig said Celtic didn't go through the official route but thought they would get him cheap. Rangers done things the right official way but they turned both down as he wanted to stay more local and have more of a chance breaking into the first team. His dad always said he would have no problem with his son playing for Rangers if the money was right. A really nice family,. I've not bumped into them for a while but if Jake signs I will be going to see him and wind him up a bit 😀 He looks a good prospect but still has a long way to go, I just hope he gets game time if he signs!
  2. I remember his dad saying both Rangers and Celtic tried to sign him years ago. Rangers went through the proper channels but he said Celtic didn't and they assumed as he was a Celtic fan they would jump at the chance. Both offers were declined but mainly as they wanted to be closer to where they stay and Jake had more chance of first team football.
  3. I see him more as a forward player than middleton or kent, from what I've seen of him at Motherwell he's playing through the middle a lot and looks great taking players on and having a shot.
  4. He is a good guy and we had beers together many times, we would always wind each other up depending on results, he is one of the few Celtic fans that can have decent banter without going too far.
  5. She's not really into football but you are right her side were Rangers fans. I jokingly tried to get Jake into Rangers when I seen him, and always tried to wind up his dad. His dad is/was into boxing and trained locally and took Jake all the time, I think it was his mum, that didn't like him fighting but he was very good at boxing as well. He's done well since he used to wash my car when he was young 😀
  6. I used to stay next door to him a few years ago, he's a great young lad and also has very nice parents who did all they can to make him a success. He's got a great left foot on him and has bulked up a lot as I've followed his career since he turned pro. His dad is Celtic daft but to give him his due he always said to me he would have no issue signing for Rangers as long as it's the best deal. I can't see him cheering his boy on if he scored against them though!! Certainly hope it's true as he looks a great prospect and deserves this.
  7. Some great play and goals, how I'd love to see the first team play like this running forward at pace and taking players on.
  8. he seen Jack and still put his foot into his head, sorry I can't see what you are seeing here and totally disagree.
  9. It's all about opinions as you've said, In my opinion if you go for a ball kicking that high (head height) you know yourself it's more than likely going to be dangerous and you could (as he did) kick someone in the face/head/eyes/ears and do some real damage. He knew what he was doing IMO and it could easily have been a lot worse for Jack.
  10. I think he's already said he wants to look after players and rest them when he can and rotate to keep players fresh. It's not working for me and it's causing us more inconsistency.
  11. I think Morelos is going to be another player who divides the fans from what I've been reading here and on twitter etc. I already see some saying sell him after last night. Where would we be without his goals this season, and can we get in someone who is going to guarantee the same amount of goals or more? I personally love the young guy, does he makes mistakes of course but I am at a loss that some of our fans want rid of him. He works tirelessly, gets stuck in and he creates plenty as well. The whole team was poor last night, Shinnie should be ashamed going down like he did as it was a push at most yet he goes down like he was shot, very embarrassing IMO but Morelos needs to keep his hands to himself he gives the ref any excuse to get the book out. We need another top quality striker to take the pressure of him as we are relying on him to much and hopefully we will get someone in January.
  12. Levein has always spouted the same shite when they get beat, We were by far the better team but he just deflects from their own problems and it's easy to blame the ref and linesman...
  13. you are the sensible one I agree, I've got a car service and MOT coming up but sure i'll have some change to get you's a drink
  14. it's only Ian that's a Jakey 😀
  15. aye I think I'm due you and jakie a round
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