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  1. it's like some fans want us to have a bad result.....just to say I was right.
  2. poor first half, much better second half, 👍
  3. no goals from him though Ian, poor start 🙃 our kitty is about gone!!
  4. some have moved positions and going forward more quicker, better for me
  5. I find us so boring and frustrating to watch, we should be more direct at times but it's just hard to find this entertaining.
  6. Top has just been delivered, feels very good quality and fits perfect even thought I've put on a few extra pounds during lockdown 😀
  7. Well I've got my email so I should be getting mine tomorrow 😃 For the moaners if you're not happy then get in touch with Castore or Rangers and complain to them 🙄
  8. I wasn't quoting you? What I was saying and what I have seen on many forums, not just here are a lot of fans complaining that they never got their tops yesterday. I understand if you have a young child waiting they may be disappointed but for grown adults to moan about waiting a few days longer is laughable IMO.
  9. Can't believe some of the stuff I've seen from grown men not getting their football tops 🤣
  10. got mine as well this morning and all sorted 👍
  11. I don't think us or Hearts agreed with the SPFL handing out the title or relegation, we would've agreed on ending the league early though.
  12. This is embarrassing, you would think this was a totally different team from last year. Players don't seem interested neither does the manger!!
  13. We are so frustrating to watch just now, no confidence in any player, defence is so shaky when under the slightest bit of pressure and no creativity going forward. I would be playing more youngsters from the start in the league, can't do any worse than most of them!
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