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  1. I don't think us or Hearts agreed with the SPFL handing out the title or relegation, we would've agreed on ending the league early though.
  2. This is embarrassing, you would think this was a totally different team from last year. Players don't seem interested neither does the manger!!
  3. We are so frustrating to watch just now, no confidence in any player, defence is so shaky when under the slightest bit of pressure and no creativity going forward. I would be playing more youngsters from the start in the league, can't do any worse than most of them!
  4. we looked good to start with then lost it, tav is having a nightmare IMO, slack passing all over, mistakes galore at the back and they should've had a pen as well. Lets hope the 2nd half is better!!
  5. I agree Morelos was missed but virtually the whole team was shocking today, couldn't string 2 passes together, it was like we've never played together before. Hearts are a terrible team, can't believe we've lost that today.
  6. You are totally right, yet the SNP will still waste millions trying, rather than invest in everything they've ruined in their time in office, the list is endless 🙄
  7. Why? The SNP are only getting 45% of the total vote, no way will they win another indyref anytime soon. I still can't believe the amount of people who voted for them given the state the SNP have this country in 😕
  8. just banter if it's from them, sectarian if it's from us 🙄
  9. Thought we played great, totally ripped them apart, only their keeper kept them in it. I don't blame Tav for not taking the penalty he can't win whatever he does with some fans, Morelos was trying too hard but also created so many chances out of nothing, we expect more as we know what he can do. They won by an offside goal and they were poor along with us not taking our chances including the pen is absolutely gutting this is worst I've felt in a long time but still feel very proud of our performance and the league is there for the taking IMO. We need another top class striker in January IMO.
  10. Of course we can't totally rely on refs but Beaton not giving a stone wall penalty and not giving their players more bookings, potentially for sending offs does impact the game and final result. We made bad mistakes no getting away from that and played very poor second half but refs can have a say on the result from what they do, and he did last night!
  11. it's the paper planes you need to watch out for, very dangerous, they could take someone's eye out 🤕
  12. what a great signing and player he is, very lucky to have him, Happy Birthday Jermain
  13. I can't remember when we had 4 centre backs as good as we do now all with different attributes and styles who will all play a massive part this season, yet some fans still need to slate the same player/s after a mistake or bad game. Can't we just enjoy what we have rather than find the negative in certain player/s!!
  14. Don't think he can win here, some fans were moaning earlier that he wasn't playing a half each for both teams . Sure it'll just be a few mins at the end of the game when he puts on the Rangers jersey, he is our manager and would be good to see IMO.
  15. we really need to get this SNP cult out, they don't care about what the Majority of us voted for, blame every one but themselves! please vote tactically at the next election 😀
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