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  1. True legend, another very sad day 😰
  2. also got one in the 2nd ballot, can't wait it's been far too long
  3. it wasn't even a 50/50 you are right as he got the ball first, he had every right to go for it, you disagree fine but that doesn't mean you are right.
  4. in your opinion I've said I see differently, he was watching the ball not the player and the goalkeeper came rushing out, there's a split second to make a choice and he did what I would have wanted any player to do which is go for the ball and try and score. he did not mean to hurt the keeper but unfortunately he did and rightly got sent off but it was a misjudgement and mistake, you can keep going but i've said and explained what i think,
  5. Again IMO he has every right to go for that ball, he could have scored if the keeper never got there or stayed back. These things happen quickly in games and once your mind is made up if you pull out then you can get injured. It was unfortunate what happened but he had every right to go for it.
  6. It's all about opinions, as a striker he should go for the ball in the box as he could've lobbed it over the outcoming keeper if he got there before, I would be having a go at him for not going for it but that's just my opinion. It wasn't stupid just a misjudgement.
  7. it's like some fans want us to have a bad result.....just to say I was right.
  8. poor first half, much better second half, 👍
  9. no goals from him though Ian, poor start 🙃 our kitty is about gone!!
  10. some have moved positions and going forward more quicker, better for me
  11. I find us so boring and frustrating to watch, we should be more direct at times but it's just hard to find this entertaining.
  12. Top has just been delivered, feels very good quality and fits perfect even thought I've put on a few extra pounds during lockdown 😀
  13. Well I've got my email so I should be getting mine tomorrow 😃 For the moaners if you're not happy then get in touch with Castore or Rangers and complain to them 🙄
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