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  1. He's been at boxing training with his dad since he was a very young boy, both them love boxing and have/had a bulldog named Floyd (after Mayweather) Think it was his mum who didn't want him to go down the boxing route for a career but hid dad always said he easily could've.
  2. Boris is the man for me, only because I have a bet on from last year for him to be the next Tory leader at good odds Seriously though I don't know if there are any decent politicians, they all tell as much lies as each other, most don't do what they said they would when the get in power and they have total disrespect for the majority of the people. If they can't negotiate a Brexit deal in 3 years then they should all be sacked. Top business men or women should have/be involved in things such as this but I doubt they were, they seem to miss the main points on why people voted to leave the EU and the majority of MPs have went against their constituents wishes, another sackable offence IMO.
  3. johnnyk

    TV Licence

    I recently cancelled my TV licence, should be scraped total rip off.
  4. I don't know about you but to me a good businessman is being a rich one which he clearly is unless you know better? Has he lost billions, yes but he's still on top and is the biggest brand name in the world, unless you know better? The dow jones was up to record numbers under him, unemployment down to record levels under him, I'm sure there is reports that he has not done well but there are also plenty saying he has, again it depends if you like him or not I think or unless you are a economic expert which you seem to be. From what I've read he has the highest even approval rates of any republican president, I'm sure the US people who live there know better than you? The percentage of unemployed women and African American women is at all time low, i'm, sure I can find more like you can probably find more negative stuff. Like I said I can't be bothered arguing with someone who only sees one side like you do, I am also trying to work
  5. Trump was a businessman before his dad died, and most businessmen become bankrupt at some point. To say he's not a good businessman is ridiculous and shows how much you hate the guy. I disagree with everything you say as you have with me so I can't be bothered going back and forth.
  6. I said somewhere before, London is now more Islamic than the most Islamic states in the world, very scary but we're letting it happen and if we don't watch out the UK will be an Islamic state in the next 20-30 years.
  7. I do quite like him as he's not your typical politician he's a good businessman and I think he did more in his first year than Obama did in 8! For me he is doing what he said before he got elected and is putting America first, with new better trade deals, more jobs, better economy, trying to stop illegal immigrants getting in etc etc. I also don't think you see half of what he does in the background as the media don't want to show him doing good things, they only report the bad. I'm sure they will all be reporting the demonstrations today rather than anything else. The left hate what is going on all over and even here they can't accept democracy if they don't win or get their own way, I'd be offending kids if I said they were childish! Corbyn has been in bed with the IRA since the 70s, and says his friends are terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah and has a love for Palestine/Iran etc, do you want him in charge of the UK? I certainly don't he's everything I don't believe in and has changed Labour from centre-right to far left and they are no longer there for the working class which they were when I was young. He is demonstrating today against our biggest allies and the POTUS, he would turn all our friends against us if he ever was PM. He hates the national anthem and is so disrespectful to our war vets, and he doesn't want to defend us if we did get attacked which is likely, what a horrible person. Khan has links to ISIS and shared a platform with a number of known ISIS terrorists at a rally where women entered at a separate entrance and he slags off Trump. He's also a supporter of Hamas and has turned London into a shitehole with the worst stabbings ever and London is now more Islamic than most Islamic states in the world, somewhere I used to love going to visit but I won't be back anytime soon. Is Trump an egomaniac, of course, that's how he's the biggest name in the world and became POTUS against all odds. I think the world would be in a total mess if the criminal Hilary Clinton got in. Lets hope he gets reelected for another 4 years and we get someone like Boris or Nigel in charge and stop bending over backwards to the EU!!
  8. on you go, it's like someone with an opinion that you don't like you need to be childish about it, grow up eh is he worse than the terrorist loving Corbyn? muslim loving Khan? War criminal Blair? I don't think so but just reply a one liner and then get someone to laugh at it, really grown up talking on politics, you's would fit in well at parliament
  9. I take it you don't like him but come on unless you're fishing you can't be that daft as to why the POTUS meeting our Queen is good for both countries. He's not any more of a crook etc than most of our politicians like Khan, Corbyn, Blair etc, are you a fan of theirs by any chance??
  10. Great to see President Trump here and meeting the Royal family, Trump is so complimentary towards he UK compared to so many of our own politicians, the media and the numpty lefties it puts them to shame. And good to see the Queen saying they are our greatest allies during the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings. Wish we had a Trump like as our PM, hopefully Boris or Nigel will get the chance soon 😀
  11. Westminster voting intention: 01/06/19 BREX: 26% (+1) LAB: 22% (-4) CON: 17% (-5) LDEM: 16% (+4) GRN: 11% (+7) CHUK: 1% (-1) UKIP: 1% (-1) via
  12. Reminds a bit like what Susan Aitken said/done with her remarks earlier on this month and then comes out and says it's all taken in the wrong way and it was a joke blah blah. Horrible people in high up positions and can get away with anything it seems!
  13. it's a blatant homophobic slur to say otherwise is ridiculous
  14. I honestly can't believe or understand why people are still voting for the SNP, Scotland is in such a mess since they've been in power. NHS waiting times are longer than ever, trying to get a GP appointment is longer than I can ever remember. My usual 6 monthly apps are now nearly double as are most appointments. My son waited nearly a year to see a consultant recently and it's just going to get worse under the SNP. Council budgets are being cut each year, while council tax has risen this year and you get less for it. Bins being emptied are less and you have to pay for special uplifts etc, I can see them changing again soon to make them even longer. Schools are terrible with most having to give up certain subjects as they don't have enough teachers, they are asking retired teachers to help out it's that bad. My son is going into 3rd year and while he a bright kid I fear the quality of teaching is nowhere near good enough. The whole country is so divided yet all they care about is bloody independence, and we all know if it did happen the state we would be for decades to come at least. They can't run a mail list without mucking it up so god help us! I can keep going all day there is so much more that is wrong and it's all down to them. Can any SNP members enlighten me as to why you are still voting for them?
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