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  1. johnnyk

    [FT] Dundee 1 - 1 Rangers (Halliday 21)

    I think he's already said he wants to look after players and rest them when he can and rotate to keep players fresh. It's not working for me and it's causing us more inconsistency.
  2. I think Morelos is going to be another player who divides the fans from what I've been reading here and on twitter etc. I already see some saying sell him after last night. Where would we be without his goals this season, and can we get in someone who is going to guarantee the same amount of goals or more? I personally love the young guy, does he makes mistakes of course but I am at a loss that some of our fans want rid of him. He works tirelessly, gets stuck in and he creates plenty as well. The whole team was poor last night, Shinnie should be ashamed going down like he did as it was a push at most yet he goes down like he was shot, very embarrassing IMO but Morelos needs to keep his hands to himself he gives the ref any excuse to get the book out. We need another top quality striker to take the pressure of him as we are relying on him to much and hopefully we will get someone in January.
  3. Levein has always spouted the same shite when they get beat, We were by far the better team but he just deflects from their own problems and it's easy to blame the ref and linesman...
  4. johnnyk

    Rangers lotto

    you are the sensible one I agree, I've got a car service and MOT coming up but sure i'll have some change to get you's a drink
  5. johnnyk

    Rangers lotto

    it's only Ian that's a Jakey 😀
  6. johnnyk

    Rangers lotto

    aye I think I'm due you and jakie a round
  7. johnnyk

    Rangers lotto

    I got a nice surprise in the post today, a winning cheque from Rangers Lotto Anyone else ever won?
  8. Great result, the whole team played very well and very clinical, fantastic to see young Atakayi get on but obviously shame for the lad to go off so soon. Don't understand how fans can moan at anyone after that result they all played their part IMO 🙄 Motherwell used to be decent not so long ago but they've just turned back into the usual over physical long ball side, thought the Ref did well today but still let them away with a lot, don't see how McHugh can moan at any of his bookings!
  9. johnnyk

    Is anyone here still willing to defend McLeish?

    Why are you slating him on here, he is not our manager again is he? I haven't watched Scotland games for over a decade and doubt I ever will again but this is a stupid pointless post on here, go away and slate him on a Scotland forum!
  10. kent looking our more dangerous player now
  11. i'd take morelos off now, he's looking bored out there to me!!
  12. johnnyk

    We should have signed Naismith instead of Lafferty...

    Naismith has hit a wee bit of form but I doubt that will last, I'd much rather have Lafferty.
  13. johnnyk

    Celtic v Rangers: Becoming the real deal...

    I am never one to usually moan about refs as I'd be on after every game, win or lose, as they are consistently bad in Scotland. The fact is they scored from getting the ball after Jack was fouled, the fourth official says it's a foul to the ref but gets ignored, I also think it was a blatant foul don't you? How do you know they would have scored after this if we got a free kick? You don't! Were we poor, a big yes, were they the better team, yes, but it did have something to do with the ref when he made a mistake that changed the outcome of the game, as it has in other games where we've had players wrongly sent off etc, these things do matter and the standard of refereeing is shocking but it has been for a long time and seems to be getting worse!
  14. johnnyk

    Celtic v Rangers: Becoming the real deal...

    The ref was terrible today, he's not corrupt he's just terrible. I wish we brought in refs from overseas or down south, but doubt that would happen! It was a foul on Jack before their goal that the 4th official seen and told the ref but he ignored it. He missed lots during the game he's just a very bad ref, yet probably one of the best up here which says it all! We were poor today and gave them too much respect, we should have tried to attack more other than near the end of the game, they are not that good a team especially at the back, that's why its's frustrating to take. However we've virtually got a new team again, we have exceeded expectations IMO up till now, and the more we play together and the more the manager learns we will keep improving. I can understand how hard it is to get beat by them but I don't fear them with this new team and management like I have before, I am very confident to get a result at home next time if we keep improving like we have and gelling together. We do however need to find someone who can change a game when we are not playing well or backs to the wall time, we just don't have that kind of player yet. Someone who can create something out of nothing, hold the ball and score half chances. They are hard to find with our budget but I'm more confident with Gerrard as manager that we can bring a special player to Rangers in the near future to help us improve even more. Totally gutted but need to look forward and think of how much we've improved since last season already!
  15. johnnyk

    The Summer 2018 Transfer Window Rumours and Deals

    Maybe not but that's football, and he wasn't the only one though was he? He isn't the first player to react on the pitch and won't be the last, hopefully he keeps learning with us, but to say sell him or anyone who reacts to things is just stupid talk IMO.

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