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  1. Outrageous, I'll agree. But for me it's the quality I find outrageous. I'd have nothing against the price if the quality was great. You know - part of the Ibrox experience. I stopped buying food at Ibrox donkeys' years ago when I looked at the "burger" bit and it was dried, shrivelled and the size of a 50p piece.
  2. Agree absolutely. Coops had so much genius going for him but he was flawed in ways. Brian Laudrup was pure flawless genius.
  3. Much as I'd love to come along to this one, I can't see me making this one.
  4. Same here Rangersitis! Well done. 3 points each for the one. I also got 1 point for Germany's win.
  5. I'm ambivalent about Boyd. He scores goals - of that there is no question and age isn't a big factor given his lack of mobility. He could be a lazy bugger during his first time round but maybe his time away has changed his game. If he helps us win the Championship I'll be happy.
  6. One would assume the investments are down the tubes, so the they need the a Gift of the Gab to talk up another share deal.
  7. 12 more to go then? Looking forward to this målfest then, Zappa.:devil:
  8. Compo's right in my opinion. Green's never been away. Pulling strings all the time. He's therefore felt it necessary to come out in the open.
  9. Last night Holland were awesome. I just love watching that team when they're on fire. Maybe their time has come. However, they've been known to blow it big time before. Good luck today all.
  10. I would think that's an option worth considering. Would certainly get Laxey and the Easdales very, very twitchy.
  11. Steward's Enquiry perfectly right to be called for. I'm sure that Zappa will instigate one immediately. After all, he hit full points last night too. BACKGROUND TO ENQUIRY: Gersnet Mini League: Five on full points (3 points) as follows: Bluebear54; Ser Barristan Selmy; Steve1872; Time4Change; Zappa. Full League: Looks like 24,578 playing in all. I'm sitting in position 631, with 5111 having gained full points last night, so some competition Brazilian Supporters League: Must have just put me in automatically - not something I did intentionally - I'm sitting in 24th position. All too early to call - the Spain match will sort more than a few tonight - as will the Cameroon match. AAMOI has anyone had a look at the more esoteric side of the rules? Think I'll have a wee look sometime today. Good fun and games. and adds some zest to keeping up with the more turgid games.
  12. Bitterness against those who lead. Used to it. Been a Bear all my life!
  13. Wasn't around here at the time. However, were the usual suspects equally as keen on SDW as they are on KM? Just pointing out that I remember a large part of our fan base calling it well wrong as regards SDW. As a matter of interest, I'd like to know if it's an ageist thing. My opinion says that KM would be a better shout as a captain than Big Jig. I really believe Kenny Miller will make a lot of people eat their words. How about a tenner if he scores more than one within his first three starts?
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