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  1. He probably doesn't want to play anyway. He will get his salary alright though, so all good.
  2. Fwiw, I thought it was a magnificent result. Long may they continue...
  3. Which chap in the picture is more advanced in years, or twins maybe?
  4. Dave and FS are on the lash just now in sunnier climes, making the most of the International break. Minding their own business and innocently doing their thing when word got out that a former midfield superstar was in the company. I imagine Mr Smith was enjoying it, right up until Edgar Davids said hello 😁
  5. It is no Rangers stand off. A press pass was withdrawn because a bbc reporter lied through his teeth to have a pop at our club. Again. I hope our club change nothing. In fact, this "this is the result if a reporter being banned" crap does us as much harm from within as our detractors do from the outside. No one is banned, so a wasted, fictional rant that simply feeds the parasites. And in this internet age I am sure you really do not have to rely on BBC online and Sportsound.
  6. DK has had C1872 covered from the beginning of RF. So no change there. When the RST spontaneously combusted again, the self inflicted terminal wounds lead to a merger happening and DK could not believe his luck - total control of the fans group(s). He was able to take a step back, drop his henchmen and ambassador from the organisation, only leave a cheap and minimal presence yet still get what he wants. Free money, no work to be done for it and no stress. Yet he keeps the C1872 hierarchy interested, trying to nibble the carrot that is the RIFC board spot - that some of them crave so desperately. Even though it is the last thing they should want. So much so that they want to tighten their cabal again. Job done DK. But to be fair, DK has played a few blinders in his time.
  7. If we have home league games after our 3 away EL games and also home after Vienna at Ibrox, I would say that is very good. The scum must have 4 away games after EL going by that as well.
  8. I saw the full game on RTV with no problems. Strange when the missing feed early doors seems to have been very widespread.
  9. We will only sell approx 46k STs so around 2.5/3k will be available match to match depending on away section and required segregation.
  10. Correct. RIFC need not comment. They should just take our £1m. Absolute agreement moving forward. It did not stop at James Blair and it is not a fine line. The support are well represented at board level. I am happy to continue contributing to C1872. Are you thinking of an alternative?
  11. How can the club state the independence of C1872? Up until now, it has never been independent. Cleaning the slate now will not change what has happened previously. RIFC need not comment. They should just our £1m,.
  12. Who said McCoist voted against it? I said he blocked it. That about covers it.
  13. It was the motion at the agm to basically allow the directors to allocate shares as they wished and not only by rights during the current financial year. 75% of the vote was required and it failed previously. Once this placement is done, the likes of McCoist & his cronies will not have sufficient shares to block it again, absolutely nowhere near it.
  14. I would imagine very soon. They can do as they please currently and once this placement is done and the percentages in place, it is highly unlikely resolution 11 will be an issue ever again**** Probably sensible to offer the rank and file their rights moving forward. Keeps us feeling important and it will be free capital for the club. ****unless the mega shareholders have a monumental split in the future and internally explode like us with previous fans groups
  15. It is a good post and absolutely sums it up. They even make a democracy look like the old communist USSR. Anyway, more cash to Rangers and 100% controlled. All good in the end.
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