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  1. I couldn't decide between McGregor and McGregor. But I think Callum should get it for his vital contribution and fulfilling his boyhood dreams. So I voted McGregor.
  2. He certainly is, assurances are in order. Don't let players go to the boozer in groups of 8 whilst on Scotland duty and declare Ash Taylor's wife a good looking woman. That should keep him happy.
  3. Kamara for me. Barisic did some wonderful stuff during the game but he was caught so far out of position a few times (without cover) and could have cost us big time.
  4. Infant kits are now available, sizes 2-3 & 3-4 years. Still a wee gap until small boys so not all youngsters are covered, but it will help some folk out. https://shop.rangers.co.uk/collections/home-kit/products/rangers-home-full-kit-toddler-playing-kit
  5. The club do not give a shit, the only shit they give is the shit service to the support - after we have paid our cash. I also got a Rangers TV access code today, they even managed to drop the "friendlies" out of the bog standard email that all other ST holders received over a week ago. No doubt because they missed them, we were an afterthought and probably due to someone finally reading the messageboards as you mentioned. But I honestly did not think they would go to the bother of altering the email text, kudos to the club! But it did come a day after their begging le
  6. There are certainly no reasons I can think of why they have not done what was promised and due, we paid our money up front for 2 seasons. But the lack of a RTV code for the punters is minor and the least of their worries.
  7. I have also been in B72 from day 1 and the 3 year sub to pay for it. And your piss-take is excellent, only surpassed by some Rangers FC staff. I am, however, glad your ongoing experience is excellent. I sent you a pm.
  8. Sadly, I think useless and incompetent does not even come close to covering the absolute shambles that is Rangers hospitality. As promised, season ticket holders will be provided with complimentary access to both pre-season friendlies via RangersTV as well as all SPFL Premiership home league games whilst we play behind closed doors. They missed out "Not" at the start of that, the latest in a line of failures from the hospitality staff. £6.5k for a pair of tickets and no communication re games. Do they expect us to beg for a tv code? Hopefully they get ev
  9. An email in today, I see Rangers have decided to be flexible now, with a week to go until the B72 renewal deadline. I wonder why that is... Dear VIP Hospitality Client I hope you and your family are well through what has been an incredibly challenging time and are looking forward to returning to Ibrox as soon as the advice allows. We are very much looking forward to welcoming you back as soon as possible, and here, work is continuing across the club to ensure we are best-prepared for the challenges to come both on and off the park. Everyone at Rangers
  10. I have thought about it and paid the 2 season deal for our pair of tickets. £6,438 is not too bad if you say it fast and don't look at the bank statement 😊
  11. A very good idea unless you support either ICT or County and go with tartan shirts. I would imagine every fan of both clubs would vote against it, regardless. Should scumtic & Rangers FC merge to be a force in europe? Only problem would be if it was blue / playing at the cesspit or green & grey hoops at Ibrox. Another vote I suppose...
  12. Well well, Rangers sent an email to Bar72 punters (and I assume all corporate bods) today. Effectively an assurance that they will only pay for games they are allowed to attend. As much as this is pleasantly surprising, is it hard to believe they will do this for 'corporate' and not for all ST holders? At the end of the day, people are simply paying up front to support the club for a full season. I suppose it is possible the feedback and uptake has indeed failed to match the massive demand they have previously reported and they want more folk to cough up now. But it is a bit early
  13. The club have made an arse of it. STs will fall drastically and so will corporate. They have now contributed further by shafting many Bar72 punters to push them out and allow other corporate clients to 'downgrade' their hospitality. The loss will start at the top end and filter down, well heeled chaps or not Very soon, and more so in 12 months time, the club will see the error of their methods. And I say that as someone who has renewed 2 Bar72 seats - single season only though.
  14. Katic for me. His desire, effort and focus on what he had to do was excellent. Should have scored 1st half though. But his diving header to touch, covering for Barasic in the left back position, to break up an attack late on epitomised his display. Barasic & Aribo certainly had a lot of the ball due to how the game was played out and in good areas. But the lack of chances created and poor choices in the final 3rd told the story. A cynic would say the goal assist was a flukey mis-hit 😀
  15. Chagrin? I posted that RTV was great value for £49. You replied "Make that $299 for overseas customers ..." Obviously not the case. It would be shit if you paid for a Daimler and they just gave you a Dacia when you went to pick it up. Good job, as was the case with both you and I, we got what we paid for.
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