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  1. Stewart is a racist that thinks he is too clever to be caught. Either that or he is too stupid to know he is one. Either way we shouldn't be subjected to his bile.
  2. I think that would be an excellent result even at our best.
  3. Looking forward to this. For me it's a free hit and we don't get many of these. If we get any kind of result it will be epic. If we lose it would hardly be a surprise. this is a very very good side.
  4. Fantastic performance. Let's hope she goes on to dominate.
  5. only seen highlights so giving it to Tav for a beyond ridiculous goal.
  6. drove to Aberdeen and back this weekend and the timings somewhat forced me to listen to Off the ball twice. It's just an awful show which must have a very select and dwindling audience I am 46 and it was way too old for me to be listening to. There is so much vibrant coverage of Scottish football in the many many podcasts surely we can do better. Had it's usual mixture of bias. Wasn't too bad cosgrove grudgingly admitted it was a pen, everyone was wowed by Tav's goal. Radikanu isn't British some how and the guest was of course a massive celtc fan no one has ever heard of.
  7. My boy went and got vaccinated because of it and a concert he has in November. Certainly the few folk through the door when i was waiting for him to get his jab were young and i know a few of hos friends have gone for similar reasons. he would have gone anyway but it speeded him along a bit.
  8. Careful now you may have to hand yourself in.
  9. Goldson is out of isolation tomorrow and Bassey can play CB.
  10. Didn't see the game but great to be back on top. Big and hard game on Thursday any kind of positive result would be excellent.
  11. and she is out of Aberdeen as well.
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