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  1. easy enough to watch on BT unless you are in the republic
  2. Think Brahim has had his battery pack removed. Poor show.
  3. is there a real message now i saw the fake one earlier from her?
  4. pretty sure he won't start but a good option to have. We need a really mobile front 3 from the start.
  5. had a dream last night. Slept in for the game and joined it in the 57th minute when they had just scored to make it 1-4 to us. The goal was chopped off by VAR for offside and we were back 4 goals in front. Woke up so don't know final score but 4-0 in the 58th min seemed a good lead.
  6. hes looking forward to chasing Messi all over the park in the CL and bullying him I hear.
  7. Watched this the other day and cried a touch.
  8. Getting nervous already. not a good sign with so long to go.
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