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  1. Davie weir was our best center back of recent times. Cuellar struggled without him and bougherra flourished with him.
  2. you would have to think there is a lot of votes in it for anyone calling for or promising a proper impartial review of this.
  3. we were required by UEFA or FIFA to pay football debts. I am not sure voluntarily is quite right on that.
  4. Every rangers fan and former shareholder may be able to raise a class action suit here. Emotional distress and loss of shares respectively. Dave king might be about to get a huge amount if cash. The rst? This could go on for years.
  5. If nothing else rifc had to pay the football debts of a company that should have been able to pay them.
  6. A draw next week and anything other than Porto winning takes us through.
  7. that would require Feyenoord to win there remaining 2. possible but somewhat unlikely.
  8. we want Porto to get some kind of result v YB. an 3 points and Porto finish behind us no matter what. That said a YB win means porto can't catch us no matter what. AS Briton says porto can't beat us on goal difference.
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