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  1. Rangers should pay out on this if it happened on our watch. It may well be a matter for the administrators legally but that's hardly the point.
  2. Torys would be running Scotland within a decade. Unless the SNP can get enough people into the dole quickly enough.
  3. Only one team were ever winning that. Livingston barely touched the ball and despite working hard got what they deserved. They will be difficult to beat at home and in no danger of going down.
  4. We will get to see the difference between celtc and rangers now
  5. Italians love parking busses they even have a name for it.
  6. Celtc not making the cl group stages is massively under prrforming
  7. Labour to scared to back an election now. Never thought I would see it.
  8. half way line an i repeat it's only if you win a pen.
  9. A free kick wasn't given. You don't give free kicks for dives you play on.
  10. You can only get sited for a dive if you win a pen or get a player sent off.
  11. Ambitious stuff and a really nice pick me up after yesterday.
  12. Yes and aribo was shite. All those new players and one starts and fails. That's not a successful window.
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