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  1. This desperation to move away from plastic will drive up prices too.
  2. poor but hopefully we can keep him away from the flag at least.
  3. conn iggulden has an new gates of Athens series with the second in the series not long released. If you like historical fiction his stuff is excellent.
  4. can't see it myself. people are struggling and that tends to keep inflation down. certainly hope not my buy to let mortgages have been hilariously cheep for over a decade now.
  5. i fear my sarcasm in this thread has been wasted....
  6. he wasn't allowed in for the presentation. Why would we allow him in for flag day?
  7. Everything you say could apply to your whining about club 1872. I am surprised you are so upset about it here.
  8. Dave kings shares at 20p are looking more attractive now too.
  9. sensibly. If you can buy these currently for 5p less why pay more. Then we have them taking the piss. It's hardly a good sales pitch. Just looks like they want the money but to protect their investment and control. that may be ok with you it won't be with everyone. when club 1872 buy more next month at 20p this will just look worse. I also suspect the last of the directors getting them at 20p isn't behind us. All that said if ever their was a time to get away with conning money out the support it is now. Truth be told
  10. and the fact that club 1872 will buy shares again at 20p next month? I think it is more than morally. I think this raised questions over their purchases if we follow your logic. You know legally.
  11. still possible to get shares at 20p with the money going to the club through club 1872. Depending on your plan for the shares of course.
  12. i am saying they should offer others the chance they took recently.
  13. just watching how the league was won. particularly liking them showing Ibrox in glorious sunshine and Sharkhead with storm clouds at the start.
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