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  1. Have we discussed hagi's near wonder strike from 35 yards. Makes me wonder if the keeper being off his line a lot was given to the players as an insight. Hopefully see him shooting more.
  2. let them kid on they are decent while they are shite. That can't continue long enough and only helps rangers.
  3. Yeah he was properly aggressive and played really well.
  4. agree lots of good performances. Jack was a defensive master in midfield but went for tav.
  5. Great performance and great result. That rain made it a bit of a joke unless you are as good as roofe mind you
  6. good first half. we look like the home team. need to pick them off on the break soon though or it could go pear shaped.
  7. Him and his players owe people apologies. He doesn't like the truth is seems
  8. we could argue the benchmark is 10 games to go with two teams having that many left when the leagues were called last year. or 72 percent which would allow the top league to be called with 11 games to go.
  9. I thought Kamara was very unlucky to be dropped for Davis after the Livingston game. Many people pointed out Davis is more offensive than Kamara and that has certainly been the case since he came in. My point really though was that Kamara was unfortunate to be the one dropped. For me Jack has a lot of work to do to get back in the team over Kamara. I don't like them together and Kamara looks better this season than Jack. That's quite the place to be as i really rate Jack. Then we have the new guy and Arfield making himself undroppable.
  10. Goldson made mistakes at the back but scored both goals. Hellander was our best defender. Kamara was motm though. Simply sublime
  11. completely agree mate. What i will say is while we are great in europe and great in these games. Celtc still steamroll the dross in a way we can't so far match. we could take 9 of the of points this year and lose the league if that keeps up.
  12. i think you could see we were perfectly happy for them to have the ball in their own half. when they won it we immediately dropped off to our own half. Even the playing of Barker shows this was tactical. designed to exploit it when they lost the ball in the crowded area. especially if their defenders stepped forwards.
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