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  1. Dave King voting against Reappointment of Graeme Park and further share issues by the look of it. AGM Results Notice 2021 | Rangers Football Club
  2. Couple of ridiculous questions as always. I suspect the board seek them out to waste time but largely good stuff.
  3. Will wait for the expert analysis from Kerrydale st before making any judgments.
  4. Kyogo cheating again. Beyond ridiculous now.
  5. i see we have had 2 share conversions in the last 4 days.
  6. Yeah more assists in the league than he got all of last season. Everyone loved him last year not so much this year.
  7. What would Gio have achieved with Candieas still in place. Sky would be the limit.
  8. Have given it to McGregor for a stunning return to form. If not for that save we would probably have dropped points.
  9. Impossible to know anything for sure but looks like a great appointment. Let's hope ha can get the players playing the right way.
  10. Totally agree he got better and better in peoples minds during his injury but he gave away a pen in that same celtc game and there was a game v hearts i think where he twice booted the ball straight up and cost us. generally he was all over the place.
  11. I thought Goldson was fine up to the goal and he got caught out there. That unsettled him for a while but he got back in control. I may of course be overestimating him.
  12. We don't have 2 CH never mind 3. It's also a dead formation for dinosaurs.
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