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  1. yeah that's exactly it. still very much worth it.
  2. i wish we had given them 4 million for john mcginn........
  3. BTW theoretically we hit herd immunity today in the UK. Probably in a couple of weeks in Scotland after our slower start.
  4. i had Astra Zenica and was floored for 24 hrs but absolutely fine after that. Just felt feverish.
  5. very lackluster, will need to be far better celtc. Good result and good goals though.
  6. in danger of being a bit silly now
  7. more and more clubs following us here,
  8. definitely. this guys testimony rather shows why the police didn't believe a word.
  9. possibly. After all Howe is just using them to flush out a better job.
  10. Kennedy is at it. he admitted breaches in Dubai that were never punished.
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