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  1. that though has often been the dynamic as chosen by Gerard
  2. kamara and jack don't work well together as we have seen. Do we really drop Kamara?
  3. Scotland need Jack fit an playing.
  4. And we have a great record against motherwell.
  5. we will drop points at some point i suppose. while motherwell are bottom it is never ideal playing a team with a new manager. Let's hope point dropping comes later in the year.
  6. don't see him quitting for years TBH
  7. everything you say is right. Frankly i thought the boy lifted his foot in a clumsy attempt to trip him. looked very unnatural and non accidental to me. either way it's a red card all day and Stewart is a fanny. he also tried to get out of it being a red as the examples didn't specifically cover the incident. Even D McInnis was ok with it.
  8. a sensible celtc fan would ask why. We can all see the lapses from them.
  9. Thanks i figured he must be. Good host and rangers are far more represented on the guest list than previously. Callers are all celtc fans though. while that's great just now it won't always be.
  10. what is Gordon Duncan on Clydes background. I assumed he was a Celtc fan. Claims to support Motherwell and has been slagging celtc fans rotten on clyde of late. I am tempted to say he is actually a decent host who plays devils advocate to both sides. That may just be because we are so good and celtc so bad just now though. The rangers contingent on clyde have been i fine form of late. Alex Rae especially but even the ralstons and Dalziels have been having fun.
  11. Yeah really enjoy these. Kent really did pick a good spot it was just excellent defending.
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