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  1. Couldn't mark their necks with a blow torch. Doesnt bode welk for var.
  2. I will never understood nonsense like this. Teams could stick 11 men on the line all able to use there hands if we work to this principle. Perhaps our defenders shouldnt need the offside rule to win matches either.
  3. While the snp continue to fund sectarian schooling they are the problem.
  4. Didnt see the game yesterday. Perhaps a god send. Looks like to many changes from the outside. One thing seems clear we struggle to create without arfield. Is he injured?
  5. Should get the sas to take her out.
  6. High feet isnt necessarily a red. But leading with your studs absolutely is. This rule is not particularly new.
  7. He did. As did the one with mcgregor probably. But the inconsistency of the compliance officer remains......
  8. Im not quoting the referees handbook for fun.
  9. Makes no difference if he knew he was there. Makes no difference what height it was at.
  10. I dont have a problem with mcgregors being a red. But the inconsistency is terrible. If it is a red then there will be 1 at least per game.
  11. If you go in studs up you get a red. Whether thats at ground level. Head height. Deliberate or not. Even winning the ball doesnt change that. Those are the rules.
  12. They really dont care to hide their bias do they. Just wow.
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